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How to earn money on the Internet quickly?

how to earn money on the internet

Many people have realized that the Internet is a great tool for freedom and that it is possible to use it to live on it. If you’re wondering how to earn money online, this article is for you.

Sell ​​services on linking platforms

Do you have a good pen, are you a SEO ace of websites or are you a talented Community Manager? Multiple platforms allow you to connect with companies that are looking for people with these skills.

Remember that for companies, it is often more comfortable to hire freelancers than having an extra worker on their payroll. The risk is much lower and the flexibility is much greater.

Given the growing demand from businesses, many entrepreneurs or auto-entrepreneurs have started, often successfully. The competition on the platforms is therefore sometimes quite fierce. Nevertheless it remains possible to find his first customers and to make his weapons there.

Social networks are also very good vectors for finding customers and prospecting. It is usually enough to find the right groups and be active.

Think that if you are a business, you have to market your services as such. You will also sometimes have to develop various expertise to earn money on the internet.

Sell ​​goods or services

It is possible to sell various and varied things on the web. Let’s go over some of them:

Video training

Platforms such as Udemy allow those with expertise in a field to make a course in the form of videos and digital media.

Tangible products

You can create an ecommerce and sell products. This can be accomplished as form belowed:

  • Dropshipping if you do not want to handle logistics.

The dropshipping is to sell on a website that we put online, often with Shopify, objects that do not belong to us. The dropshipper must simply market his site, choose his niche and his products and manage the customer relationship including any returns.

The direct sale of products that you have manufactured or purchased beforehand. This implies to have an ecommerce site with the constraints that it can represent as storage, transport, … site dedicated to the affiliation where in this case, you bring traffic to a style like Amazon to touch a commission if your visitor buys on the site of your affiliator.

Many SEOs create specific niche sites dedicated to affiliation. Think that if a site can generate 500 $ / month. Whoever has 10, can win 5.000 $. Of course, this is not done overnight and you need SEO skills.

  • Digital products

Internet allows you to send more or less large files everywhere in two clicks. So you can sell ebooks, extensions or templates for CMS, graphic creations or image editing, creating websites, making voice over video, creating animated videos,. The list is long.

  • Language courses via Skype

Everyone knows that to learn a language, the ideal is to speak with native speakers. Thanks to Skype conversations can be held at thousands of distance ekilometers without paying a euro for phone charges.

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Become a streamer

Since Twitch populated, streamers can generate interesting revenue by playing online. E-sport is growing and many gamers are taking advantage of their passion. Think also of the Fortnite Battle Royal phenomenon that generates an unparalleled craze.

Monetize a blog or account on social networks

If you already have an audience on the Internet, know that you can monetize it, we already told you about:

The trend of recent years is the marketing influence. If you have or can develop an audience on social networks, you can take advantage of it either by dealing directly with brands or by subscribing to an influencer platform.

Influence marketing

Influence marketing is based on hiring by a brand of a person with persuasive power over a specific community. Thus, influence is able to influence a group of people in their decision-making. The majority of Internet users often consult the opinions of third parties on the Internet before buying a product or service.

Therefore, the influence of marketing is not to rent advertising space. Nor to launch an advertising campaign. This is a type of non intrusive marketing that seeks to not invade the user. He is a person with some power, knowledge and influence in a sector, positioning a product in the spirit of his community. All this in order to generate brand awareness. But also to give him visibility and attract more potential customers to the company.

How to make money online?

Know that there are no miracles. To be able to live anywhere in the world through the Internet, you will need to make a coherent marketing plan to see if your business can be profitable.

In summary, you will need:

  1. identify one or more needs in a niche market, preferably,
  2. target your potential buyers,
  3. propose a relevant offer,
  4. and have the skills to deliver the satisfaction of need.


This is just an overview of ways to make money online. We invite you to stay grounded and not consider that you will quickly become a millionaire. Those who say it by selling you training will probably get closer but it will be at your expense.

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