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How to Protect your kids from Fortnite Scams: Best solution


Fortnite Scams!  Have you seen your kids playing the “Fortnite ” game? Alert!  Being the parent you must know How to Protect your kids from Fortnite Scams. The kids these days are obsessed with Fortnite games all over the world and it’s becoming a concern for the parents. “Fortnite “, without any doubt, is the most popular video games and thus the scammers are taking advantage of the same by making a fool,  the innocent kids. If you are worried about your child, stop worrying now, because we are sharing everything in the article about the game and tips to protect your kid from scammers.

Fortnite game” is a very popular video game Released by “Epic Games” in 2017. It’s just been two years the game is launched and too many scammers! The game is available in three different modes:  Fortnite Save the World, a four-player game that allows you to defend against the zombies and survive yourself, Fortnite Battle Royale, it is a 100 player game that fight to stand till the last and Fortnite Creative, where players are given full liberty to build worlds and battlegrounds.

How to Protect your kids from Fortnite Scams: Best solution
Protect your kids from Fortnite Scams

What makes scammers cause “Fortnite Scams”?

The game became so popular that it made more than 125 million players a hardcore fan of it in less than a year and that lead to earning hundreds of millions of dollars per month. Also, the game is popular among kids and thus the scammers are taking advantage of it. Fortnite’s mass is attracting hackers and scammers, thus opening security vulnerabilities that can put users in danger.

What Scammers are doing?

The scammers and Hackers have been causing continual distress to the game players since the game is launched. Fortnite scams have become so profitable that it leads to the only aim of the Scammers. You know how many scam websites are there for Fortnite game, you can’t even Imagine. 4800! Alas! which contains 1400 scam youtube videos and rest are malicious links on social media. “Once we started digging into it, we uncovered a lot of stuff,” says Zack Allen, director of threat operations at ZeroFox.

How the kids get caught?

Remember one thing, the original Fortnite game Asks for no money! Due to a lack of knowledge about the authorized links to play the game, the kids get caught by the spammers. There are a lot of malicious links available on Youtube that attract the kids to get free v-bucks but in reality, there are no such tips. “Buying V-bucks outside the official stores doesn’t necessarily mean the user will get scammed,” said Benjamin Preminger, a cyber-threat intelligence specialist with Sixgill, a cybersecurity firm in Netanya, Israel. “A more serious side of it is that you’re potentially party to a crime,” such as buying a stolen account or unknowingly contributing to money laundering, he said.

The hackers attract the kids to pay to purchase some V-bucks to proceed in the game when the game is hot. As soon as you the player loads the cash(real money) the account may get hacked and you are not able to open it again.

Also, the scammers may steal your credit card details when you enter.

Mistakes done by kids

  1. Downloading the game form illegal link, HTTPS only doesn’t prove that the site is safe to play.
  2. Clicking youtube video to get free V-bucks and get hacked.
  3. Hiding from parents that they are spending the real money over the game.
  4. To win and conquer at any cost.

What you should do as a parent?

The Game is attracting users as it is free to play and available all over the world for many devices, Windows, Android, Video game consoles too. Kids between the age of 8-16 years are finding it fun to play Fortnite game with their friends and Family members and with strangers too. But do you allow our kids to play a game that can Steal your credentials, identity, contacts in all ways you can’t even imagine? Let your child aware of the following things before playing the Fortnite games.

Remember, Always give your kids the card that contains minimal amount in it and is not your everyday card. This protects you and your kids from a credit card fraud threat.

  1. Don’t Share Information
    Kids are adviced not to share Personal Information with anyone like their real names, addresses, school information contact numbers as the scammers try to become your friend. Thus, they steal your personal information. Also, do not accept the friend requests of strangers until it is confirmed that he/she is your known.
  2. Make a unique game password
    Your Fortnite game password must be unique from other sites, I mean do not use the same password anywhere else. As if you do so, you become more vulnerable to scams. Make sure wherever you enter your password, the site is legitimate.
  3. Double Authentication
    Turn on two-factor authentication for your game. This protects you from easily get caught to scammers as security to steal your information gets increased. Though you may sometimes get fed up as it will take a little more time to set up and login ut it beneficial for you.
  4. Do not share your account details
    Do not share your account details through game chat with anyone even to your family members, relatives, and friends because there may be a possibility that their account gets hacked and thus someone else trying to steal your information too.

Hacking and Scamming over social media is like salt in the water, you may not see it but you will definitely feel it. So it is very important to protect your dear-ones, especially your kids, from Fortnite scams, frauds, and hacks. I hope you liked the article and share the information with your near and dear ones too.

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