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🥇Gaming headsets: what’s good for PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch

gaming headsets

A video game is like a good movie, without the soundtrack worthy of the name, the image alone is not enough for you to fully immerse. With the difference in size, video game audio is an integral part of the game. Add a reason to choose your gaming headset. We tested and selected some gaming headsets for your PC, PS4, Xbox One or Switch.

In the gaming accessories chain that revolves around PCs and game consoles, headsets have become an essential part. A breathtaking sound reproduction will amplify the immersion in the world of video games, enveloping you in music and sound effects. In addition, the developers integrate sound as an integral part of the game, in stereo already, but especially by exploiting the surround effects.

These allow you to hear an enemy approaching behind you, right or left, or to locate a sniper. Finally, the explosion of online gaming spurred voice interaction. To make it fun to organize strategies when you play on a team, it is essential to make yourself heard, so the importance of a good microphone is integrated into the helmet.

Selection in the eye winking of Gaming headsets for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch

Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC: One set of hires and backgrounds

The design of Artics Pro + GameDAC is very alert, mostly black, with only a bright border surrounding the headphones made of very high-quality matte plastic. Stainless steel headphones are linked to the headset via aluminum hinges. It shows seriousness and shows excellent production quality. With a fixed-sized arch, Steelseries places an adjustable velcro strip to bring comfort and adapt the helmet to your shape. This is a bit cheap for a product over $150, but effective, comfortable and makes up for the lack of foam on the headband.


The headphones are well-sized and the foam around them is very comfortable, even if it’s warm enough. Retractable microphone, cleverly disguised in the right earphone. It is flexible but stable, once placed in front of the mouth.

The headphones work with a DAC box, they are connected to each other with a proprietary 1 m connector and the DAC connects to your computer via USB via a 1.30 m cable. For the console (PS4 and Xbox One), you must add an optical cable (2 meters for the distributed cable) to the USB cable. To play on a PC, the total cable length is correct but slightly tight to play comfortably on the console if your sofa is more than 2 meters from your console.

On the back of the right earpiece, a large button is made for muting the microphone and just below a comfortable button is designed to adjust the volume. The DAC unit and its screen are quite easy to handle. Pressing the spin button gives access to various reasonable and easily accessible configuration parameters.

The accumulation of functions provided by this Artics Pro + GameDAC is desirable, DTS: X V2.0 Headphones, HiRes Audio compatible and a DAC processor to handle all of this. If the bass is deep enough and consistent, they lack punch and motivation. The mids and highs are clean, but not shining. This allows for a balanced sound, but a little flat. We have a good and full frequency separation for enveloped and pleasant surround sound.

We can play with the equalizer built into the box, but it’s not enough to mark a sound above all neutral sounds. The spatialization of sound really lacks precision. It is not a weapon for FPS. The HiRes Audio mode is on paper, but the headphones aren’t subtle enough to take full advantage of them. Micro-level is very good, clear voice and easy to understand in any situation. We notice a little too sharp and breath effects, if it’s too close to your mouth. A very complete product, with style, created for people who want to play mostly stereo with the sound enveloped in different games.


  • Includes DAC
  • Compatibility PC, PS4 and Xbox One (but not convertible)
  • Many features

Arctis Pro is usually available for less than $150. Do not miss a huge discount from Amazon. Click here to get a good deal!


Logitech G935: Future, wireless and great space

Logitech is betting here a slightly futuristic design, an effect underlined by a backlight on the back of the headset and the G logo on the sides. The hoop is made of matte plastic and comes with a comfortable foam covered with faux leather. The probes are also made of matte plastic, but the painted plastic hinge is a real fingerprint trap. Pads are an example of comfort and especially the space for really big ears. Only Prince Charles will find his ears compressed. Overall comfort is overall, after a few hours of play we were not bothered by wearing a helmet, despite its weight of 429 g. Wearing glasses will also be very comfortable.

gaming headsets logitech g935

It comes with a 2m braided USB cable and 1.5m jack cable to connect it to a smartphone or PS4 or Xbox One controller. The right earphone hides the battery and the left earphone has a USB key. Connect it to your PC and you benefit from high-class 2.4 GHz wireless links, we note that there is no lag. Wireless offers truly respectable freedom of movement, it’s a pity that it only works on PC. On the back of the left earphone, you’ll find the power switch, don’t forget to turn off the headset if you’re playing wirelessly. Autonomy is about 11 to 12 hours and 7 to 8 hours if you play with the helmet LED.

Then we have three G buttons, not shortcuts for your game, but dedicated to helmets. Using the G HUB app, you can specify them to activate specific lighting modes, activate preset balancing modes, increase the level of bass, treble or even configure sound effects. A final button cuts the microphone and finally, a wheel is used for volume. It looks a lot on a helmet, but after a few hours, we master the whole without thinking about it.

We have excellent sound rendition levels, Logitech has provided Boost mode for bass, but the difference doesn’t jump into our ears. An equalizer is a plus to adjust the headset according to your hearing ability. The bass is beautiful, they just lack a bit of depth, but they have a good taste of not making any other frequency. The vehicles are perfectly mastered. The treble is like an ilk for an energetic and energetic stereo space. Only real drawbacks, speaking up a bit behind in some games. DTS Headset: X-compatible, it offers great audio positioning even if it’s less spectacular than the Kraken Ultimate we’re talking about below.

