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Kinsey Wolanski Champions League pitch-invader: Everything you need to know


Kinsey Wolanski this name become popular just in 2 days, Someone can be popular just because of two reasons eaither it’s too good or too bad, same we had seen in case of Kinsey Wolanski the popular American Model. On Saturday during the Champion League Final between Liverpool Vs Tottenham, a half-naked women arrived in the ground and create a drama, The match was on the peak and this disgusting woman distracted the players and audiences for 20 minutes. This streaker of Champion league 2019 named Kinsey Wolanski.

Kinsey Wolanski Champions League pitch-invader:
Kinsey Wolanski Champions League streaker

Kinsey Wolanski did all this to get popularity, it was nothing then a cheap publicity stunt. The women did all this to promote the pron site of her Boyfriend Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who is a famous Youtuber and running an adult website Vitaley Uncensored. Kinsey Wolanski was wearing a tricky swimsuit printed with Vitaly Uncensored in White letters. The model starts to run here and there in the ground to promote the website, It was a really humiliating act of the women and criticised all over the world.

Approx 20 minutes she stayed on the ground to break all security, everyone watched her and feel ashamed. How someone can be so cheaper to sell his or her dignity just to be popular. Kinsey Wolanski gots million of followers after doing such shameful act. Her Boyfriends site also got billions of subscribers. Overall this was really an unforgettable and shameful incident of the Champions League.

This was not the first time the incident took place, during 2014 world cup same drama created by Vitaly Zdorovetskiy who got banned after this incident. And this time he sent his girlfriend to achieve the level of shamelessness. Kinsey Wolanski was continuously posting the half-naked pictures on her Instagram profile to gain the followers but that was not enough for her.

And to gain huge publicity she adopts this cheap publicity stunt and arrived as a Champions League pitch-invader. This stunt of the model just not distract the players but also spoil their interest in the game. So this was the main controversial drama of the Champion league 2019 with full of lust.

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