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100% working ways to access blocked sites


Restriction and ban on the websites are common nowadays, the govt used to impose restrictions and ban on the websites due to the lots of reasons. Everyone is frustrated because of not access to the blocked websites. Recently there is a lot of sites got banned due to providing the illegal content like Torrenting sites, movie streaming sites, tv shows sites, informative sites even youtube channel also facing the ban by govt. So now to reason is how to unblock blocked sites or which are the best ways to access blocked sites in your area.

Here we come with the best and 100 working ways you can try to access a blocked site on the internet. These are the most effective ways to reach any banned site including using a proxy site, use of VPN, extensions and others. So let’s discuss these ways.

100% working ways to access blocked sites
How to access blocked sites

Use VPN to access unblock site

You can use a VPN to access a blocked site. Virtual Private networks provide a secure connection between two networks over the internet. You can easily open block sites using VPN, it keeps your IP address safe and protects it safe from the eyes of web data collectors. You can download apps, access blocked sites in any country with the help of VPN. There is a lot of VPN available in the market but you must download the best VPN like Express VPN, NordVPN, Hola or any other.

VPN convert your data like no one can recognise or trace it to reach you, All your browsing will be safe. Make sure you are using a good VPN, there is a lot of VPN available at cheat price, However, the use of VPN can reduce the browsing speed, so use a VPN do not interrupt your data speed.

Use Proxy Websites

There are so many sites blocked by Google or govt due to providing copyrighted content for free or availing the illegal content like Showbox, Moviebox and other movie streaming sites you prefer to watch movie online for free. So to access these blocked websites you can use the proxy sites of these sites. There is great no. of proxy sites available of the popular sites got banned like Pirates Bay, Extratorrent, Utorrent and many other Torrent sites. However, using a proxy site is not secure to access blocked site so we will advise you to use VPN to reach banned sites.

Use IP address instead of URL

All the websites ahs an IP address, Most of the sites get blocked by URL, however, the blocking authorized does not block the IP address of the site. So you can access these websites by using the IP. This is the easiest way to open a blocked site but if the IP address of a site is hidden then you can not apply this method. But for this, you need to get the IP address of the banned site. You need to follow simple steps to get the IP of any site:

  • Run CMD on your computer
  • Now type “ping” and press Enter. It will show the IP address.
  • Now enter this IP address in your web browser’s address bar and hit Enter to visit “access denied” websites.

Use the website’s mobile version

There are so many blocked websites get unblocked by using their mobile versions. These sites do not block for their mobile versions, you can easily access them on your mobiles. Sites like Facebook, Youtube using their mobile versions, you can access these websites by typing “m.” between the “www.” section of the website’s address and the website’s name.
For example, you can access the mobile version of Facebook by going to “” in your browser.

Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is an online service which stores the web pages in billions, It keeps the copy of almost websites on the internet. It stored the multiple versions of a website, you can get the old version of the blocked sites here. So visit here and search for the blocked content online. The sites is really an amazing source to streaming online movies, tv shows, games, apps, ebooks, online comics for free.

Use Google Translate

Google translate is one of the most secure ways to access the blocked site. Most of the countries, institutions, Govt and blocked authorized do not ban the google translate. This is an educational tool and no one can consider to use it to unblock a banned site.  You can open the block site by converting it in any other language you know. For this, you can try Google translate and get access to your searched blocked site.

Microsoft’s Bing translation service is one of the best translation services to unblock a banned website.

Final words

So these are the most popular and working ways you can adopt to reach a banned site. there are many other ways to access a blocked site like Using RSS feed of site, HTML to PDF converter, Use IP Anonymizer and many others you can go through. But the ways we listed here worked well to unblock a banned site.


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