Google home vs Amazon echo: Which is best in 2019


The old-time has gone when we were just talking about Smart speakers and Smart homes. Now, you are living in the world of Intelligence! Voice Assistance services are a boon in today’s life. You don’t need to get up from your bed or couch to turn on your entertainment source but all is done just on a command! The market is now flooded with voice assistance devices but the question here arises is which device is good and today’s concern is Google home vs Amazon echo.

Google Home is Best. No! Amazon Echo is Best! No! Yes! Confused? which one is best???? Stay Connected and Read the article with me till the end to get out of the confusion. I have the experience of using both the devices and Here I am going to share my personal experience with you. Before going into Comparison Details, Let me first tell you what Virtual Assistance is.

What smart devices are?

Virtual Assistance speakers are the smart wireless speaker that understands your voice command and respond accordingly. The Smart speakers are Artificial Intelligent technology-based speakers that provide hands-free activation.

Google Home, Released in 2016,  combines smart home assistance and entertainment features to provide reliable, high-quality service in your house. Arguably the Amazon Echo, originally released in 2014, has gone through several generations and increased in popularity. The device, with ita voice assistance as ALEXA, gives you a lot of smart home and personal assistance.

You require to choose which speaker features important to you. Does music quality matters for you? Does the speaker need to connect to your other smart home gadgets? Scroll Down, I am helping you out here to get out of the mess of Google home vs Amazon echo.

1) Google Home vs Amazon Echo- Look and Feel


Design is one of the main factors when we bring something home. I personally buy the things that perfectly fit into my house, the size, and the color. Amazon Echo comes with a covering that looks like wooden while Google home is white in color.

Amazon Echo: The latest launched Amazon Echo is better enough than it’s older versions. It’s cylindrical in shape with six inches height with removable wooden top covers. The top of the Echo is flat with a sensor and two buttons. The sensor is for the microphone and the buttons on the top are one to turn of the microphone and the other serves multipurpose.

Google Home: In comparison, the google home is a somewhat small cylinder with a slanted top. It comes with a height of 5.62 inches and a diameter of 3.79 inches. It comes in white color with a different base color(comes in 7 different colors). The top of the device is made of smooth plastic that contains LEDs in four colors which lights up when listening. Additionally, It also has a touch interface that can be used to play and pause music, change volume, and activate Google Assistant. On the back, there’s a mute button.

Both the designs come up with flexibility and adjustable modernization of houses. The metal base with different colors or with a wooden base with different colors is all your choice. Though, the height and width are all most same.

2) Google Home vs Amazon Echo- Voice Assistance

The speakers, Google Home or Amazon Echo, wake up with our voice and has some wake-up words too. You need to say the wake-up word in order to activate the device. Amazon’s Echo has many wake word options with one female voice. The wake-up words here are, “Alexa,” “Amazon,” “Echo,” or “Computer. For instance, the voice commands go like “Alexa! Turn on the music or Alexa! Dim the lights off“.

Unlike Echo, Google Home has only one wake word option, “Hey Google,” which comes in both male and female voices. For Instance, you will say like, “Hey Google! Play party songs“. It handles free-form, web-based queries in a better way than Alexa. Google home’s vocab is better than Alexa. Alexa requires a proper sequence of words to understand the commands while Google’s device is more comprehensive.  Both have their own area of Shine. On one hand, where Google Home Gives us a comprehensive query related feature, the other side  Alexa beats Google is shopping-related queries.

Both the devices provide you services like set timers and play songs, read the news. Google Assistant is better as it will offer you something more than you need. For instance, if you ask, “Who was the leading character in Game of Thrones?,” You can follow up with, “What other shows he worked in?”

3) Google Home vs Amazon Echo- SmartHome Features

Smart-Home features include everything from maintaining home temperature to lock the doors.

Google Home is designed for a variety of smart home features including Nest thermostats and WeMo-friendly lights. You can connect your device to TVs, lights, locks and many other devices.

Alike Google Home, Amazon Echo has many smart home capabilities. Much like Google, the Echo can connect with your thermostat, door locks, lights and more to make accessing parts of your home easier.  Amazon Echo can also connect with your TV and speakers.

Amazon’s Alexa is compatible with more than 60,000 smart home devices, from more than 7,400 unique brands. Customers have already connected tens of millions of smart home products to Alexa. In comparison, Google Home supports more than 10,000 products, which make its compatibility level seem considerably less.

4)Google Home vs Amazon Echo- Music and Audio

After reading the above points you must have a picture in your mind that which device is better for you. but wait! here is something more for you. Something that is very important to consider.

If you are looking for entry-level devices like Google Home or Amazon Dot, then you must go for Google Home Mini as it’s sound quality is far better than Echo Dot according to my personal experience. Both the entry-level Devices are Sleek and occupies very less area. If you’re looking for the best speaker, then you may go for Echo Spot, which other than its size offers a richer sound.  With a slight increase in price, the Echo Plus sound is more influential than the standard Echo and Google mini and Max.  If you’re going for pure sound supremacy Google Home Max is too bass-heavy to be truly enjoyable.

Both devices support the various platforms to connect onto like Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora. Additionally, The Amazon Echo also supports Amazon Music, while the Google Home supports Google Play Music and YouTube Red.

Google Home now lets you upload your own music library to its cloud that’s not available on Amazon now and it makes Google’s cloud a better for people who have music collections that aren’t found on the major streaming services.

5) Google Home vs Amazon Echo- Price

This is a factor to be taken much more into consideration until or unless you are a Billionaire. Every middle-class person thinks of the cost before purchasing something. Here Google Home wins which comes at a more affordable price than Amazon’s Echo.

Google Home: $49-$149

  • Google Home Mini: $49
  • Google Home Max: $99
  • Google Home Hub: $149

Amazon’s Echo: $ 55- $170

  • Amazon Echo Dot: $ 55
  • Amazon Echo Plus: $165

The Final Words

There is no one Superior and Another one Inferior. Google Home vs Amazon Echo, Both the device wins and Loose over different features. While Google home wins for its Assistance Service, Amazon Echo wins for its Device Supportability. The Design and price of both devices are almost the same and affordable. So, it is purely your choice to choose one for you.

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