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How to clean Charcoal Grill

clean charcoal grill

Cleaning your best charcoal grill seems less complicated than cleaning a gas one. Sure, it is easier to clean charcoal grills immediately after cooking. For instance, if it is a complete cooking, cleaning would take fewer steps to do than with gas ones. Why? The obvious reason is that the charcoal grill is designed in a simpler way with not too many parts like other kinds of grill.

As you know, the most common design of the charcoal grill is the kettle one, therefore, the following steps will mention it as an example for easier imagination.

Cleaning charcoal grills frequently after each cooking is the best idea as the they are likely to get dirty quickly due to ash. This will keep your grill looking new and make it last longer.

Method to clean charcoal grill

Step 1 – The first task you need to do is cleaning elements inside the grill.

No matter how your charcoal grill is designed, you must clean everything inside it. First, to approach the grill’s inside, you have to take the grates and all the other parts (such as a warming rack) out. Now, start to get rid of the ash, you can use the ash removal system equipped available in your grill, but if your grill doesn’t have that kind of system, try to to clean the ash by your hands. After that, wash the ash, leftover cooking grease and food off the grill’s internal walls using a sponge and a mixture of water and soap.

Although the thick layer of grease and food leftovers on the grill’s internal walls that is collected during the season, may obstruct your cleaning process, a sponge and a mix of water and soap will make it become easier. You’d better do cleaning for your grill immediately after you finish cooking because the warmness of the grill will help you get rid of those remains easily and quickly.

Step 2 – Let’s move on to the next stage of cleaning the grill grates.

Like cleaning the gas grill, cleaning the grates before preparing cooking is the best idea. To clean them in a proper way, set the grill to a high temperature for 20-30 minutes. Next, wash grease and food remains on the grates’ surface using a brush. Burning the grease and food leftovers under the significant degree will make the stain removal too much easier. As I mentioned above, different kinds of grates require different methods of cleaning, thus, for the first cleaning,  you have to read the instructions carefully and learn more about other cleaning methods in order to determine the most appropriate way to clean your own grill.

Step 3 – Dry and ensure the whole grill free from moisture after you’re done cleaning.

The last task is assembling all the grill parts to make a completed grill as the way they originally are.

Done, do not forget to wash the grates as an important step of cooking preparation and control the ash while cooking. Be note that it is important to dry the grill after cleaning process and store it with a good cover.

Storing a Gas & Charcoal Grill

If cleaning the grill is important, storing the grill properly is crucial to extend its lifespan. We usually try to put the grills in secure places such as the garage or places covered with a roof. Especially, for fancy grills like best gas grills, the way how to store them in order to make it look like new or at least to ensure they still perform well is really need to be considered.

To perfectly store the grill, you must purchase it a cover. The size of the cover depends on that of your grill because you need to make sure that your entire grill will be blanketed. Why I state that the grill cover is indispensable for your perfect grill storing? The reason is this kind of cover will help your grill stay away from bad influences like dust, water, freezing rain, sun, snow, so on….

Try to hide your grill under a proper cover to make it last longer and keep it always great at a performance for the next season or daily cooking.


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