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A hoverboard is a revolutionary means of locomotion which appeared a few years ago and which has quickly gained popularity, especially among young people who have adopted it as a means of transport but also of entertainment because it is an atypical and fun object.

A hoverboard, or Segway, is a kind of electric skateboard consisting of a foot support area that is more or less wide depending on the model and two wheels located on each side of the support area. These wheels have a diameter that can range from 7 to 25 centimeters and they can be either rubber (solid wheels) or inflated with air.

The hoverboard advances thanks to two independent electric motors which makes it easier to steer the device and better advance on uneven terrain.

The hoverboard motor is powered by one or more batteries, the autonomy of which varies widely and the best of which are those of lithium-ion, in particular, the hoverboards with Samsung batteries which are considered to be the most reliable and the most durable on the market.

How does a hoverboard work?

The operation of the hoverboard is very simple and it is largely what makes it successful with young people.

To move with a hoverboard, just stand upright with your feet on the support areas and lean forward to move forward. The more you lean forward, the faster you advance.

On some hoverboards (unfortunately not all), it is possible to go backward by leaning back.

Mastering a hoverboard is not always easy from the start but it is within everyone’s reach after a few hours of initiation.

Hoverboard speed

A hoverboard can be very practical for getting around town, they allow you to move faster than walking, but at the same time, they are less bulky and less expensive than bikes and other scooters.

The speed of a hoverboard is not necessarily a determining factor in the choice of a model because the goal, as we can easily understand, is not necessary to go very fast, because they are used to make journeys from a few hundred meters to a few kilometers per day and in urban areas.

Generally, there is no hoverboard with a maximum speed of less than 10 km / h because this speed is a threshold accepted by all and below which the hoverboard would not be faster than walking.

This speed of 10 km / h is, therefore, the maximum basic speed but some Segways can go much faster especially the premium models, more expensive and often heavier, which can go at a maximum speed of 20 km / h, or even 25 km / h.

Influence of the speed of the hoverboard on its autonomy

If you plan to choose a hoverboard whose maximum speed is high, you should know that in this case, you will have to choose a model with a high-performance battery, because of the faster a Segway, the more energy it consumes, which is felt on its autonomy. A hoverboard at high maximum speed but with a low power battery would be the worst investment you could make.

Safety and automatic speed regulation

The speed at which you advance on a hoverboard is regulated on most models by the degree of inclination that is applied to the device. The more you lean forward, the faster you go but at high speeds, you risk losing your balance and it is for this reason that the best hoverboards have alert systems that warn by beeping when we’re going too fast.

On other models, there is an automatic speed regulation system that adapts the speed of progression of the hoverboard to the type of terrain.

Fastest hoverboard

FutureSaw Pro is considered the fastest hoverboard in the world today with an impressive speed of 12.5 miles per hour (MPH). This has set it apart from the competitors.

How much is a hoverboard

Hoverboards are products which have appeared recently and as with all new products which are not yet widely known by the general public, the prices of hoverboards can vary from simple to triple depending on the manufacturer, the seller, the quality of the material but also in depending on the accessories delivered with the device or the delivery methods. Suffice to say that you may be a little lost when you start to compare prices, especially if you have never bought a hoverboard before.

You should also know that certain technical criteria make prices vary a lot, so to have a quality hoverboard with good power, sufficient autonomy and components certified to CE quality and safety standards, you will have to pay more than 200 dollars at most sellers

Comparison of the selling prices of some hoverboards

The selling price of the same hoverboard can vary widely from the seller to seller. These price variations can sometimes be explained by accessories supplied in addition by the seller such as personal storage bags or even more powerful batteries like Samsung batteries, but you will have to be careful because in most cases, prices vary tens of dollars from the seller to seller for no apparent reason.

Hoverboard battery life

Contrary to what laymen think, the battery does not only influence the autonomy of your hoverboard. It can also boost the speed of the machine. In addition, the failure of this component is likely to cause it to explode. Indeed, a good battery must stop when you put the machine on the charge. This secures your hoverboard and regulates its temperature to avoid the risk of fire.

Battery of Hoverboard

How to choose your hoverboard battery

To properly choose a hoverboard battery, it is important that the user takes into account:

  • his profile (beginner or professional) and the surface he wishes to survey with the machine. On a classic hoverboard model, the battery is capable of supporting 20 km, with a voltage of 36 V and a capacity of 4.4 mAh. However, it is possible to have hoverboard batteries up to 42 V or more.
  • of the battery component: in general, lithium technology is highly recommended. Unlike other types of batteries, they can be recharged without being completely discharged. Their energy storage capacity is also remarkable. Finally, they have a longer lifespan than lead-acid batteries.
  • of the brand: Samsung or LG batteries offer excellent performance. These 2 major brands are known for their quality and reliability. It is difficult to know the quality of a battery of which we do not know the brand. If you don’t want to be surprised, we can only recommend opting for a hoverboard with a Samsung battery.