The compensation is accurate and offers real competitiveness in FPS racing or racing games. The retractable microphone is hidden in the right earphone. It has the excellent quality, is simple and flexible to locate, but won’t be very close to the mouth. However, it perfectly captures the voice and takes advantage of technologies that improve speech intelligibility, while perfectly filtering out external noise. An ideal headset for those who want to play on PC, unencumbered by cables and enjoy the balanced sound with the exact space.


  • Wireless and latency-free
  • Voice recording quality
  • Render balanced and accurate

Logitech G935 is often priced at more than 150$. However, Amazon is offering a discount so you can buy it at $129.99. Just click here to get the deal!


Razer Kraken Ultimate: THX and Strong

With Kraken Ultimate, the brand with three snakes presents a very nice gaming headset. Her black dress is made of aluminum and plastic. The production quality is excellent, for a product that proves to be solid. The headset displays a metal mesh with a metal plate in the middle displaying the Razer logo, all lit by LED lights. We do not have the impression of shining like a Christmas tree, the colors are subtly diffused. The aluminum arches are adaptable. Centimeter-scale shows that an extra 5 cm can be added to each side.


Even if you have a big head, it’s still comfortable despite having 390 grams. The foam restricts the pressure on the skull and brings real comfort over time. At the level of the headset, it is a thick gel, avoiding excessive pressure on the ear. Very good points, it heats up very little, we almost sweat after a few hours of play. Also, if you have glasses, they reduce the pressure on your temples.

Connect via USB on a PC (2 m cable) or control panel, but in the latter case, we lose the ability to manage LED light and THX space. The lower part at the rear of the left earphone gives access to a volume wheel, which is a bit small, but very practical to use. A small button just above activates the THX 7.1 space or not. PC software allows you to configure lighting and especially sound.

So you can apply 7.1 renderings to all your applications, even your Netflix videos, boost the bass, maintain a constant audio level, but we note the absence of equalizer. The retractable microphone is hidden in the right earphone, it’s very flexible for convenient positioning. Press the microphone to cut the voice recorder and the LED around it will turn red.

Rendering sound is booming! Be careful, if you are looking for an audiophile headset for an adventure game with soothing music, go your way. We enjoy a full and balanced sound range where dynamics and grip are really emphasized. Even when pushed to the maximum, the bass does not erase other frequencies, while still having beautiful depth. Midrange and highs are present, not perfectly defined, but really appealing. Stereo is good, but it’s the space that sounds amazing to us.

Activate THX 7.1 and also like in a movie like 6 Underground Waves or a game like Gears 5, it’s a sound explosion in motion. Accuracy is tremendous, from a moving chair to the footsteps of an enemy behind you, to a sniper rifle, we can actually position each sound accurately, even measuring the distance. by ear. The microphone is very efficient, and its active noise cancellation system works perfectly to restore your voice and only your voice. The ideal headset for FPS players and any game in which audio positioning gives you an advantage.


  • Design and concept
  • Rendering powerful sound
  • The incredible precision of audio spatialization

The Razer Kraken Ultimate is usually priced at $199.99


HyperX Cloud Alpha: The best value for money in explosive sound

Combining the dominance of black and red, this HyperX Cloud Alpha is a fairly alert helmet with a certain elegance. Its wide arch is covered with fine quality leatherette, covered with very comfortable memory foam, surrounded by an aluminum structure. The latter is visible at the level of the headset and maintains a pleasant plastic headset to the touch. They are wide enough to not compress medium-sized ears or slightly higher.

HyperX Alpha Cloud

The pads are thick, comfortable and provide good insulation. Perfect for a long series of play stages. Its weight of 336 g is a very significant plus. The configurable hoop makes it possible to adapt it to the most majestic heads, without ever feeling uncomfortable pressure.

The headset is delivered with 1.30 m braided cable to use it on the console, smartphone or PC. A 2-meter extension with two mini-jacks allows it to be connected to a sound card that is located on the back of the PC. There are no buttons on the headset, but the mini remote control has a dial for volume and a switch that enables or disables the microphone. The latter is detachable and plugs into the small jack port on the left earphone. It’s flexible but less rigid than its high-end rivals. Locating it with stability is easier than the above competitors.

Rendering sound is quite impressive for a product of this price. The bass is present, going down, but still lacking the punch to recreate the explosion, for example. The mid is perfectly mastered and if the treble is almost good, sometimes they are not sharp enough. Overall, it proved to be very comfortable to use with the ability to record complex sound scenes while maintaining good frequency separation.

If the stereo wrap is very good, with a very beautiful immersive feeling. For example, multichannel tracks are too inaccurate and unobtrusive to provide a tactical advantage to FPS players, for example. The microphone captures the voice very well but does not provide technology to reduce ambient noise. Do not hesitate to bring the microphone close to your mouth for the best results. A cross-platform headset perfect for those looking for quality, flexibility while not wanting to spend miles and cents.


  • Quality design
  • Great frequency separation
  • Value of money

HyperX Cloud Alpha is charged usually at less than $100.


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