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How to receive a WhatsApp online notification when a contact connects?

WhatsApp online notification

When you suspect that one of your contacts is ignoring your messages and is not responding to them, you are attacked by the anxiety of looking over and over whether or not they are online. Now you will be able to receive a WhatsApp alert when one of your contacts connects.

Are you one of those who, after sending a WhatsApp message, eagerly awaits the response? Can’t you stop looking at the screen from time to time to see if that person is online or if they read your message? If you are in this group, you will surely be very interested in what we have to tell you today.

We know that WhatsApp is an application full of interesting tricks, some of them help us to use the messaging app even if we do not have a mobile or SIM card in our possession, even having an alternative number for WhatsApp without the need for a second phone.

Today we are going to teach you how to know if one of your contacts is online on WhatsApp without having to open the application every time. This time you will learn how to receive an alert every time one of your contacts connects to the most widely used messaging application in the world.

So lower your anxiety now, sit back or lie back in your favorite chair and read to the end.

How to know when one of your WhatsApp contacts is online?

We all know that the application can show you on its own when one of your contacts is online, but this means having to open the application, open the chat of that particular contact and see if it appears in the status bar “online “, something totally cumbersome and not suitable for anxious people.

So, to simplify things for you, we are going to tell you some much easier ways to have that information without having to do so many steps.

Downloading an app on your mobile


There is an app called WhatzSeen that is not available on Google Play but that you can download safely and free by following this link.

whatzseen whatsapp

Once you have the application installed on your mobile you will have to grant it the necessary permissions so that it can function properly.

When you open the application you will see a screen in which you will have to enter the name and phone number of the contact you want to be informed of when you are connected to WhatsApp or “online”. After placing that information you will have to press the button “Start following”.

You will immediately see that the name of the contact you have started to follow appears at the bottom of the screen and next to it you will see some icons, including a bell, you must make sure it is green, which indicates that you have the notifications or triggered alerts to know when that person is online. You can deactivate them at any time by pressing on the same bell and taking care that it stays red.

This application can also show you a history of the moments when that contact was online or offline on WhatsApp, you can also disable this option by pressing the red button.

Every time one of the contacts added to WhatzSeen connects or goes online on WhatsApp, you will receive a notification indicating that that person has connected. Similarly, the application will notify you every time that person disconnects from WhatsApp.


WhatsLog Whatsapp

This is an app for Android that you can find in the Google Play Store and shows you information about the last time your contacts connected and notifies you when one of them is online on WhatsApp as well as when you disconnect.


WazDog Whatsapp online notification

This is another of the applications that Google Play Store offers to install on your Android device.

After you have downloaded and installed the application on your mobile, you must open it and register with it with an email address and a password.

The next step will be to register in the app the phone number (s) of the contact (s) you want to follow to know when they connect to WhatsApp.

When one or more of the contacts that you have registered in the app is online, a notification will appear on your device indicating exactly that.

Within the application, you can find the history of connections and disconnections of your followed contacts as well as the time of permanence in the app.

This is a paid app, but it offers you a free trial period.

Adding an extension to the browser
If you don’t like the idea of ​​using an extra application on your mobile, you can also know when one of your contacts is online on WhatsApp using an extension for your browser. You just have to keep in mind that for this type of extensions to fulfill its function, you must have WhatsApp Web open on your computer.

Wa Web Plus


This extension for Google Chrome can be downloaded and installed in the browser from the chrome web store. Once the extension is added, it will show you the contacts that are online with a green circle that surrounds the image of their avatar, so you can know when that person is connected.

We have already shown you several alternatives to know how to receive a WhatsApp notice when a contact connects.

Have you already tried any of these applications? We hope you will tell us about your experience.

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