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Best possible ways to get free PSN Codes in 2019 (Updated list of Free PSN Codes Aug)


Many of us spend plenty of hours searching for how to get free Robux, Xbox codes and Play Station codes and if you landed here then your motive is clear. You are looking for Free PSN codes and I  am here to suggest the best legit ways for the same.

Over the internet, there are tons of websites and app developers who promise you to give free stuff via generators and mods. But all are fake and don’t provide you anything but steal your private info. such sites trick you through by showing various ads, code generators, and human verification ways. These scammers know very well that people are crazy behind the free codes thus they easily fool them but here you will get the knowledge to grab the free PSN codes legally.

This post will prevent you from being scammed and enhance your knowledge as well. So just go through the post and learn how to get play Station codes without spending a single penny.

grab free PSN codes legally.
get free PSN Codes

Free PSN Codes Aug 2019: Ready to Use

Below is a list of pre-generated and working, free PSN Codes which are ready to use right away without any survey. Enjoy!

Best ways to get free PSN codes (100% Working)

Always keep in mind that nothing is free in this materialistic world and everything requires something in return. But believe me, these methods will facilitate with PSN codes which are totally free and require nothing in return. Let’s check them for taking their benefit:

1. Get free PSN codes via Swagbucks

A wide array of GPT sites active over the internet and Swagbucks is one of them and indeed is the best way to earn free PlayStation codes, Google play codes, and many more. You just need to enjoy videos, shop online, play games and complete different surveys to get the points from Swagbucks.

After grabbing codes all depends on you whether you want to redeem those points for Roblox codes or for PSN codes. You are here to get free codes for PSN then definitely you will redeem your valuable Swagbucks points for PSN codes.

2.Earn Play Station codes for free with Rewardhub

Another GPT site which stands out among the mob because of its appealing layout and reward system is Rewardhub with which one can earn money after watching a video, participating in quizzes and completing surveys. Not only surveys but also you can write a product review and share it with others via Rewardhub in order to bet paid.

The website set a certain amount for each task such as you can get up to $ 1 to watch an ad, and sharing your content will give you $ 5. Great na! One of the best thing about reward hub is that your rewards are non-expired and you can use them any time without worrying.

You can change your bucks into free PSN codes.

3. Get  Play Station codes for free via giveaways and giveaway sites

If you own a PlayStation then how can you limit yourself with few games and buy new ones you require money or PSN codes. There are tons of users on social media platforms that organize giveaways of Play Station codes and in return, you have to follow or subscribe to them.

Indeed there are fewer chances to get PSN codes but if the Giveaway is sponsored by a big name then your chances are enhanced. You just require to follow game channels who organize giveaways for different codes like Google Play, Steam codes, and PSN as well.

4. Get PSN code via trading codes

Suppose it’s your birthday and one of your friends has gifted you a PSN code but it is not valuable for you because you don’t own a PlayStation. PSN codes can’t be returned once you have purchased them but you can trade them for online goods.

If someone is looking for the PSN code then he will find you and you can exchange the code for anything else that person has.

Reddit and eBay are the two significant places to buy PSN codes if you can afford to spend a few bucks. The r/PSNcodes subreddit is the one-stop solution to exchange the PSN codes that are nothing for you. You just need to post there and if anyone interested then he/she will deal with you. You have to be quick because a wide array of people daily are in wait for new posts.

5.Earn Play Station codes via FreeMyApps

Let’s explore the next simplest method to earn credits for PSN codes, FreeMyApps. FreeMyApps is a service which is available for both Android and iOS users. If you are on the PC then you can search via your web browser for FreeMyApps. To get credits from this service you need to download and install certain apps from the displayed list. In return you get points and you can use those points to get PSN codes.

Before downloading the app you should check the number of points because every app contains various amount of points. If you are looking for extra points then you can make referrals and take part in several social media contacts.

Although it is pretty simple to earn points via such services, you have to be attentive while downloading and installing the apps. I suggest you to not to install the apps from unauthorized sources. Before installing any app check its reviews and details via Google to escape from any type of virus or malware.

Bottom lines

Well, these were the most practised and legal ways to get free PSN codes and we are looking for your views on these methods. So please share your thoughts if you get any point or cash after applying these tricks. Don’t forget to share these ways to your friends and family are curiously searching for the same.

In case you find any complexity than don’t be hesitant to put your query in the comment box. For more valuable posts about technology, sports, and entertainment stay connected with us till then Goodbye and happy gaming.


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