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How to Download Movies from 123Movies 720p 1080p Free


Are you a movie freak and want to download movies from 123Movies? You are lucky to read this article buddy. Today in the era of online streaming and the internet, we used to watch our favorite entertainment shows online only. 123 movies website is one such platform that provides you access to a lot of movies collection. Along with watching movies online, you can also download movies here. Here is the complete guide on how to download movies from 123movies.


How to Download Movies from 123Movies 720p 1080p Free
How to download movies from 123Movies

123movies is an online streaming service permits users to watch pirated movies and shows. There are millions of websites, similar to 123movies, are present on the web that provides you movies content at just no cost. In fact, 123movies network is a network of around 12 websites with a common domain.

The old website was blocked at the start of the year 2018. After that, an instant solution was given by the team and started to serve users since march, 2018 with high quality latest movies in 720p 1080p. You can directly stream high-quality HD movies and shows here. Thought here are a lot of options available for downloading the movie but downloading is not a wise step to do and it is against law.

Downside of 123Movies

There are plenty of platforms like 123 movies scattered over the internet such as Go movies. These websites are operated from Vietnam and counted in world’s topmost illegal websites that allow the users to watch movies for free. 123 movies don’t have a single domain and it has been banned several times. Once band, the website changes its name like sometimes its 123Movies, 123movies,,, and many more. Remember, if you are using a pirated website, an illegal website you are doing a crime.

How to Download Movies from 123Movies 720p 1080p

When there comes a problem, there is a door to the solution. Here our problem is how to download movies from 123movies? and the answer to this query is 5K player! Do you know what is Free 5K player? Free 5KPlayer is a tool to download movies from 123Movies in 720p 1080p until you are using the right domain.5K Player is easy to use the tool and you can download your favorite movie just on a click. Moreover, it is used as a video player to smoothly play HD movies or DLNA stream movies to smart TV so as to watch movies on a big TV screen. 5K is a legit software, free, clean and away from malware. Even the software download is provided by big websites. Download 5K player now, if you want to download movies from 123Movies. Below are the steps to download.

  1. Download 5K player to your system.
  2. Install the software.
  3. Search for the movie you want to download from 123 movies.
  4. Copy movie URL.
  5. Paste the URL in 5K player, choose movie format and click on Download button.
  6. And Here you go…

Remember, 5K player is not only used to download movies from 123Movies but you can download movies from any platform. All you have to do is to copy Movie URL from that website and paste it in 5K player and download.

Warning: Do not use copyright content for commercial purpose.

Final words

Well, friends, we have had a look at what 123 movies is and is it safe or not to download movies from 123Movies is now well known to you. Moreover, the way to download 123movies is shared for your use. You can now use 5Kplayer to download the content from any websites like 123Movies or youtube or Vevo.

I hope you would like the article. Comment back in case of any error you will face.

Thank you!!

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