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Opt for an additional lithium battery

Whether you opted for a hoverboard equipped with a good lithium-ion battery with comfortable autonomy from the start, you are not immune to a breakdown. Over time, its performance decreases. So you may have to carry your vehicle about 15 kg if it discharges. And depending on the models, a hoverboard can be very bulky to carry. Generally, there are 3 types:

  • 6.5 inches: this format is smaller and is compatible with smooth surfaces
  • The 8 inches which are suitable for irregular surfaces
  • 10-inch models for all-terrain hoverboards

Imagine boredom, if your child has to carry a 10-inch machine because their battery is flat. The option of the external battery seems to be the solution to solve this problem but unfortunately few manufacturers offer it.

You can also simply buy an additional battery from the start to replace it when it begins to lose autonomy. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises. This replacement operation is not very complicated and we have given you a complete tutorial explaining the step by step steps to replace the battery of your hoverboard.

In both cases, voltage and amperage are the specifications to watch. You must ensure before any purchase that these correspond to the indications of your hoverboard to guarantee compatibility. By choosing an external battery, it must have approximately a capacity of 1000 mAh to have a correct autonomy.

Some tips for judicious use of your hoverboard

It is necessary to adopt certain rules for good durability of the battery of your hoverboard. Therefore, you should not let the device discharge completely before charging it. In reality, the latter is equipped with LEDs indicating the charge level, which allows you to know when to charge.

In addition, please ensure that the battery is fully charged before removing it, and avoid purchasing this type of component from unreliable merchants.

Best hoverboard

 Top all-round choiceMost comfortableGreat rangeBest off roadBest choice for beginnersPerfect cruiserBest budget choice
Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1Segway miniPRORazor Hovertrax 2.0Gyroor WarriorSwagtron T5 EPIKGOSISIGAD
Rangeup to 7 - 12 miles12.5 miles15 miles7.5 - 9.5 Miles7 miles10 miles6-9 miles
Top speed8 mph10 mph8+ mph10 mph7 mph10 mph9 mph
Weight25.3 pounds28 pounds22 pounds33 pounds18.9 pounds31 pounds20 pounds
Weight limit220 lbs220 lbs220 lbs265 lbsup to 187.4 lbs240 lbs260 lbs
Motors250 Watt800 Watt350 Watt700 Watt200 Watt400 Watt300 Watt
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Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 hoverboard


Probably the best element of Swagboard Swagtron Pro T1 is the overhauled 300 watts engine that is introduced inside the intense body of the hoverboard. Together with a solid engine, the hoverboard likewise utilizes a one of a kind rigging adjustment framework to guarantee predominant control and parity of the rider while the person in question is on the board.

The solid engine likewise guarantees a decent top speed and scope of 8 mph and 12 miles separately. In any case, this is only a gauge; the genuine speed and scope of the hoverboard will differ with the landscape you ride it on and furthermore with the rider’s weight. You can likewise ride the equivalent hoverboard easily on a slanted slant as long as the slope edge is under 30%.


Safety is one of the significant highlights that the maker has concentrated on during the development of this UL ensured hoverboard. Where most of the hoverboards in the market will offer UL2272 affirmation alone, this model offers two UL accreditations in the bundle. Other than the typical UL2272 confirmation which is a standard for safe hoverboards, it likewise offers UL2271 accreditation. UL2271 affirmation guarantees the security of the batteries freely.

Moreover, there’s a shrewd battery the board framework that offers different insurance highlights to secure the batteries against overheating and different risks. There is likewise a sheltered stop innovation in play when the battery is going to pass on which eases back down the hoverboard carries it to a moderate, smooth stop rather than an abrupt one.


Since this hoverboard is planned essentially for children and newbies, there are different highlights that make it simple to ride. There is a learning model that can be gone on to confine the top speed and make the hoverboard simpler to get familiar with the initial not many occasions that you use it. When you get its hang, you can change to the standard mode and appreciate higher paces. The splendid LED headlights additionally make it simpler to ride, particularly in obscurity.


Segway miniPRO

Segway miniPRO hoverboard

Light and practical

Weighing only 12.8 kg, it is an ultra-light Segway. It is therefore easy to transport on stairs or in public transport for example. It can also be stored easily in the trunk of your car. If you are looking for a practical Segway, it meets this criterion.

