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How to make money with a blog? (Part 1)

MMO with blog

In the age of digital nomadism and therefore the need for alternative ways that of life, many of us need to form a living from the web so they will be liberal to travel and work anyplace within the world. Influential marketing is developping, creating revenue, together with for micro-influencers. While Instagram and Youtube are two platforms taking part in a central role, the blog remains a tool that earns money, let’s find out its way.

How much money can you get with a blog?

A blog plays just a platform in which someone shares content and build a relationship with their readers. From there, an infinity of ways to monetize it found. With the modern tools now, we can establish a blog simply but monetize it is more complicated.

Some demand less work to implement, such as advertising, and others more, but in general, the potential economic of a blog is usually defined by two aspects, the theme and especially your commitment.

The effort you are ready to make

Many professional bloggers have to work a lot especially the early years. Owning a blog is not passive at all. The Internet is much more competitive than it was a few years ago. Although the earning potential is greater because people have lost the fear of buying online, it is also harder to be visible.

In other words, today it takes more work to make money, but you can also earn a lot more.

To live on it, you must be ready to sacrifice a large part of your free time, at least in the beginning.

Ways to make money with a blog

Below you will find the most effective ways to monetize a blog. You can typically mix some, but the key is to select the ones that match best for your goal.


Adsense monetization is still one of the favorite ways for many bloggers because of its simplicity.

Adsense (PPC)

This is the bigest in the world, Google’s PPC ad network. PPC means Pay Per Click. Every time a reader clicks on one of those ads on your blog, you get paid.

Adsense owes its popularity to its simplicity, ease of implementation and the number of advertisers. Just sign up here, and once Google has approved your request, you can start posting ads on your blog by inserting a small code.

Google chooses what type of ads will appear on your website based on the subject and profile of the reader. It’s an advantage. Google has a lot of information about your readers, and shows them the most relevant ads for each of them.

Revenues you can expect from Adsense

If the average cost per click is 0.30 and the percentage of readers who click on an ad is usually around 1%. Therefore, if you had a thousand page views a day, the calculation of the monthly income with Adsense would be as follows: 30,000 pages viewed / month x 1% of clicks x 0,30 dollars -> 90 dollars / month.

monetization with blog

The key to earning a good income with Adsense is to have a blog on a subject that pays very well, such as executive training, finance or health, or a less profitable one but capable of attracting a huge volume of visits.

For a blog, Adsense is a very simple way to earn extra money each month, but it’s probably not what will allow you to live on it.

Summary on Adsense:

  • Easy to implement
  • The ads are very relevant
  • Most blogs don’t seem to be in niches that Adsense pays well
  • You will need a very large number of visits

Private Advertisers

If you are proactive and you want to succeed with your blog, you can contact companies to supply them advertising space in your blog wherever to put their banner with the ad.

These ads are usually found in the header, sidebar, or in the content itself. Advertisers typically pay by impression at cost per thousand views (CPT), that is, the number of times that readers viewed this page with advertising.

To find advertisers, you can do two things:

  • Connect with companies related to your topic to offer them advertising for their services and products. They will be more likely to access if they are already advertising on Adsense or other sites, so do some research to increase your chances of success.
  • Encourage businesses to contact you by creating a “Advertise Here” section on your blog, where they can find a document with your rates, the number of visitors to your blog and a contact form.

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