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Stranded Deep on PS4: 8 tips to help you progress in this survival game


Beam Team Games studio presents its tips to put the odds on your side on this tropical island with many dangers when playing Stranded Deep on PS4.

Following a mysterious plane crash, you find yourself trapped in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Alone and without any way to call for help, you must do everything to survive …

But what can you do?

Here are 8 tips and tricks to help you survive and progress in Stranded Deep on PS4!

Don’t lose your raft!

You may want to dive into these crystal clear waters to swim to the sand. Refrain. By doing this, there is a good chance that your raft will float offshore, taking your precious emergency food rations with it. Instead, take your paddle to reach the shore and use the traction function to bring it back to shore.

The traction function is compatible with all interactive objects and is a good way to move large objects, turn your raft, or organize your resources.

Likewise, avoid losing your paddle by always securing it to the raft when you no longer need it.

Stranded Deep on PS4

Watch the time, but not only.

Health, hunger, thirst and risk of sunstroke: monitor your vital signs with your interactive survival watch. Eliminate poisons, heal broken bones and bandage your wounds to stay alive. Your survival watch is your best ally, and checking it regularly will help you avoid the worst. Ignore it and you will die!

Stranded Deep PS4

Watch out for the poison!

Speaking of best friends … Poison is not one of them! The starfish called “crown of thorns”, snakes and scorpionfish will ruin your life, and could even end it …

At the start of the game, it is essential to avoid any interaction with these creatures. In case of poisoning, try to resist by eating and drinking regularly or, later, by making an antidote.

Stranded Deep

Water is life.

Ironically, you’ll have trouble finding water in the Pacific Ocean. Drinking salt water is worse than drinking anything, and you will have to find a way to get clean water …

Your first goal should be to build a humidity collector. Its operation is simple, it uses the heat of the sun to transfer by evaporation the condensation of the leaves to a small container. Few survivors know this, but in addition to fiber plants, you can fill it with palm leaves. Fiber plants are essential for making ropes, so start by filling the collector with palm leaves.

Coconuts also allow you to drink water. But beware: too much consumption will make you lose more water than you ingest if you know what I mean …

Stranded Deep on Ps4

Don’t (really) forget to save.

You risk dying, and often! Make it a habit to back up regularly when you find shelter or a bed. Thus, if you die (and you do not play at the “Final Death” difficulty level), you can start from your last save. If you’ve followed the tutorial well so far, you should already have a pretty basic camp. I see you coming: “Doesn’t life make more sense? ” Rest assured! Read on to find out everything

Stranded Deep reserves you…

Stranded Deep

Explore and collect everything you can.

As you admire a beautiful sunset on the horizon sipping your 47th coconut, you may notice other larger islands, shipwrecks, shelters and mysterious structures. Gather the courage to explore these procedurally generated environments! Your initial makeshift boat will get you there, but very slowly.

Do not hesitate to build a real boat with a sail and a rudder, or even an engine if you can find the necessary parts!

Exploring wrecks is a great way to progress quickly. But watch out for sharks and avoid drowning.

Stranded Deep

Find your second home.

Did you find the ideal island to set up camp for? Gather your resources and build your new house from the dozens of materials and parts available. You can even decorate your home with items you find, animals, furniture, containers and trophies.

Stranded Deep on PS4

Be dominant.

If you don’t really want to become the new King of the Pacific, embark on the main quest to complete the game. Find out how to leave the Pacific by completing a series of missions that will require you to face 3 epic creatures reigning in master over these waters!

Compare your time with that of your friends thanks to the interactive leaderboards or become the best survivor by unlocking all the trophies and achievements of the game.

Stranded Deep offers a unique gaming experience that can be synonymous with some of the many dead. Do not forget to familiarize yourself with the controls and the different mechanisms of the game. If the adventure is still too difficult, adjust the difficulty settings and do not forget to save your game regularly when you find a shelter or a bed.

Stay alive!


Stranded Deep Survival Game
  • Ultimate simulator of underwater survivor
  • Beautiful underwater world to explore
  • Many dangerous underwater predators to hunt
  • Opportunity to craft weapons and tools
  • English (Publication Language)

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