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Fedex Tracking: How to track a Fedex package

FedEx Tracking

Do you use the FedEx courier service? After sending data, Do you feel so Anxious until you get an acknowledgement for the same? If Yes, you are lucky to land here as today I am going to discuss FedEx tracking. In general, A Courier service is used for sending your important papers, Gifts to your near ones and anything you need to send to others. FedEx Courier Service is made for Connecting people with goods, services, and ideas to create possibilities and enrich lives too. FedEx believes that a united world is a better world.

FedEx is Serving Europe for more than 25 years, the FedEx European network offers next-day service to hundreds of cities and markets. Is it a dream? Getting your courier the very next day! NO, It’s not a dream! it is possible with FedEx. Since 1973, the company is prevailing in the market and proved to be the best in transportation and courier services. The Headquarters of the company is situated in Amsterdam and The Netherlands. More than 17000 people are working with FedEx Serving over approx 200 countries worldwide. You can easily track an international package of FedEx.

Why FedEx courier service?

There is a lot of courier service available in the market like BlueDart, Gati, etc but what made FedEx different from others? Let us discuss here the reasons behind:

  1. Reasonable Cost: A very cost-saving service, provides you to deliver your packages worldwide at very reasonable rates.
  2. Simplicity: A very simple strategy behind your package, you can easily track your shipment. Also, you will get proactive notifications about where your package is.
  3. Better Live Support: FedEx ships to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide, and provide Customer Service centres around the globe. Call anytime you need help or choose to chat online on
  4. Money-back Guarantee: Are you Serious about time-bound delivery? Here is FedEx Express for you, provides international shipments with a money-back guarantee.


FedEx courier service- Shipping Process

All you need to send your package from point A to point B in predefined time at reasonable prices. There are Various FedEx shipping options available. FedEx provides services with different names, let me clear you which one suits you the best and the difference between them.

FedEx Express, FedEx Ground

FedEx Express is fast service, gives time-specific delivery commitment with a money-back guarantee along with white shipping packages and boxes are included.

FedEx Ground is fast, and the delivery window is by end of the day, rather than by a specific time during the day. You provide your own packaging, or you can purchase boxes and get it packed when you arrive at FedEx Office. Thus, if your package is big then Ground is the best option for you. Also, if you are shipping dangerous items then You should choose FedEx ground since FAA restricts these items from aircraft.

You can get Transit time and Rates before sending the package by giving complete details about the package in the form given.

If your order is not so urgent then go for FedEx ground. Most of the packages arrive in 1–5 business days but you don’t have to guess how long it will take.

IF you are on a tight deadline to deliver your package then go for FedEx Express.

FedEx International-  Shipment across borders

The global Trade Manager provides you with

  • Duties and Taxes– Estimate all duties and Taxes with your International order.
  • Documents preparation– Helps you out with document preparation for international shipping. Also, you can save the documents if you need to send the packages readily.
  • Destination Information– Provides you with country information and shipping advisories.

FedEx courier service- FedEx Tracking Ways

Need the know the status of your shipment or proof of delivery? Here are we for you!  I will now tell you how you can track your Shipment.

1) FedEx Tracking Number

Whenever we Send our package via FedEx, we will get a Tracking ID by FedEx courier center staff. We need to save this tracking ID in order to Track the courier.

Fedex Tracking

If you have multiple tracking ID’s then also you can check them in one go. You don’t have to repeat the same process all over again and can track up to 30 ids in one go. wow!

2) Track by Reference

You can also track your shipment by reference number. This reference number you will get at the time of shipment only by centre staff.

Here also you can add 30 reference number at one time and Track all in one go.

It will be better if you can add the account number(shown in the image below) in this option to get results fast.


3) Login Your Account

If you have an account on FedEx then you do not need anything, just log in to your account and track your shipment.


To obtain proof of Shipment, you need to follow the instructions given below:

  1. Open the website
  2. Go to track division
  3. Enter tracking number(maximum 30)
  4. Choose the option view/print letter
  5. Click on Submit Button to get the results.

fedex proof of delivery

How FedEx Tracking is different from others?

  1. Track your shipment in near real-time, No login required.
  2. Get updates just on a click.
  3. Save your shipments for quick updates.
  4. Save for shipments for future reference.

FedEx Mobile Tracking

FedEx mobile tracking is also available with the FedEx app. It gives you the updates of your shipments even when you are not bothered and keep your up-to-date. It offers all the power of FedEx Tracking in the palm of your hand.

The App is available for both Android and iOS.

Point to Remember…

FedEx is the best Courier Services among all other. Getting all your shipment information facility on one click is amazing. Easy tracking, timely delivery, proper customer support you get from FedEx. Just remember, after shipping an item keep the tracking ID and reference number saved somewhere for tracking purposes. I personally use FedEx only for sending my packages to my loved ones. I would recommend the same to you.

Thank you!!

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