Good autonomy

Checking the autonomy of a Segway is, of course, an important criterion and it is imperative to look before buying a Segway. The Segway Ninebot miniPRO offers a range of 20 to 30 km.

This autonomy can vary because it depends on the use you will make of it and your weight. This is more than adequate autonomy for daily journeys.

A practical application

For those who can not do without their smartphone, know that this Segway can be used with an application dedicated to it. What is it for? So it tells you, for example, the battery level of your mini pro personal trainer but also your speed, the number of kilometers traveled, or the time of use.

This application is really simple to use and above all is very practical. Everything is in French and frequent updates allow you to take advantage of new settings or new features. It’s a completely free app.

Simple to use

This is often the fear: not being able to use your Segway. This will not happen to you with this Segway because it is really simple to use. It is equipped with several modes including a beginner mode which limits the maximum speed to 7 km / h.

To use it, you tilt forward to move it forward and backward to stop or move back. It is thanks to the bar located between the knees that you can move to the right or left. Learning this Segway is really easy and that partly explains its success.


It is equipped with two wheels, each having its own gyro motor. You will, therefore, have full control of the craft. These wheels have a size of 25 cm which allows you to easily pass the sidewalks without risk of falling.

And finally, its magnesium chassis offers it great stability and robustness for optimal handling.


Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Nice design

The design is not the most important criterion but it is a very appreciable plus. This Segway is modern, fun and will appeal to those who want a trendy machine. The choice of colors is vast, the lines are clean and the whole gives the impression of a new generation Segway.

Safe and comfortable

This Segway is designed around the safety of its users. For example, it is UL2272 certified, but that’s not all. Its tray is non-slip, which gives you great stability and prevents many falls.

This Razor Hovertrax Segway has LED lighting located on the front for better vision at night but also to be better seen by others.

A Segway within everyone’s reach

The use of a Segway is always scary and a hindrance for many people. It is true that it takes several uses to have it in hand. The users of this Razor Hovertrax Segway highlight its maneuverability and simple learning.

It must be said that it is equipped with SELF BALANCING technology. This offers optimal balance and therefore easier handling. If you wish to offer this Razor hoverboard to a child over 8 years old, you can without a problem. He will master it very quickly.

Whether you are a beginner or a confirmed user, it does not matter with this Segway. Why? Simply because it has a beginner mode and a normal mode. You can therefore easily learn to master it and above all, at your own pace.

Good autonomy

Another important point to look at when choosing a Segway: its autonomy. You must choose it according to the uses that you will make with it. So you have to think about whether you are going to make long journeys with it or not. As an indication, the autonomy of the Razor Hovertrax is 60 minutes. However, you should know that its time is long and can take several hours.

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Gyroor Warrior G2

Gyroor Hoverboard Warrior

Perfect design

Hoverboard Off Road 8.5-inch is made from a perfect combination of UL-certified materials that make up its rugged structure, ensuring durability while keeping you safe while moving. moved on. With 8.5-inch solid tires and 700-watt engine, you can be sure of a smoother and easier ride on all terrains. So feel free to ride on grass, dirt, gravel or a damp surface. Put simply, these tires give you greater control, especially in demanding situations.

Integrated music speakers

Want to play your favorite tunes through a powerful board-based Bluetooth speaker? That’s pretty much what the Gyroor Warriors G2 allow you to do. You simply connect your phone to the scooter via Bluetooth and you can control the tunes even when you enjoy the ride.

The speakers are quite strong, though. And this, unfortunately, can get you a lot of unnecessary attention if you turn on Bluetooth enabled devices.

Self-balancing technology

Inside the Warrior’s wheels are small sensors that detect changes in speed and tilt. These signals are then sent to the main control panel placed in the main body.

Inside the logic board are the computer processors that come in to make sure you have a smooth journey. This is a really important safety feature, especially for beginners. It helps protect you from losing control while flying at a fast pace.

User-friendly control application

A powerful smartphone application is provided for you. This is a handy tool to control the entire device. For example, it is possible to play around with the balance switch, adjust the LED and switch from Adult mode to Kid mode with this app. And that’s not all, through the smart app, you can do the following:

  • Use burglar alarms
  • Adjust the speed you want to ride at
  • Track your riding track
  • Listen to music via Bluetooth

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Swagtron T5

Swagtron T5


Swagtron complies with international safety standards (for example), UL 2272-certified Hoverboard, which will not provide all Hoverboards on the market for self-balancing scooters that surpass them all. tests such as fireproofing, power boards, the durability of hoverboard materials and durability under high-pressure conditions.

