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Humana Health Insurance Review: Is Humana best for health Insurance?


When it comes to choosing a health Insurance company, we consider a lot of factors including the reputations and market image of the Insurer, security, premium and many other considerable factors. So if you are looking to get health insurance in the US than you have a lot of options including Unitedhealth, Aetna Group, HCSC Group, Humana and many other top insurance companies established in the U.S. So here we come up with the Humana health insurance company review which is one of the top insurance company of United State.

Is Humana best for health Insurance?
Humana Health Insurance Review

Why you need a health insurance plan?

As we all know Life is too risky to live, we don’t know what is going to happen next moment, there could be any kind of major mishappening can take place in our life like meeting with an accident, suddenly accused life taking disease, or any other health-related issues. Everyone does not have enough budget to cope up with these health-related tragedies, so we need to be prepared in advance by taking a good health insurance plan. If you owned a trusted health insurance plan from a well-established company with an excellent reputation within the insurance industry than you don’t need to worry about the expenses of your health treatment. By paying a small amount of premium every month you can save yourself from the big health treatment expenses.

Humana health care insurers in the United States

But before going through with any health insurers you must take care of a lot of things. You can go with Humana Health insurance provider is based in Louisville, Kentucky, This is one of the most popular and largest health care insurers in the United States. The Humana has counted in the top insures of the US with total revenues of more than $33 billion, The company providing insurance to almost 12 million people. You can buy the Humana health insurance policy in all 50 states of and the District of Columbia as well as Puerto Rico.

The Humana Health Insurance company deals in multiple kinds of insurance plans like Individual insurance plans, Medicares plans, Business group health insurance plans. In 1998 the United Health care tried to merge with Humana but the merge got failed.

Humana Health Insurance company origin

The Humana was not an insurance company, in the beginning, It started in 1961 as a Nursing home company, Later in 1974, It became Humana one of the top health insurance company.  The company was must instead and activated in the healthcare research programmes and was involved in the Jarvick and DeVries’ artificial heart research. Humana contribution to healthcare and research was continuously increasing and the company started to provide the health insurance plans to the customers. Apart from the providing insurance plans, the company launched the MyHumana Mobile app, for that it got “Stevie Awards”.

Humana Health Insurance Options

You can buy Humana health insurance policy from any local agent representing Humana, this is totally safe and beneficial. While buying the Humana Health care Insurance policy, the company gives you an option of healthcare saving account to save your money, you can use this money to meet your medical expenses, the amount will be deducted from your saving account. Such an account is important if you have fear inability to pay the future huge medical expenses.

Another option is a co-pay option in which you get paid 100% of your deductible expenses by the end of the year. You can extend your insurance plan by claiming for multiple issues like pharmacy, dental or vision plans to get full coverage of the medical expenses. For more information about the Humana insurance plans and the restrictions to plans, you can visit the official website of Humana.

Under the Humana Health Insurance Plan, you get three choices


Under the HMOs plan, you are limited to use the healthcare services from the Humana, You need to take all your treatment from the Humana healthcare professionals and facilities, You can not use the out-of-network provider healthcare services. You will get all the facility, care and other fair services within the network. This plan is less expensive in comparison to the other two plans.


If you own a PPOs plan, You will be free to take the medicare care service from out of the company’s provider network. You can use any hospital, clinic, doctors facilities but The insurance company will not cover all your medical expenses, you will get a limited claim for the plan. But if you use within the preferred provider network than you will get the full medical claim and it will save your money.

Traditional Indemnity Plans

Under Traditional Indemnity Plans, you are free to choose any medical facility, healthcare or doctors, you will get a full medical claim for your deductible expenses, But this plan is costlier in comparison to the above ones.

Employer Health Insurance Plans

This plan is offering by Humana to the companies, This is a high deductible insurance plan helps the Employers to keep the cost of health insurance for employees low. The employees maintain their healthcare saving accounts to save money for future health expenses, also get the insurance plans at lower healthcare insurance premiums. There are two types of insurance plans comes in Employer Health Insurance Plans first one is:

  • Low-cost health insurance plan for low budget employees in which the company covers only hospitalization costs and basic healthcare-related expenses is called “Coverage First.”
  • The 2nd one is “Point-of-Service” plan, under this plan the employees are free to use the medical services of in-network or out-of-network providers.

Medicare Coverage

For the Medicare Coverage, Humana offers multiple options which include the prescription drugs and Medicare Advantage plans and preferred prescription drug plan. Under the PPD plan, you can buy prescriptions through this plan for only $15 per month. This plan is beneficial for those who take medicine on regular bases like the elder ones


  • Financial Stability
  • Variety of health insurance options available
  • Low-cost health insurance options


  • To get the best pricing, you must use either the HMO or PPO Plan.
  • Customer service complaints in the areas of products and services

Humana Contact Information

For more information about the Humana’s health insurance services and plan you can visit the Humana official websites, You can contact to the local agent of Humana for buying the insurance plan. You can contact the Humana online as well, no matter you are a new customer or already bought a policy, For solve your more insurance issues you can contact Humana as well.


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