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How to Set up a Standing Desk



Tired of routine everyday work right next to your uncomfortable office table? Feel discomfort when trying to do even simple things, after work in the office? Feel exhausted as if ordinary sitting kills you? If yes, there is probably something wrong with your time organization and you have to think about better time management during your working hours. Long hours of sitting position not leaving the working space can make any human sick even the healthiest of us. However, the solution to this problem is the Standing Desk.

How to Set up a Standing Desk

Reasons to Use Standing desk

The technology of progressive adjustable desk allows its owner to stand even while working. It sounds strange as working with your computer when standing seems irrational. But hold on to refuse from this idea. Remember, how often you have met receptionists in the hotel business standing near their reception desk all day long. Have you ever questioned yourself “Why does hotel business is arranged like that?” The answer as simple as stunning – standing increases human productivity and decreases chances to spoil health when performing professional duties. A standing desk allows overcoming various problems like round shoulders, scoliosis, increased blood pressure and others.

Physical condition, as well as the self-perception of people suffering from osteochondrosis, increases right from the first days of using this technology for work where the tabletop activity is dominant. Regular sitting can cause even greater damage to people who already have poor health and problems with the musculoskeletal system. Adjustability that is given by standing desk technology can change the situation for better. Each person working next to such a working station can adjust the height of the tabletop so that his back, neck, and limbs feel normal, not tiring during the working period.

Moreover, standing position while working decreases the overall pressure on the human body so that blood can normally circulate, and a person can breathe in a lungful. Consequently, with the optimal level of oxygen in the organism, a person feels more enthusiastic about his/her work, less depressed, and more energetic as well as ready to deal with working duties. The productivity of people dealing with standing desks increases gradually and the time needed to accomplish their tasks decreases as the concentration rises.

The Flip Side and Poor Implementation

But purchasing and installing the standing desk technology is not all that is required to succeed in the effective everyday performance and minimize the health damage to the human organism. Not the least important stage in all these is the process of setting up the optimal height of the standing desk tabletop.The most complicated about it is that for every person the optimal height is different and it must be carefully chosen as the inappropriate height is also capable to cause serious damage to the human organism when used for a long period of time.

If the tabletop was risen too high this may cause the back pain and arthritis in elbows and wrists as working in the position of too high lifted hands increases the articular tensions. On the contrary, the too low tabletop position can lead to even worse problems with spinal cords and neck as when leaning on the table for too long it may cause infringements that are extremely dangerous and tough to cure with traditional methods. Sometimes even invasive therapy is required to overcome the consequences of such poor implementation of standing desk technology.

However, with a smart approach, smart technologies can bring only benefits and no worries. Standing desk, for example, can be greatly beneficial to people who just experienced back surgery and requires regular standing even during the work. Due to physical requirements and medical prescriptions these people can not sit. That is why instead they can adjust their standing desk and try working while standing. Isn’t it great?

How to use a Standing Desk Properly

When working with the standing desk a person must choose the most convenient position in order to avoid the undesirable consequences for the organism. Most models of this automation technology are able to be lowered to approximately 60 centimetres height and risen to 130 centimetres. Surely these parameters can vary depending on the manufacturer dealing with and the model itself. However, these parameters are the most spread taking into account their multifunctionality allowing to use such tables for both sitting and standing types of work.

Evaluation Stage

As it was proven by scientists who conducted numerous testings relating the benefits and damage the standing desk technology is able to cause to people it was found that the most suitable height for standing desk technology is that one which is situated at the same level that the stomack level of the person using this technology. It was proved that elbows situated at the level of the human stomach when the person works allow this person to work effectively for long periods of time not feeling any discomfort or pain. When elbows are bent at 90 degrees and nothing prevents from comfortable work a person is capable to work longer, be attentive and remain healthy even despite standing instead of sitting.

Setting up the standing desk technology plays the most important role in the whole concept of adjustable working space. This concept is oriented towards picking up the most comfortable positions for every person taking into account the parameters of everyone using this technology.

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