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7 Common mistakes Tinder users must avoid: Latest Tinder tips 2019


Crazy about dating with your partner? Oops! Not getting a suitable match. Here are some Tinder Tips that will make you find the best match for you. Maybe you are making some common mistakes and you might be suffering. So, I am sharing some common mistakes that you might be doing and sharing some tips too for better Never Seen before Results.

Swipe! Chat! Meet! Tinder has completely transformed the online dating Chats and Meets. There are many dating apps but tinder is over-the-top. Here you can get a best-suited profile for you but sometimes you may fall for Fake people too. Tinder has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use the app. You can connect to the people sitting miles away but matching your profile. Now, Tinder is available for web too. You might have heard of Swiping right and swiping left. Swiping Right means “acceptance” and Swiping Left means “Rejection”. So, on the very first GO, it is very necessary to Swipe carefully.

Latest Tinder tips 2019
Find your soulmate on Tinder

Some Common Mistake Tinders Users are doing

1) Saying “YES” to fake profiles

Tinder is a great place to find your soulmate but it will make you disappointed if you would have fallen for a fake profile. The fake profile may be either generated by bots. The fake profile has some warning signs and you must note that before swiping right. Following are the warning signs:

  • Incomplete Bio
  • Blurry image
  • Abusive chat
  • Meet Invitation before knowing each other

2) Privacy and Protection Settings

As soon as you make your profile, make sure you have restricted your profile to some privacy settings. Do not make your profile too visible that strangers get to know everything about you. Just like you put privacy on facebook and Gmail, Don’t forget to make privacy and protection here too. Your phone number, Home address, Office address, Bank Details, SSN number are the things you must keep private. The fake profile may use your privacy in an abusive manner. This is the most Important Tip of all Tinder Tips.

3) Putting a Wrong profile Picture

Your profile picture is your first impression on the person checking out your profile. Swipe right or Swipe left entirely depends on your profile picture at first glance. When you put your profile picture make sure of the following things:

  • Your picture should look too bad that anyone will swipe left.
  • Your picture shouldn’t look so good and charming that everyone will swipe right. It should be balanced.
  • Do not apply too many filters to your picture that it will lose its originality.
  • Do not put a blurry profile pic.
  • Put a smiling and appealing picture.
  • Do not put a picture having others in the background.
  • Do not put a picture with your friends, this may lead to confusion.

4) Don’t Judge Quickly

Sometimes, we just swipe by looking at the profile picture, It is Okay if you are going to do a casual hookup with the person on another side. But if you want a serious meeting don’t just bypass by looking at the profile picture. Read their complete bio to now about the person more and then make a decision.

5) Too many Expectations on Tinder

Tinder is unquestionably an excellent way to hook up with new people and likely romantic partners. But you have to least down your expectation list here. Chatting and making unreasonable expectations is not correct. Getting a romantic and up-to-the-mark partner is really difficult But you may get on Tinder. Along with, you have to lower down your expectations too. Chat, meet and after a few meetings start expecting something from your partner and don’t judge quickly.

6) A True Bio

While working with your profile on Tinder, Make sure you have written correct information. Though you may have shared very less, whatever shared must be true.

A true bio contains some basic information like

  • Your name
  • Academics
  • Hobbies
  • Like
  • Dislikes

Do not write wrong about above-shared points because if you would share wrong info, you might get wrong Match!

7) Not checking your matching profile’s Age

Age is the main Criteria while setting up for a date. While sometimes if the profile best matches you may forget to check age. Tinder is confined to users who are 18 years of age or older.  Furthermore, people are able to hide their age on Tinder with a Tinder Plus account. There are also users who don’t put their real age on the app.  When setting up a date, you should make sure to check your Tinder match’s actual age.

Tinder Tips and Tricks

1) Connect to your matches

Messaging on Tinder will help you connect with the profile you have swiped right for and also to the profile that suits you the best but haven’t yet matched. Messaging gives you a chance to know another person more.

2) Have a pet? Put in your profile

Studies have shown that if you have a dog or any pet, chances are more for your profile to be swiped right. This is a plus point here.

3) Lose your pocket

If you are a serious user of Tinder then you have to fork your money to get better and best results. and this happens with every online app, s0me basic and some premium. What do you get in Tinder Boost package?

  • Tinder Boost allows you to be one of the topmost profiles in your area for 30 minutes.
  • 10 times more profile views.
  • Tinder Super Like lets the other person know that you really like them.

If you are a regular Tinder user, Then These Tinder Tips will change your life.

The Verdict

Well, friends, You might be enjoying tinder very well so far but after reading the article make sure to check your profile again. These are some best Tinder Tips and ricks and some common mistake to avoid.

I hope would love the article and Get some help too to make your profile better.

Share your feedback. Thank you!!

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