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Is 123Movies dead? Check current status of streaming site with new alternatives


We’ve been providing links to movies and shows for years. Now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for being our friends and thanks for staying with us that long”, it is the message that 123Movies team posted on their site. Motion Pictures Association of America has considered that 123Movies is the most popular site which promotes piracy. Means 123Movies is full of pirated movies and shows. After being hatred from the government and movie industry they have to shut down 123Movies.

But it is not the end at all because a wide array of look-alike sites are appearing which have 123 in their domain name. is quite confusing whether these are original 123Movies sites or just imitating it. Well, folks, you don’t need to be confused and for your ease, we have created a compiled list of 123Movies alternatives.

Let’s go down and check what are the best substitutes to 123Movies to stream movies and videos in great quality.

Disclaimer: We are not in favor of piracy and it is totally illegal to stream the copyrighted content from pirated sites. This post is for educational purpose only. We suggest you go for paid streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Sling TV to watch your desired stuff in a legit manner. Also, it will help the creators who create movies and shows for their bread and butter.

Is 123Movies dead? Chec new alternatives
Is 123Movies dead? Check current status of streaming site

123Movies alternatives

After shutting down the 123Movies every movie freak is searching for its alternative sites to stream latest movies and shows. You have headed here then you also looking for the look-alike sites of 123Movies so here are the best sites to replace the illegal movies streaming site:

If you believe in watching the latest movies for free then MovieWatcher is the perfect option for you. This site is the hub of unlimited movies and shows to watch and download as well. Means you can download your favorite stuff to watch later. From comedy to horror, action, romantic, thriller you will enjoy here.

Moreover, it is safer than 123Movies to watch and download movies. This one worth to try if you are seriously looking for a 123Movies substitute.


If you love to watch adult content along with movies and TV shows then this one definitely grabs your attention. Being the largest free movie site online it offers you the incredible streaming speed without any registration or login formality.

Comedy, action, adventure, romantic, and many more categories are available on MovieK and you can search as per genre. Every movie comes with proper information like ratings, cast, year of release, and reviews to determine whether you should watch it or not. Isn’t amazing?

Popcorn Time

Doesn’t matter you own a firestick or want to watch movies on your PC, Popcorn TV is here with a huge library of movies and TV shows. You can consider it a movie streaming site purely but it functions as Kodi, Terrarium TV, and other streaming apps.

Because of the easy to use interface and a vast collection of movies and shows people love Popcorn Time and you can also say it the best 123Movies alternative as well.

How to remain anonymous while watching free movies and TV shows?

You know very well watching copyrighted content without spending a single penny is a serious sin so you have to be anonymous while watching such stuff with illegal sites. To hide your location, identity, and online activities you should switch to a VPN. With the help of Virtual Private Network, you can remain safe while browsing suspicious sites.

Respect the filmmakers from the 123Movies developers

Before going back 123Movies encouraged their users to switch to subscription-based streaming services to access the latest movies and shows. They considered it their respect for filmmakers and the departing words of the developers of 123Movies were “PS: Please pay for the movies/shows, that’s what we should do to show our respect to people behind the movies/shows.”

Our verdict

Shutting down a site can’t help the government and moviemakers to stop piracy. Because daily many new sites take birth that promote piracy and people love them because they avail free content. I recommend you to pay for your entertainment if you love your moral values.

What are your thoughts on piracy?

Do you use free sites to stream movies and shows?

Comment below and stay tuned for more informative and valuable posts.

Thank you!

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