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Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV: Battle of Best Live Streaming Service 2019


The Battle of online streaming platforms is never-ending and this time I am here for Fubo TV vs YouTube TV. Online Streaming services are running in the race to prove them the best. There are abundant choices of the online streaming platform in the market and we have to make a tough decision choosing the best one for us. Whether it be for songs, Tv shows, movies or Live TV, a long list of options is waiting for you.

Some provide the best content, Some provide the best quality and som comes under our budget. So which one is for you, is completely your call. I can just tell you the difference between various services. Paying expensive monthly bills for cable has already cut the cords and we have moved to Online streaming. As we have already discussed there are lots of options like SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Spotify, Sling TV, Fubo TV, Netflix, amazon prime, Hotstar, Twitch Tv, Crunchyroll, HULU and many more in the queue.

Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV: Battle of Best Live Streaming Service 2019
Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV

Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV

Fubo TV is one of the best American Online Streaming Network that focuses mainly on channels that provide Live sports. If you are a hardcore sports fan then Fubo TV is for you. It provides a lot of channels like NFL Network, NBA TV, Big Ten Network, and beIN Sports. On the internet, you may find many ways for free login for Fubo TV but these work only if you use them properly.

Youtube TV is a cable-free option and a platform to watch more than 70 Live channels. NO hidden fees, no cable cords!

1) Cost: Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV

If you compare the cost of both the streaming services you will find Youtube TV is a bit less expensive than Fubo TV as of now! The Fubo Tv packages start from $54.99/month whereas YouTube Tv costs aroud$49.99 per month.

Fubo TV packages

  • Fubo Standard is “the classic base package.” that has 83 channels, 30 hours of cloud DVR, and the ability to watch two things at once. It costs $54.99 a month.
  • The family plan has the 83 channels and bumps the cloud DVR to 500 hours, and adds the ability to watch on three screens at a time. It costs $59.99 a month.
  • Entertainment plan gives access to the 83 channels, 500 hours of cloud DVR, two simultaneous screens, and throws in Showtime for good measure with a cost of $64.99 a month.
  • Ultra plan is something different comes here with 103 channels. and 500 hours of cloud DVR, three screens at once, Showtime, and the Sports Plus add-on. It costs $74.99 a month.

Youtube TV was costing around $35/month, but the fee was increased to $40. Again the price hikes and rose to $49.99/month(today’s price). But the thing is it is still cheaper than Fubo Tv. Moreover, one more hike in prices will make Fubo TV best and Unbeatable.

Winner: Youtube TV

2) Picture Quality: Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV

Picture quality matters a lot when you are watching your entertainment and it is where FuboTV lacks behind. Though all fuboTV channels are all standard HD 720p, and few of them are full HD (1080p). Moreover, fuboTV currently only has two high frame rate 60fps channels. High frame rate streams are ideal for watching fast-paced sports. On the other hand, youtube provides many channels with 60 fps. YouTube TV channels with  60fps are NBC Sports, CNBC, USA, Olympic Channel, CNN, CNN International, HLN, TNT, TBS, TCM, TruTV, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, All SHOWTIME channels, Several FOX channels, and Various NBC affiliates

3) Sports Channel

Both the streaming platforms have a good collection of the sports channel. Fubo TV is on the top of the list of all the streaming services with more than 35 sports channels. Before, taking any decision, Let us have a look on different channels both the streaming services provide.

With basic Package, Fubo Tv provides NBC Sports Network, NFL Network, Pac 12 Networks, Big 10 Network, CBS Sports Network, NBA TV, Fox Sports 1 Fox Sports 2 Big 10 Network, NBC Golf, Fox Desportes, Eleven Sports, Olympic Channel, Fox Soccer Plus, 10 different BeIN sports channels

Moreover, by paying $9extra, you ma get around 15 additional sports channel like NFL RedZone, 6 Pac 12 channels, 3 Fox College Sports channels, GolTV (English and Spanish), TyC Sports, FNTSY Sports Network, Fight Network.

On the other hand, Youtube channel list is impressive but not long as Fubo.

Youtube Tv base package includes Big 10 Network, CBS Sports, SEC Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPNEWS, Fox Sports Regional Sports Networks (in most areas), Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, NBC Sports Network, Olympic Channel.

4) Better family and sharing packs

IF you are living with a big family, Fubo TV will disappoint you. By paying $6 extra, only one more device can stream simultaneously whereas Youtube Can stream on three devices with no extra cost.

Additionally, YouTube TV has somewhat better DVR features in comparison to fuboTV. Many internet TV services cap the amount of content you can record, but YouTube TV does not. Whatever you record on YouTube TV gets deleted automatically after nine months. With fuboTV, you can keep your recordings for as long as you want– and you get up to 500 hours of recording time if you upgrade the DVR for $10 extra per month. But without the upgrade, you get 30 hours of recording time.

5) Number of Subscribers

For Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV, checking out a number of subscribers are equally important as other features. More subscriber means more features they are getting and more happy customers. Fubo has more than 1 million subscribers, probably. According to research, YouTube TV has around 3 lakh subscribers. Local coverage is one of the reason for low subscriber count for Youtube.

Final Words

Well, buddies, these are the clear differences between the two streaming services, Fubo TV Vs YouTube TV. IF you are looking particularly for sports at a good budget then go for Fubo TV but if you belong to a big family and want a better package to share between family members then go for Youtube TV.

I hope the article will be helpful for you in many ways. Share your feedback.


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