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Can you get free Robux for Roblox? FAQ with answers (Updated)


Nowadays people not only want to play games but also in search of such platforms where they can shape their imagination by creating their own game. And Roblox is the one-stop solution for ones who are fond of generating their game. In Roblox, there are limitless games to play and also via Roblox Studio, one can create their game with the given instructions. But one thing which is must enhance your gaming experience and customize your character is Robux. Robux is the gaming currency which you can buy for your real money but not everyone is so sufficient to spend their money on gaming items. So people are in search of this answer that is it possible to get free Robux for Roblox.

Free word attracts everyone and if you are looking for the legit methods to get free Robux to buy different gaming upgrades then you got the right page. After intense research, we found a few ways to earn robux without spending your hard-earned bucks. So if you want to get familiar with those ways then you need to go through the post.

Also, I will satisfy your queries via my Robux FAQ section.


We are not promoting any type of Roblox scam or free robux. The motive of this post is to just provide information to the readers about the legit ways to earn Robux. We are not connecting to the game in any manner or don’t promote any Roblox Generator site. One and only quickest way to earn free Robux is to buy them from Roblox website with your real money.

Legit ways to get free Robux for Roblox? FAQ with answers
get free Robux for Roblox

What is Robux in Roblox and can you get them for free?

Roblox is a Minecraft style game where you are free to shape your imagination and in Minecraft you need Minecoins and in Roblox you require Robux. After fulfilling numerous tasks and achieve certain levels users can get Robux but in a limit. With Robux you can purchase different gaming upgrades and customization feature to multiply your fun.

Most of the players want to get Robux in a quick manner without spending a single penny and that’s the reason many Roblox generator sites active over the internet to fool innocent kids. But in fact, all are a scam and you don’t get anything from such sites. If you come through “Roblox hack” or “Roblox Generator Sites” then beware of them as they will steal your private data and can put malware in your system.

There is no skyrocket way to get free Robux but if you put extra efforts then you can get them without paying your money. If you want to earn free Robux in a legit and effective way then explore the post and get full awareness about them.

What are the best methods to get free Robux?

Millions of users are connecting with Roblox and most of them are kids and teens. A huge number of Robux generator sites are tricking innocent kids and its the duty of parents to aware their kids about such scam sites. If you don’t want to leak your private info and don’t want to put your online privacy in trouble then you can try these ways to earn free Robux in a legit manner:

1. Be the member of builders club

Let’s start our discussion and reveal the first way to get Robux for free. You can get the membership of Builders club via the Roblox website to get Robux in the form of rewards. But you have to buy a membership with the real money. Apart from Robux, the membership of builders club facilitate you with multiple benefits. There are three types of memberships available which you can get for availing free Robux:

Classic/Regular Builders Club: You need to pay $ 5.95 on a monthly basis for this membership and in return, you will get 15 Robux daily.

Turbo Builders Club Membership: For this, you have to spend around $ 11.95 monthly and in return, it will facilitate you with 35 Robux daily and other premium facilities.

Outrageous Builders Club Membership: This one is the costliest and you have to pay $ 19.95 monthly.

2.Trade gaming objects

As I said above builders club membership is not only give you free Robux but also offer you premium opportunities and one of them is the ability to trade your collectibles. All the members of builders club can trade their collective items for Robux. You just need to set an amount for your collectible and sell it in the marketplace for grabbing Robux.

3. Use Google Play codes to get free Robux

If you are an Android user then you must aware of this fact that Google play store is the hub of millions of apps, games, ebooks, etc. Many of them are free and some are premium which you can buy with real money. But like Robux Google Play codes help you to access premium apps and games for free. You will amaze to know that you can also utilize google play codes to get free Robux. There are many websites which are offering these codes and you have to complete the certain tasks and surveys given by those websites in return.

4. Use iTunes Credits

Now jump to our next method to avail free Robux, iTunes Credits. If you are an iOS user then this one is for you and you just need to complete various tasks and surveys just like the Google Play codes. You can also watch videos and download apps to get those credits and get Robux in return. Sign up for different newsletters for downloading apps and games can also facilitate you with iTunes points.

How to Avoid Scammers?

There is a lot of Free Robux scammers you can see online who promise you to offer free Robux and in return steal your personal information, like your credit card information, email account, your Official Roblox account, the result is you get banned from Roblox. We will advise you do not compromise with your account or personal identity, and always use protection when surfing internet such as a good VPN.


1. Are there Robux Generator sites exist?

Ans. If any person, site, or a game tell you to give you free Robux via Robux generator site then I recommend you to report them instantly because there is no Robux generator exist. All are a scam.

2. Who sells Robux?

Ans. Only Roblox developers have the right to sell Robux and you can buy them with your real money.

3. Is it a punishable offence to promote free Robux?

Yes, if you get involved in such activity then your website can be banned by Google.

In this video you can check the list of 5 games can provide you robux in legit ways

Bottom Lines

Just like Robux in Roblox, you need V-Bucks in Fortnite to customize your Avatar and buying weapons and skins. But to earn them in a legit way is really crucial if you don’t want to put yourself in the online theft. I hope via the post you get the better understanding to get free Robux in a pretty appropriate way. If you liked our information then do share with your close ones.

If you are aware of any other way which I didn’t include here then feel free to submit your suggestion in the comment box. We will feel great to update your method in our post.

Still, any query then let me know below in the comment box.


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