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Get 50k free Instagram followers by using these 100% working ways


Nowadays the topmost question which is hovering in almost everyone’s mind is how to get free Instagram followers. Indeed having the great number of followers on different social media is the symbol of popularity. If you are willing to promote your business online then Instagram followers can do a great job for you. In case you want to get instant fame then Instagram followers also help you. But you can’t get Instagram followers by posting a pic, you have to follow a strategy to avail free Instagram followers. If you reached here then your motive is to know the ways to enhance your fan-following on Instagram.

I am also a social media freak and love to post my moments regularly and having a huge fan following on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. So I am here with the 100% working ways to get the Instagram followers instantly without spending a single penny.

So let’s check out the best methods to increase your followers on Instagram for free. All the tricks are personally tested by me so observe the post till the end to get the full awareness.


Get Free Instagram Followers With 100% Working Tricks
Enhance your fan following on Instagram

100% working ways to get free Instagram followers

About 1 Billion users are sticking up with Instagram and you will amaze to know that the engagement rate of Instagram is 20 times higher than the Facebook. It is pretty easy to engage your fans on Instagram when compared with other social platforms. Doesn’t matter you are a model, an entrepreneur, or a housewife, Instagram is the best platform to promote you and your business as well.

But for this, you need a huge amount of followers on Instagram. For your ease here I have listed the best methods to enhance your fan following without compromising with your privacy.

1.Post on a regular basis

Posting regularly on Instagram is one of the best ways to get free Instagram followers in a short span of them. According to a survey an average users posts once in a day. On the other hand, the users who get 10 to 20 follow requests daily, used to post at least 3-4 pictures daily. Thus if you want to increase your fan following rapidly then you have to post at least 2-3 pictures on a daily basis. When you will post regularly then the chances of being seen will increase and your fan following as well.

2. Hashtags matter a lot

Did you ever notice when you tap on a particular hashtag then it connects you with the same hashtag used images? Adding the appropriate hashtag in your posts and images can grow your audience in a more significant manner. Your hashtag must be short and crispy, relevant and memorable also. You can add a maximum of 30 hashtags in a post to upgrade the chances to exhibit your image to a broad audience.

If you find complexity in adding the appropriate hashtag to your posts then you can explore the similar popular posts. When your posts will appear for a certain tag then your followers will increase automatically.

3. Stake user-generated stuff

As I mentioned above that you need to post regularly if you want to increase your followers on Instagram but it is not pretty convenient to capture good shots daily. Here is a solution to this problem, you can post user-generated content to engage your audience. Suppose you are running a boutique then you can post the reviews of your customers, their images wearing your dresses, etc. This will build you goodwill and people will become more aware of your brand.

4.Spread love and affection

Another great way to get free Instagram followers is to create social connections by liking and commenting on other’s posts. The simplest trick to get a follower is to follow him/her and like their three posts constantly. But for this, you have to spend plenty of time in scrolling Instagram so that you can keep in touch with the recent posts to comment and like. When you comment on their posts then they will follow you back and thus this trick will work for you.

5.Upload Videos

Videos are more expressive than images and also the most appealing way to get free Instagram followers. Users can upload 3 to 60 minutes videos and as per a survey, only 10% of accounts have videos. Having videos on your account will solidify the chances of comments and likes on Instagram. Popular models, public figures, actresses, etc used to upload videos to engage their followers and to create new followers.

6.Study your competitors

To upgrade your fan following on Instagram you can also keep a track on your competitors. You can research their profile, posts, and followers, etc. Imagine you are a model then you have to figure the 10 successful models having 50K followers. Assume their followers and start to follow them. When you follow them then there are great chances that they will follow you back. I think 40 to 50% of people followed by you will follow you back.

Bottom lines

Folks, these are the best 100% working tricks to increase your followers on Instagram instantly. There are many Instagram followers hacks and tools available which claim to increase your followers within seconds. But all are a scam and total waste of time and money as well.

Try these legit ways and I bet these tricks will show you result immediately. If you are going to adopt these ways then don’t forget to share the results with us. If you find the post informative and you loved it then share with your friends who are looking for these tricks.

If you have a huge fan following then share your thoughts with us how you create such a huge base. Any query occurring in your mind then feel free to drop it in the comment section.

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