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Kodi not working: Fix Kodi common issues and problems


So you sat down to watch your favourite tv show and movies on your tv screen using Kodi streaming service, suddenly your tv show or movies stop running or start buffering, it showing a message continuously like “No stream available” or “Exodus Error Message“. So these are the Kodi issues you can fix easily. It is really annoying when the streaming service stops working or your tv shows is buffering continuously, Don’t worry guys, you can fix Kodi, not working issues and problems easily.

It is not possible to fix Kodi issues own, you must have proper knowledge of the issue, and the guide to fix the issues, Here we are going to discuss the Common Kodi bug, issues, problems and best way to fix these issues.

Fix Kodi common issues and problems
Fix Kodi not working

Why Kodi is not working: Common issues and problems

The best thing about the Kodi is that you can fix the Kodi issues using proper steps and able to watch your favourite tv show and movies back on the streaming site. Here are the most common Kodi issues and bugs:

  1. Kodi crashes when it loads
  2. Addons won’t delete
  3. Issues with hardware acceleration
  4. Kodi buffering issues
  5. Video stuttering
  6. Black screen or blank screen
  7. Kodi freezes during playback
  8. Kodi search not working on addons
  9. HD and 4K streams stuttering
  10. …and more!

Legal Warning

Before using Kodi make sure you are using the service to watch only legal and not pirated content. Watch only Content that is free to access legally. The copyrighted should be paid and the movie streaming sites should have licences to watch the copyright content. Last time streaming services like Moviebox and  Showbox shut down due to the legal issues. One more thing use only official Kodi addons, the third party addons are less reliable and stable than the Offical addons. The third party addons suffered from the illegal and unlicensed content, so you must avoid them.

Why always use a VPN with Kodi?

VPNs stands for virtual private networks which are quite useful for safe online movie and tv shows streaming. The VPNs most commonly used to hide the illegal and unlicensed content from the users. If you are using the best VPN than you don’t need to worry about legal issues while streaming. The VPNs are useful for those who look for the official streaming services to watch movies and tv shows.

Sometimes the use of VPN can down the speed of browsing, so choose a VPN which enhance your browsing security without compromising the speed. While using a VPN you can expect the reduction in the privacy because the VPN providers keep the record of your browsing history and logs of activities.

You can use the VPN like Hola, express VPN or any other that is easy to install and provide a stable server connection. You can install the VPNs on firestick, mobile and other platforms as well.

Kodi common issues and problems

Consistent crashing or freezing while running Kodi

If the Kodi is Crashing and freezing then you must go through this solution to fix Kodi Crashing issue:

  • If Kodi is Consistently crashing and Freezing while watching movies or tv shows then there is something wrong with the streaming services, You need to figure out the issues first than need to fix it. There could be much reason for the issue. Like if you add any addon or update any addon recently than you must uninstall that addon or update. If you customize your Kodi built and design than you must remove it.


  • Another reason for Kodi crash could be the Hardware acceleration, This is one of the main cause of Kodi freeze especially on the android devices. So you must turn off the Hardware acceleration to fix the issue. To turn off the Hardware acceleration Click on the gear icon on home screen<Setting<Disable Kodi hardware acceleration. 


  • Sometimes Kodi starts to create issues due to cached data, so you need to clear the cache manually. When your videos start to be chopped than understand the cache is filled up fully, so you must clear the cache first. There is no inbuilt tool to remove the cache, You have to install the Indigo addon from the TVAddons repo, after installing it, press the clear cache button from the maintenance tool.


  • If the above steps do not work in fixing the Kodi Crashing and freezing issue than you must use the fresh version of the streaming services by uninstalling the older one. You can download the latest version of Kodi from the official site.


Kodi Streaming is not loading

  • There could be a lot of reason for videos not loading on the Kodi. The first one is you don’t have a proper intent connection that’s why videos not loading, so simple check your internet connection and make sure it is connected to the internet properly.


  • The seconds’ reason of not loading the videos on Kodi is Addons stopped working and you need to add the new addons. Your current addons could stop working due to legal issues that refuse to work, So you must download the addons from the official Kodi site, not from third-party apps.


  • Sometimes this error occurs when you try to access the service in the region where it is locked. You try to access the service from another country like You try to reach Kodi using iPlayer WWW addon from outside of the UK, the streams won’t load. 

Addon won’t install on Kodi

  • So many time users reporting this issue of Kodi can’t install an Addons, so there could be much reason of not Addon not installation. It could be possible the addons you are trying to install is outdated and not supported by the developers. You need to find the working and latest addons which can be installed easily otherwise older addons can be risky for your system


  • If you are adding the outdated addons on the news version of Kodi that it won’t work as well. The updated Kodi version now read them and analyse the Addons cos because older addons can be harmful for New version of Kodi.


  • Some addons required additional addons to work, the addons depend on the other addons are not official and put you in risk, so avoid to add these addons and install the addons from the Kodi official site.

Kodi black screen or blank screen issues

  • Many of you facing this issue while streaming Kodi, Your screen will be blank while operating the streaming service. This issue is related to those users mainly who are updating Kodi 16 to Kodi 17+ version. This issue is related to the errors occurred in Addons.db file.


  • To fix this issue you will have to delete your Addons.db file. This file collecting cached data of your addons, so by deleting it you would be able to solve this issue. You will not lose any addons by deleting this file.

You can find this file in the following locations, based on your operating system:

  • Android: Android/data/orgkodi/files/.kodi/userdata/Database
  • Windows: Click start and type %APPDATA%\kodi\userdata\Database
  • Mac: /Users/[YOURUSERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/Database
  • Linux: ~/.kodi/userdata/Database
  • iOS: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/Database
  • OpenElec/LibreElec: /storage/kodi/userdata/Database

Kodi Videos colours are not proper and look strange

  • This issue is not founded commonly by users, few of the users detect this issue of strange colours and size of the videos. There could be many reasons of this unique error of Kodi. The Incorrect monitor setting could be the reason of slightly off colours. So you need to correct this issue by going to the picture options menu.


  • If You are facing the issue with video size like it’s showing too small or too large video, then you have done the zoomed in or out accidentally. So just click on the Grea icon on the home screen< video setting< Zoom amount option—if it’s anything other than 1.0, that’s the problem. Video mode must be normal.

Final words

So guys in this article we tried to configure most common Kodi issues and problems and try to fix them by best possible ways. If still you have any issue like Kodi not working, videos are not streaming, addons are not installing, the screen is blank, so you can ask freely via comments, we will try to short out all your Kodi issues.


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