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How to make money on Youtube in simple steps


Do you want to know how to make money on Youtube? Have you ever wondered when you first knew that you can make money by youtube also? But how? This is my today’s article is about. Online blogging and making money online are becoming today’s fashion because of their Flexible working hours, enough amount of money that gives you a luxurious life and a peaceful life. What else do you need? So let us discuss some easy steps on how to make money on Youtube.

Youtube is the third-largest search engine after google and facebook. Whenever you want to watch a video, what you do? Like I go to Youtube and search for the video and get an abundant amount of results. Think, why people are posting the same videos in different ways. The answer is simple, To make money! Every hour, around 10,000 hours of videos are uploaded on youtube and 1 million videos are watched every hour. These statistics are unbeatable by any platform. If you post a video and get 1000 views, you will earn around $5 that seems to be pretty less, but think if you have made 1000 videos each with 5000 views then? You will be able to make a decent amount of money at around $2000.

How to make money on Youtube
How to make money on Youtube in simple steps

How to make money on Youtube: 6 simple steps

Making money through Youtube isn’t a cakewalk. You have to give your best and a good amount of time to start to be famous and once famous you can earn a lot!

Step1: Make you YouTube channel

The first and foremost step is to make a YouTube channel. Now you must be thinking about how to make your own channel. Don’t worry, Read further:

  • Open Your Gmail account
  • On the right side, there is an option to go to Youtube. Click on!
  • Now you have opened, youtube window on your screen.
  • GO to my channel option
  • Click on Create my channel by giving some information like the name of the channel, Gmail account, Address, etc.
  • Click on Create button to create your channel.

Step2: Find your skills and Caliber

Now once you have created your channel, you have to do the most important thing is to find the activity yo are good at. Your caliber will give you success here. Find what you can do very well. It may be singing, dancing. Comedy, teaching, cooking, art and craft and much more. Pick the one that suits the best for you.

Step3: Start making Strategy for the content

After you make a video that suits the best according to your caliber, now is the time to make a strategy. Simple strategy steps include Good content and unique videos. Generally, viewers enjoy watching some new content specially when it comes to comedy and if a viewer likes, he will surely share too. So it is very necessary to make a strategy on your content when to post which video, what will be the next video.

Step4: Apply for Adsense

Now from here, you will start earning! Till now you were doing for viewers but now you will do for yourself. Following are the steps:

  • On the “My Channel” page, Go to the Video manager option.
  • You will get a drop-down menu, Choose “Channels” option from there.
  • Then you will be navigated to a page having a list of features and status. Under feature, search for “Monetization” and “enable” its status.
  • Read Terms and conditions carefully and select the “I Accept” box.
  • Now below channels heading, there comes monetization option.
  • Select this monetization option. Now, a window will pop up with the heading ‘Monetization’, when this appears, click on the option of ‘How will I be paid?’ and then proceed by clicking on ‘Associate an AdSense account’
  • Click Next and A window will now come up asking you to sign in to your Gmail account.
  • Enter all the information asked and continue
  • Click ‘ Submit my application’
  • Get verification done through Phone number.
  • Finally, your application for AdSense has been submitted for approval. Note: There is no fixed time for Adsense approval. It may take 2 days or 15 days.

Step5: Include the best Youtube tools 

Marketing tools are very necessary. A good toll can alleviate your channel to heights.UsingYouTube Marketing tools to ensure YouTube SEO is also suggested by ‘How to Make Money on YouTube Guide’. So let us start with some of the most preferred YouTube Tools-You can use Google Keyword Planner, EverNote. The text-to-speech app, picture editing app.

Step6: Monetize your Video

Youtube is making great money through youtube. Do you know BB ki vines? The man who is the creator of BB ki vines is earning around 3-4 lakhs per video. Do you also wish to make money? Here you have to do some investment now to gain a big amount. You have to make your video popular by Affiliate marketing, Direct promotions, or Advertising.

Final Verdict

Well, Friends, this is the complete guide on how you can make money on Youtube. Now its all your call how you can utilize your time and money. Even Youtube is giving its best in streaming to when compared to Twitch TV and Fubo TV. Becoming a Youtuber is no more a dream now! A good blogger and content creator can be a good Youtuber too with some special inner skills. Present your caliber and GO!

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