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Top 8 Free Roku Channels 2019 You Can’t Afford to Miss


After installing Roku Stick the foremost thing which will occur in your mind is what are the free Roku channels to stream movies, TV shows, sports and lots more. Roku’s streaming devices come with a wide range of channels its a great thing but shuffle the best ones from them is a daunting task. If you want to enjoy the Roku’s streaming facility fullest then you must aware of the best Roku channels which you can avail for free.

Doesn’t matter you want to watch the latest movies or fond of TV shows, these channels contain all your desired stuff. For your ease, we have created a compile list of Channels that are absolutely free to stream.

To cut your cords and to relieve your pocket here are the best Roku channels 2019. Just go through the post and analyze them.

best free Roku channels 2019
Top 8 free Roku channels 2019 to cut the cords

Top 8 Roku Channels for free: Give heights to your streaming experience

1.The Roku Channel

As the name shows The Roku Channel is the product of Roku which has launched by the Roku itself. This channel is the hub of many popular movies, TV shows, sports and much more. No need to pay any subscription fee as it is totally free and also doesn’t require a login formality.

Its ever-changing content stands it out among the mob but you have to bear some adverts. If you are a fan of Hollywood movies then it is for you as it contains hundreds of hit Hollywood titles categorized in different categories. If you are ready to watch annoying ads then access this channel now.

2.Pluto TV

Many of us think that accessing content via streaming channels is not legal but our next participant in the list of Roku’s channels proves this wrong. Pluto TV is one of the best legal channels to enjoy Movies, TV shows, sports, and News.

The best part of Pluto TV is that its partnership with the top news channels like NBC News, MSNBC, Sky News, and Bloomberg which avail you the top news around the globe.

Nevertheless, you can utilize your smartphone just like a remote and customize your channels as per your needs. Want to stay up to date with viral news? Go for Pluto TV now.


Youtube is the powerhouse of millions of videos clips of popular web shows, movies, tutorials, and lots more and you can access it for free on your Roku stick, Roku TV and other Roku devices.

You can’t say it dedicated movie or TV show channel but it avails you the plenty of fresh videos whenever you want. From educational to funny here is everything for you.

Don’t miss the chance to stream Youtube via your Roku device as it is totally free to use there.


Going to cut the cords of your cable subscription but confused will you get that stuff again? No worries folks Sony Crackle avail you TV shows, big hits, and the genuine content without paying a single penny.

You have to prepare yourself to witness some commercials but at the same time, you encounter big hits like Gattaca. Availability of shows will depend on your location as there is a variation in its content according to the country.

I love Crackle because of its syncing facility. You know very well that Crackle is available for Android, iOS, Apple TV, Playstation and Xbox so you can easily sync your browsing history and list of favorites between multiple devices. Isn’t amazing!!

6.Tubi TV

Our next entry in the list of best free Roku channels is Tubi TV which is the well-known name for movie geeks. This free channel facilitates you with a huge catalouge of free movies and TV shows divided into several categories.

Even you can find those ones that are missing on Netflix. The service keeps it up to date with the fresh content and adds new content on a weekly basis.

Ready to take your excitement on the next level? Switch to Tubi TV via your Roku streaming devices today.


Not everyone surfs the internet for watching free movies and shows, some are in search of video games and if you are looking for the same then Twitch is the best pick. Twitch is the one-stop destination for live streaming of popular video games.

Doesn’t matter you are addicted to Pokemon or in love with Overwatch, Twitch contains everything for you. Not only streaming of video games but it also empowers your playing tactics. There are several tutorial videos that provide you tips and tricks to mastery in your desired game.


If you love to stay up to date with local news than the global affairs then NewsON is the best free Roku Channel to cut the cords. Containing over 200 local channels from around the US enables you to watch the recaps within 48 hours.

To satisfy your craving for local news NewsON is a great way and you don’t require a cable subscription. Another good thing is that you can set your favorite news channels for hassle-free access.

One and only shortcoming of this Free Roku channel is the frequent commercials and if you are okay with them then ready to watch local news in a new way.

Concluding Lines

In the era of piracy and copyright infringement, these free channels for Roku will give a healthy streaming experience. You just need to set up your Roku device first and then search for these channels.

All the channels I have discussed here offers you different content. Some provide you movies and shows and some come with current affairs, video game streamer is also in the list. So I think its a complete package for you. Hope you liked the post and if you did then do share with your nears and dears.

If you have any other name that you have tried then feel free to share with us via the comment box. We will feel lucky to update it in our list of free Roku channels. In case of any query put it in the comment box as usual.

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