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GTA 6 release date: When Next Grand Theft Auto going to launch ( Rumors, leaks)


Are you guys waiting for the nest GTA update called the Grand Theft Auto 6. Here we are going to reveal all the leaks, rumours about the GTA gameplay release. GTA 5 is the most successful game all over the world, the game is still popular among users, gaming lovers are addicted to this game. Now the users are waiting for the launch of GTA 6 but it looks not possible to launch the GTA 6 in 2019. IT has been nearly 6 years when the GTA game was announced, these years the game earned a huge no. of downloaders.

We are sure that the GTA 6 will not appear in 2019 however the multiple media sources, online sites spreading rumours about the release of GTA 6 in 2019 but don’t expect the launch the game in 2019.

Here we are going to share the GTA 6 release date information that we know so far and collected from the trusted sources like GTA 6 characters, Locations, story and the online gameplay.

GTA 6 release date information
GTA 6 release date ( Rumors, leaks)

What is GTA 6?

The GTA 6 is the most awaited upcoming next-generation gaming version of the Grand Theft Auto series

When GTA 6 will arrive?

There is a lot of rumours and leaks coming out about the release of GTA 6, but it is the biggest mystery. But you will not able to play GTA 6 in 2019.

Will GTA 6 available for PC?

The previous version of GTA like GTA 4 and 5 available to download and play for PC, so hopefully the next series will also go for PC.

IS there any GTA 6 Trailer coming soon?

If you are looking to search for the trailer for GTA 6 than we would like to inform you that still there is not GTA 6 trailer comes on the web and we are not expecting the trailer of GTA 6 in 2019. The company launched the GTA 5 trailers just before the launch, so as the games could launch in 2020 so the trailer will also arrive next year.

GTA 6: What we know so far?

There is a lot of rumours coming out about the GTA 6 bit still there is no exact news arrived about the game. As per some media report, we would have to wait for the next GTA till 2020, the GTA 6 is the next component of GTA 5 which is a multiplayer game was launched back in 2013.

The GTA 6 is going to be sensational game for the users that would be arriving with lots of popular location of GTA 5 as per the leaks. The game will not realise the current gen gaming console. IN the new GTA 6 the players will be able to travel among different cities. To start the game you will have to becomes a small drug dealer to join the gang.

GTA 6 Map: distance and location between cities

There is no exact news currently exist about the map location of the GTA 6, and the web also showing the massive map location about GTA 6. The entire map size of the United States looks massive, it.s not about a particular city. the rumours suggesting the GTA 6 can expand the whole US, it means the distance will be longer, but you can cut the journey by using the teleportation system to reach another city.


So it was the brief information about the next GTA 6. To play the games and to watch the trailers of the game you will have to wait at least for 2020. Apart from the release date, you will also not find the exact map of the games and the story as well. How the Game developers will change the next version and how you will travel between cities. The game will launch for the next-gen gaming console.

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