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Is Popcorn Time Safe or Legal to use in 2019?


“Free” word grabs the attention of everyone. Doesn’t matter it is about watching movies, playing games, or getting Robux. And when things come in terms of watching movies online then there are tons of free and subscription-based streaming services which facilitate you with the latest movies and TV shows. Among all Popcorn Time is a renowned name which is an open-source streaming service. You can enjoy your desired content without waiting for hours as it offers you an incredible downloading speed. But many users are struggling with the question Is Popcorn Time safe to use? Can it put you in trouble? How can you remain safe while using Popcorn Time?

Nevertheless, Popcorn Time is legal itself but accessing digital content for free can put you in copyright infringement issues. Another considerable factor is your region because there are different laws in every country about the service.

Thus keep scrolling to get the perfect answer to your query. We will guide you on how to watch movies on Popcorn Time to escape any type of trouble.

So let’s start and discover is Popcorn Time safe in your region and if not then what precautions you should follow to remain safe.

Note: We don’t promote any king of illegal activity and accessing the copyrighted content is an illegal practice. This article is for information purpose only and you are responsible for your own if you get a legal notice.

Is Popcorn Time safe to use?
Is Popcorn Time safe and legal: Precaution while streaming with Popcorn Time

How Popcorn Time Works?

Before going through the safety measures while using Popcorn Time let’s check out how it works. Popcorn time utilizes the BitTorrent protocol to stream its content. The major difference between streaming from torrents and from streaming services is that you don’t have to wait for hours while streaming via streaming services.

It is based on a P2P file-sharing system in which you stream content, not from a central server but from other users.

Is Popcorn Time safe or legal?

P2P file sharing is a legal activity and Popcorn Time uses this technique then you would probably think that Popcorn Time is also legal. As I said above Popcorn Time software is not illegal itself all depends on the way how you use it. If you stream copyrighted content without paying a single penny for your personal enjoyment then you are not playing with the law. Means you are not breaking the law.

In the past, the rules for copyright were too strict but nowadays things have settled down and you can stream copyrighted content for your personal use without any tension.

Furthermore, if you share that content to other users that it comes under piracy and you can get caught in serious trouble.

Also, there is variation in the laws of every country and in some countries Popcorn Time is quite illegal.

Countries in which Popcorn Time totally illegal

The safety and legality of Popcorn Time depend on two factors: How you use it and in which country you are living. Some regions are in favor of Popcorn Time and some are against it.

In some parts of the world, Popcorn Time is prohibited and it is blocked. Here are the countries in which Popcorn time is illegal and if you stream via it then you are the victim of copyright infringement:

  • USA: Popcorn Time software is not illegal in the USA but if you involve in such practice then you may get caught by the anti-piracy groups which keep a track on your online activities.
  • Canada: In Canada, ISPs keep logs of users online activity and if you stream content via Popcorn Time then there are higher chances of trouble.
  • Germany: In Germany follows strict copyright infringement law and if you involve in the practice to watch movies and shows via Popcorn Time then you have to pay huge fines.

Well, folks if you are willing to stream movies and shows with Popcorn Time in these countries then I recommend you to go for a VPN.

Choose a VPN to remain safe while streaming with Popcorn Time

Is Popcorn Time safe or legal? I think you got the answer to your query now but the hot potato is that how to remain safe while using Popcorn Time. The straightforward answer is that choose a reliable VPN to camouflage your online activities.

VPN hides your real IP and encrypt your traffic to safeguard your online activities. Means no one can track down the sites you visit or you remain safe from any type of lawsuit or legal notice. Also, it protects you from various types of online thefts and malware.

How to use a VPN to for your security while streaming via Popcorn Time?

Hmm…now you have proper awareness about the legality and safety of Popcorn Time and its time to know how to use a VPN. It is pretty easy and you have to perform these simple steps:

  • First of all, do proper research and choose a VPN.
  • If you are running it on your PC then install its software and on your smartphone you install app.
  • Now check out the available servers of the VPN and connect with your desired one.
  • You are ready to stream the stuff of Popcorn Time without any security tension.

Bottom Lines

With a VPN you can hide your online activities and download and share which you want. Popcorn Time empowers you to stream the latest movies and shows but with a VPN you can make your streaming experience secure.

Got the answer is Popcorn Time safe? If yes then please share the post with your nears and dears and also express your views in the comment section. Still, any question hovering in your mind regarding the legality and safety of the streaming giant then put it in the comment box.





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