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How to make money with a blog? (Part 2)

MMO with blog

Continued to the “How to make money with a blog?” part 1, we are going to introduce you the ways to getting internet money. Let’s see now!

2. Affiliate marketing to make money

In this case, the advertiser does not pay you when the reader clicks on the ad, but when he or she performs an additional action, such as completing a subscription form to receive more information or make a purchase.
There are companies that offer their own affiliate programs, such as Amazon, and others are integrated on an affiliate platform like Awin or Tradedoubler.

You register in the affiliate program of this company and wait for the approval of your website.
You are looking for the product you want to promote and get a special link with your affiliate ID.
You add these links in your blog when you talk about the product in question.
When a reader clicks on this link, the’re redirected to the product’s sales page. If he accomplishes buying it, you get a commission.
Once you have obtained a minimum commission, the company will credit your account with the money you generated monthly.
The amount of the commission depends on the company’s policy and the type of product.

Amazon Affiliation

amazon associates

On Amazon, you’ll be able to suggest recommend almost any product you can think of. Amazon’s affiliation contains of recommending products from a particular niche so that your readers or other users click on your recommendations, are sent to Amazon and purchase it.

The draw back is that Amazon only assigns your sales within 24 hours of clicking and does not provide very interesting commissions, as you can see in the table below:

Amazon affiliate
Fixed Standard Program Fee Rates for Specific Product Categories from

However, its conversion rate is among the best within the world. In addition, it gives you a commission on everything the customer buys, not only the product you recommended.

Summary on affiliation

  • Very effective and easy to implement
  • The links are greatly integrated within the articles
  • A lot of competition
  • Amazon commissions are weak

3. Internet money from sell links

The netlinking of a site is essential to referencing a website. Although Google bannes the follow in its tips, the sale of links has growed into commonplace among SEO or SEO specialists.
You can simply find Facebook groups in which you can do any transaction such as buy, sell or exchange links.
You will sell links only if your blog attains certain metrics like high traffic or ranked to help refer sites to which they are likely to point links.

Characteristics of the sale of links:

  • Requires to achieve significant metrics
  • Easy to implement
  • Risk to Google
  • Good pay according to the metrics

Sale of physical products in Dropshipping and get internet money

Selling physical products through your blog is another great way to generate revenue because the margin will be higher than with affiliate or advertising and you will not be limited to the volume of visits you have.

Unless you do dropshipping, you will have to deal with the logistics, which implies various constraints at the level of working capital requirements, logistics, etc.

The dropshipping system has become popular, where you collect the order through your website, but you manage it neither stocks nor shipping.

Features of dropshipping

  • Good profit margin
  • It is relatively easy to create a section in your blog with the online store
  • You can automate dropshipping
  • You depend on inventory and manufacturing by third parties, and this is not under your control.

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