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☕ How to decotrate DeLonghi Coffee Machine?

De'Longhi coffee machine

Among crazy stuffs in model life, take a break and drink a coffee would help your mind refreshing immediately. Purchasing a coffee machine at home and taste it every morning has not been matter. Among lots of coffee makers, DeLonghi would be choosen as top brands, especially its commercial espresso machine. But do you know how to use DeLonghi coffee machine? Keep reading us…

How to decotrate DeLonghi Coffee Machine?

Did you know that you do not have to wait until the coffee taste hits you to know that your coffee maker needs to be descaled? Indeed, Delonghi coffee robots incorporate a light whose orange blinking warns when it is necessary to go to descaling, this as well to obtain a quality coffee that to preserve the operation and the life of the device.

You must then follow a few simple steps to achieve the descaling of the coffee maker:

  • First, select the descaling agent. You can head to the classic vinegar, but for some of its appliances, De’Longhi recommends its own descaler. In either case, pour 100 to 120ml of vinegar or descaling agent into the water tank filter, taking care to remove any water from the tank.
  • Fill the water tank to the next graduated limit (usually level “B“), replace the tank and place a large container under the nozzle of the machine.
  • Turn on the machine, then start the descaling program by holding down the associated button and flashing – it will then become fixed, indicating the start of the program.
  • Put the steam knob on the “l“, then let the machine work for about 30 minutes
  • Once the program is finished, the water tank is logically empty and the associated button is logically lit. But do not worry about it: close the steam knob and empty the container. You can then rinse the water tank to remove any traces of vinegar or descaling agent.

descaling of the Delonghi coffee maker

For the following steps, they do not concern all machines, but only those with a rinsing program.

  • Fill the tank with water up to the maximum limit.
  • Open the steam knob and put it on the “l” in the same way as before. The water is then used to rinse the machine.
  • You can now close the steam knob by simply returning it to the “O” position.

Where to buy a Delonghi coffee machine?

There are several options for you on this site. You have the choice between:

Buy in-store.

This has a definite advantage, as long as you have physical access to the product. You are not sure that the desired model will be available and you will be limited in information. It is also quite a time and a trip to devote.

coffee machine store

Buy online.

You can not physically examine the product but have all the necessary tools to be able to compare products, collect information via data sheets, access consumer reviews, and tests … All from a computer, for an optimal time-saving. This is obviously the solution buy best automatic espresso machine we recommend.


How to disassemble and repair a Delonghi coffee maker?

Although the devices espresso machine of this manufacturer are renowned for their strength, we are never immune to a breakdown or a technical problem. To dismount such a device, it’s easy: just remove the coating from the screws (usually rubber pads), then remove the screws. You will then have direct access to the device.

Regarding the repair, depends on several parameters. It is possible that it is only simple fouling, in which case a disassembly followed by meticulous and delicate maintenance will be welcome. However, the problem can also be technical: in this case, the dismantling can allow you to define what it is about if you know a little care. These machines are designed for efficient and simple operation, the manufacturer has thought to offer many notices online to help you face real situations, as the lights never stop flashing.

As a last resort, you still have the authorized repair center – but if the damage is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you will have to pay from your pocket.

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