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Granblue Fantasy Versus: Guide How To Unlock “Vyrn” Secret Weapons For All Characters

Granblue Fantasy Versus

You may not know it, but apart from being able to unlock classic weapon skins and new colors for your characters in Granblue Fantasy Versus, you have the option of unlocking very special skins that will make your weapons characters will take on the appearance of “Vyrn”, you know the little “cute” dragon who is alongside Gran / Djeeta and the blue-haired girl “Lyria”.

If you are interested in knowing how to touch these famous skins can be used in RPG mode, in “Versus / Arcade” mode or even when competing with other players online, visit Referring to the instructions we have created for you below will allow you to unlock and receive all “Vyrn” secret weapon appearances for all the characters in the game!

★ Note – When you unlock a weapon from “Vyrn” in Granblue Fantasy Versus, it is easily recognized by the musical note (♪) that appears next to the name of the weapon. If you have such a weapon in the game, it is that you have already fulfilled the prerequisites to obtain it.

How to unlock the appearance of “Vyrn” secret weapons in Granblue Fantasy Versus?

To get the “Vyrn” weapon skins in Granblue Fantasy Versus, you will need to play in RPG mode and complete a secret mission for each character while playing in this mode. As soon as you validate a goal, open the “mission” option in the list of options in RPG mode to receive your reward. After that, you will only have to go to the “custom” menu to select the “character” option and equip the “Vyrn” weapon skin that you will be unlocked thanks to the list of secret missions below.

Granblue Fantasy Versus

CharacterSecret missionVyrn weapon to unlock
GranYou must obtain a bonus of "100% damage reduction 3 times". You can do this by equipping your two characters with the support skill "Phalanx" or "Phalanx level 2". Both characters must activate this support skill at the same time (or almost) to double the effect of "Phalanx" and thus receive a bonus of "100% damage reduction" which will validate the mission objective "Oh! Katalina, even if you hit me, it doesn't hurt me! "Bastard sword ♪
KatalinaPlace any previously unlocked "Vyrn" weapon in one of your "bardas" weapon sets and defeat Katalina at Albion Citadel with this barda to complete the "Vyyyyyrn!" "Murgleys ♪
CharlotteIn RPG mode, enter Celio's bazaar and listen to the conversations between him and his parrot without touching anything. When they finish a dialogue, go out and return the shop 10 times to validate the mission objective "what did you say, the bird? Repeat to see? "Nuada's sword ♪
LancelotWhile incarnating the character "Lancelot", use a care object three times when your health is already 100% full to validate the mission "the republic, it's me!"Parazonium ♪
PercevalOpen the "customize" menu in RPG mode and search your inventory of SSR rank weapons ... Sell four that you do not use to complete the secret mission entitled "give me 7000 billion rupis!" "Flamberge ♪
LadivaUsing the character "Ladiva", make fun of your opponent three times. If you play on PS4, just press the "X and O" keys simultaneously which will validate the mission "I am Vyrn the mask of justice".Mask of gratitude ♪
MeteraSimply pass RPG mode mission scenes 20 times to validate the mission "I'll screw you up!" Vyvyvyyyrn!"Vymbul ♪
LowainOn the Augustan archipelago, play episode 26 "At the end of the illusion", take the character "Lowain" and defeat the boss Yggdrasil solo without a second accompanying character to validate the mission objective "you n just take her very fooort in your arms if you like her!"Dague Gadget ♪
FerryTo unlock his "Vyrn" weapon appearance, you simply have to fail 5 times in the main or secondary missions of RPG mode to validate the mission "how beautiful his eyes are ...".Astral whip ♪
ZetaPlay episode 38 "Cataclysm" and defeat the original Proto-Bahamut creature three times as the character "Zeta" to validate the mission objective "see your navel, aren't you cold?" ", You may be accompanied by another character!Brionac ♪
VarseragaComplete 5 missions without having a partner or equipped support skills. Be careful, these must be fairly advanced missions in the game, those after unlocking your first support skills only and you will validate the mission "Already ... this is my special power version!"Bravyry ♪
NarmeyaWhen you are in RPG mode in a mission, simply pause the game and wait at least a minute like that without doing anything ... This will validate the mission objective "You can still stay watching ...".Vyxaba ♪
BeelzebubDefeat the boss "Beelzebub" of episode 40 "the Absolute" by including the character "Beelzebub" in your team to validate the objective of the mission "it's time to go seriously ...".Master of chaos ♪

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