System and battery indicators:
There is a new technology implemented in Swagtron T5 called Indicators for both self-balancing scooters and Battery capacity. It displays battery indicators in green light and system indicators in green light both necessary for the driver to know the actions of the battery system.


The cruising speed of 7 mph is now a kind of hoverboard that is well suited for beginners and entry-level riders, especially for children. Swagtron is truly the best skateboard for children. It can solve all obstacles thrown on your way. It surpasses all odds, with superior dual-engine power and produces zero emissions while flying it’s an eco-friendly self-balancing scooter or in other words a hoverboard.

Loading weight

The Swagron T5 hoverboard also knows its durability and drag ability. Ability to download up to 187lbs, strong and sure. While riding with a maximum of self-balancing scooter stations, the T5 didn’t show any difference in mobility; It’s like a normal person or child standing on it regardless of the weight on it with no difference, the smooth ride always allows me to experience.

Gyroscope sensor

One of the latest spectacular features of the Swagtron T5 is the gyroscope sensor, which is nothing more than tracking the driver’s body weight.

Dynamic equilibrium pays attention to the driver’s every action he makes on the board is controlled by a gyroscope sensor and it allows you to move forward and backward, when the driver bends his body forward, feeling Turning the gyroscope will analyze the movement of the body and allow the rider to drive the skateboard forward, when he steps back, the board will move backward similarly to the left and apply the right direction. It’s technology too easy with great functional systems.

Two types of mode

1. Learning mode
2. Standard mode


Who doesn’t like to listen to their favorite music when skateboarding? Nobody! Yes, it happens in the Swagtron T5, Swagtron T5 hanging board with Bluetooth speakers where you can listen to the best songs, music through your electric car when flying in paradise, full of music.

Aluminum engraving wheels

Swagtron consists of two pairs of wheels that are completely aluminum wheels, so it will not rust will look always shiny and your trip will attract people on the road.

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Epikgo hoverboard

The Epikgo self-balancing scooter is made for fun on all terrains. It looks sportive with a great futuristic design and solid rubber tires. In addition, it has UL 2272 certified for safety, IP56 for water resistance and a maximum weight limit of 240 pounds. It only weighs 44 pounds. This is a two-wheeler for those who take a different road.

Build quality and design

Epikgo Hoverboard has a durable ABS plastic shell and rugged aluminum alloy structure. It feels as difficult as it looks. The design is easy on the eyes and attracts you, making you want to ride, thanks to streamlined curves and front lights.

How strong is Epikgo?

Let’s talk about power. As soon as I entered, I felt just how strong this beast was. The 400W dual motor makes it a power station, giving a total output of 800W. That’s what you want for the street adventure. This power allows it to climb up to 18 inclined sails along the paved surfaces to enjoy the smooth ride. It’s not one of the fastest skis out there, but it’s powerful for both kids and adults.

Charging time

You will be impressed that the charging time and battery life are respectable on this electric board. 2-hour fast charging technology helps you get stuff done without waiting all day. I wouldn’t call this the best for this self-balancing scooter, but with maximum speed and range on a single charge, it’s great.


Epikgos self-balancing scooters provide a smooth ride on the sidewalk and it exceeds my expectations on tougher terrains like grass, rocks, sand, and mud. Those dual engines are exactly what it takes to keep you rolling and 8.5-inch tires gripping the terrain. When you wear it, this hoverboard feels quite heavy, but fortunately, you will ride more than carry. LED lights are also nice and bright to go at night. This car is a perfect combination of speed and solid structure, ensuring you will not be trapped in mud.

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SISIGAD Hoverboard 6.5” Self Balancing Scooter

SISIGAD Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter


Fully-certified with UL2272 of the highest quality, it adds invaluable peace of mind to both the driver and the parent.


The board has the latest Bluetooth technology, along with impressive wireless speakers for on-the-go entertainment. Test it out, the speakers are significantly higher than your expectations for this currency.


Designed to carry children and adults of all ages, SISIGAD 6.5 provides a serious punch of strength and performance. The dual 300W engines under the hood are capable of carrying a driver with a maximum weight of 260 pounds
One of the highest weight capacity in the class.


Along with superior power and stable performance, this hoverboard also boasts an impressive top speed of 9mph. Significantly faster than 7mph or 6mph tend to be the average among tables under $ 150.


The battery circuit has been designed to maximize the board’s ride time while reducing charging time. The result is an hour of the solid ride from a single charge, which takes about two to three hours to complete from the apartment.


Highly stable and safe, this Hoverboard has the latest self-balancing technology for safe and simple mounting and dismantling. Therefore, this is a great option for children and adults for the first time on the self-balancing two-wheeled suspension board.

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