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Instagram vs Facebook: 9 Reasons Instagram Will Overtake Facebook


Instagram vs Facebook, Which one you are using? or both? Do you find any difference between the two? Social Media platforms are gaining heights and used by almost everyone, people of all ages. In recent years, you may have noticed that Instagram is gaining heights and Facebook is going quite low. Instagram has the highest number of active users comparing to all social media platforms. But why it’s happening, Instagram is owned by only. So, let’s have a look at the scenario of the popularity of Instagram and the downfall of Facebook.

There must be only two reasons, either facebook has some bugs and it’s not performing well or it could be the strategy of Facebook to enhance the popularity of Instagram. In the year 2012, facebook spend $1 billion to own to company Instagram. But the question arises is why? Why spend on a platform, Instagram, too much when you already own a similar platform, Facebook? Instagram is a photo and video sharing platform only, while facebook is a complete package of sharing news feed, messaging, marketplace and much more. This makes Instagram Light and easy to use.

Instagram vs Facebook: 9 Reasons Instagram Will Overtake Facebook
Instagram vs Facebook

9 Reasons Instagram Will Overtake Facebook: Instagram vs Facebook

1) Instagram has a user-friendly app

Instagram app is more light and user-friendly. Instagram is made only for mobile phones, so it gives good results during app usage. Instagram has 30 billion users, why? because of its mobile-friendliness nature. According to research, it is observed that during the year 2-17 facebook lost its 2.5 million users in the US whereas compared to Instagram has active monthly users increased from 600 million to 800 million during Dec 2017.

2) Instagram has better Stories Integration

Here we are going to talk about interface and Newsfeed. Facebook has its own stories, the interface between the News Feed and Facebook Stories is irritating. On the other hand, Instagram is inspired by Snapchat, So it has a better user interface. The quality of the video is fabulous on Instagram and offers overall a better user experience.

3) Instagram is more suitable for Business

Have you started a small business and want to promote that on social media platform? Instagram is your place then. If you promote your business through facebook then you have to go through several steps and have to learn facebook manager in detail whereas Promoting business through Instagram is easy. You just have to create an account and you are good to go.

4) Instagram has a Video Chat option

Messaging, Chatting, and Calling are very necessary when you connect to people. Both the platforms provide messaging facility and both are same though. But if I Talk about video chatting option then Instagram wins. Theses days messaging are sometimes powered by bots and chats but Video calling can never be fake.

5) Instagram is better for branding

The algorithm behind brand promoting, facebook is using is very tricky and messy. Hence, difficult for companies to use it. Whereas the algorithm Instagram uses is easy to understand and one can easily fit into.

6) Instagram is less crowded

Instagram came in the year 2012 while facebook is pretty old, came in the year 2006. The crowd of users at Instagram is more engaging and more interactive than on Facebook. Facebook where displays unconventional political and unsuitable ads in News Feed, Instagram does the vice-versa. Instagram is intended to promote brands, shares stories, use IGTV and other features.

7) Instagram has messaging built-in

Messaging on Facebook requires to download Facebook messenger separately. This is a big flaw. Instagram, whereas, has built-in messaging option. You do not need to download separately any software featuring chatting option. So, if I have to choose one from the to, I would like to go for Instagram.

8) Instagram is opening up to developers

Facebook becomes more restricted against all after Cambridge Analytica scandal and similar violations. But Instagram is open to developers and a free-standing community. Along with users, working for Instagram is easy for developers too.

9) Instagram is trending among Americans

Studies show that Teenage to 25 age of youngsters of America drops facebook and started using Instagram. Comparing Instagram vs Facebook in the US is completely clear that Instagram is the winner and is taking over facebook slowly.


Instagram is better over facebook in many aspects as we have seen. There are some plus sides of facebook too but if we keep into consideration today’s trend and needs, Instagram has the upper hand. This is also interesting, as it makes up Instagram stories as a fact, an extremely flexible repository of users’ real-time experiences. So, Instagram vs Facebook, Winner is Instagram.

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