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Looking for a fun racing game for your kiddo? Or for yourself? These racing games are for all, starting from kid to adult to old age and it brings real joy and excitement during gameplay. There are a lot of choices like Temple run, Race Day, Ninja, subway surfers but I am here to discuss one of the best games that are Fun Race 3D game.

About the game

Fun race 3D
FUN RACE 3D game
  • It is offered by Good Job Games
  • Current Version: 1.1.1 and was last updated on 6 July 2019.
  • The rating of the game is 3.5 with more than 1 crore installs.
  • Human color (Men): Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Light-green, Gray,
  • Human color (Women): Pink, Light-blue, Orange.
  • Other: Gold with green circle 1 Man, Avatar, Bee Man, Green face with Turquoise Woman, Yellow face with Blue shirt with a white star, Deadpool, Ninja, Spiderman Red body with yellow flash lighting 10
  • In-App product purchase: 210 per item

Fun Race 3D: Features

  1. Best Candid Running game bought from the folks of Run Race 3D.
  2. Race with others, achieve levels, unlock new characters.
  3. Experience full parkour experience with hundreds of unique levels.
  4. Hop from buildings, walls to walls and other architectures, climb ropes, slide on ropes, flip, jump, swing and much more to do just in one game.
  5. Every level brings a new unique fun experience. Very easy to play.
  6. There are lots of charts & maps and all require diverse sets of skills.
  7. Improve your place by defeating your opponents.
  8. Customization of Character, Outfit, etc.
  9. Hold to run, release to stop.
  10. Finally, Never hold on to run! Run! Run! Run!

FUN RACE 3D Download and Install

For an Android phone, you can download the Game from the play store.

For iOS, download the game from App Store.

Permission Details

This app has access to:
1) Location
  • precise location (GPS and network-based)
2) Wi-Fi connection information
  • view Wi-Fi connections
3) Other
  • receive data from the Internet
  • control vibration
  • set an alarm
  • view network connections
  • full network access
  • prevent the device from sleeping

How to Collect Coins: Fun Race 3D

Collecting coins in the game is one of the most important tips to perform well. There are two ways to collect:

  1. By watching the advertisements in the cosmetics area you can gain 75 coins. Click on the icon of your character, collect coins and hit the play button on the top. This method is easy but time-consuming.
  2. By playing Bonus Levels. This game is a bit different that is it is based on the idea to play with yourself. You’re just trying to get as many of your characters across the finish line. When you start, you start with a big group of them, so be patient and try to make their way by removing the hurdles along their path. You will get 10 coins as soon as every character crosses the finish line. IF you are doing this in a good way, you get get a good amount of coins. Also, you can repeat the bonus level multiple times by watching advertisements afterward. So, I think this is a more efficient way to get the coins.

Bonus Level

Fun Race 3D: Tips and Tricks

1) Make yourself Distinguishable

You will be playing against many players. Customize your outfits to personalize your character so that you can be identified in the crowd. You can choose a fatty one too. 😉

2) Cross First hurdle with patience

In Fun Race 3D, the first hurdle is really difficult. So all you need to is to be patience in crossing that hurdle. Keep Calm and cross the first hurdle Slowly.

3) Manage time in crossing hurdles

Most of the hurdles in the game require you to finish at just the right time. If you stop mid-way, for any reason, then maybe you will be smashed into the water or have to redo the entire process.

4) Keep playing

No one comes master! Playing over and over only will make you perfect. So don’t get disappointed if you are not doing well for the first time, play again!

5) Ignore Automated Character

Do not concern about what your opponent is doing, they are all automated. It only matters what you do because you need to get to the line and not be in the last place.

6) Protect your Team

If you are leading the pack, move slowly and carefully. As you are leading, your on step brings others into danger too. There’s no need to just try to skip through a second obstacle if you aren’t for sure going to make it. You are already in the lead, there’s no reason for you to take a risk.

7) Look Forward

While crossing an obstacle and hope to cross successfully that one, make sure to look forward to the next obstacle. This must be a habit of a good player.

8) Accept uncertainty

If you feel that you are going to lose, then take chance. You are going to lose in both ways then why not to take the chance.

Fun Race 3D: Skins and Outfits

There are several new Skins, Cosmetics, body types, and dances you can purchase in the game.

The skins are actually pretty good ones, like Spiderman, Flash, etc. You can purchase the skin for 250gm gold or 350 gm gold. You can win the gold by laying the bonus level(discussed above).


The dances in the game if you want to buy, then you need to send 250 and 50 gm gold.

Similarly, with the body types but they are a bit harder to win or buy as they are quite costly. One bodysuit costs 2500 gm gold.

Shortcomings of the Game

  1. Lots of Ads in between the gameplay, which is really Irritating.
  2. A bit difficult to Play.
  3. The phone crashes with the game.

Final Words

Before you go, I would like to remind you that Fun Race 3D is totally free of cost to play and Enjoy. So download the game and go ahead. In case of any doubt, go through the article once again. If you have anything more, feel free to share in comments!

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