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How to install and use Kodi on Android: guide


A big fan of movies, TV shows, and live sports channels? Looking for media software to manage all your movies, videos, audio and media files? Want to stream movies and shows on your different devices? But how? Read our guide “Kodi on Android” till the end and find a solution for all of your queries.

Streaming is the norm of today and everyone love to watch the latest movies and shows online. With Kodi add-ons, you can stream movies, shows, and Live channels for free. Kodi is the perfect media streaming tool which is a legal alternative of streaming as well. But the setup process of Kodi can be a tricky one for new users and if you are struggling with the installation process of Kodi on Android then your struggle ends up here.

First of all, we will introduce you to Kodi and its functionality and then describe the full procedure to set up and use Kodi for your Android smartphones. So let’s start and reveal the easiest steps for setting Kodi up.

How to install and use Kodi on Android: guide
Kodi set up guide

What is Kodi?

If you are new to Kodi then our foremost step is to aware you about this innovative tool.

Kodi is an open-source media software which you can call the complete home entertainment package. Kodi was developed by XBMC foundation in 2002 and initially, Kodi was known as Xbox Media Player. In 2014 it was renamed as Kodi. Kodi helps you to access your locally stored videos, audio, and media files on multiple devices. Moreover, with Kodi Addons, you can stream whatever you want on your different devices.

How to set up and use Kodi on Android?

Its never has been easier to install and set up Kodi. Like other apps, you can get Kodi for Android on the Google Play Store but the setup process may confuse you. You can install and set up Kodi on Android with two methods and here I am going to describe both:

Method 1: With Google Play Store

  • First of all, navigate to the Google Play Store, you can find it in the app drawer of your Android smartphones.
  • On the top, you will notice a search bar, type “Kodi” here.
  • You will get multiple results and you have to click on the”Official Kodi App”.
  • Your next move is to click on Install and the app will install on your smartphone.
  • After finishing the installation process enjoy the app on your smartphone.

Method 2: Manual way

  • Initially, you have to allow installation from “Unknown sources” on your smartphone.
  • Move to settings>Security>Unknown sources, enable.
  • Then navigate to official download site and choose Kodi for Android.
  • Install the app and enjoy.

How to use Kodi

After installing Kodi on Android it time to use it on your smartphone. When you open up Kodi on your device it will look like other media players and it is totally customizable. You can customize each and everything and here is a quick rundown of its options:

Player: This option is to customize the way the Kodi player work. Here you will find different settings for video, music, DVD, Blu Ray and many more and you can adjust as per everything as per your convenience.

Media: With this option, you can set up the way Kodi will display and manage your media stored on your device.

Service: This setting is pretty tricky and it displays how the web server, application control, and other services are handled.

Interface: You can fully customize the look of the app interface and also modify the language settings, set up screen saver a lots more.

Skin: Auto scrolling, weather info, and other settings can be applied here.

Profile: Via this option, you can set up various profiles.

System: Through this option, you can control different things such as display, input, internet access, addons, etc.

Log: Here you can observe all the actions that have happened while utilizing the app.

File Manager: It is the built-in file manager of Kodi but if you use ES File Explorer then it would be a better option for you.

Access content on local storage

After setting up you are ready to enjoy this media software tool. In order to access any file that is locally stored you have to follow these steps:

  • Initially tap on Enter File Section.
  • Tap on “Add videos” and explore your files to get the folder you want to see.
  • Choose the desired folder and now it will display in the Add video section.
  • Select a name for this file and then press “Ok”.
  • Now you can enjoy this folder in the library.

Bottom lines

Finally, folks, you came across the process of installing and setting up Kodi on Android and hope you loved the info. Pass it on with your nears and dears and also comment below after applying it.

To be updated with the latest tech, entertainment, finance, health, and other news stay tuned with us.

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