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Free PSN Codes Aug 2019 (100% working) No Survey Required


Do you know what are PSN codes? and how do you get Free PSN Codes? if you are still finding the answers to these questions, then you are lucky to land here. Today in this article I am going to tell you about PSN codes and how do you get free PSN codes and I will also share some working Free PSN codes for august 2019.

Have you played games on sony’s gaming console, PlayStation? Sony’s Playstation is one of the most popular gaming consoles in the market. Players prefer PlayStation over other platforms because of its large range of games and amazing Virtual reality gaming experience. When you play a game, you need a lot of purchasable along with the game. So, just like any other modern next-gen gaming console, PS offers to buy games and other downloadable content online without any hassle.

Free PSN Codes Aug 2019 (100% working) No Survey Required
Free PSN Codes 2019

What are the PSN codes?

Playstation Store is available online to buy games and other gaming contents. You can buy all these things using ordinary payment methods like credit card payment, Net banking or sing wallet money. But there is one more way and that is PSN codes. You can buy PSN codes first and then you can buy any game or gaming content using these codes online. PSN codes are also available offline in stores.

The main advantage of these codes are, if you have these codes you do not have to remember your credit card/Debit card/ Net banking details. PSN codes are nothing but another way of spending your money given by the PSN which can be used to shop at PS store. This method is convenient and safe.

How do you Get Free PSN Codes?

When you search for Free PSN Codes generator online, you will find that there are numerous websites on the internet that provides free PSN codes. When you open a website, they will ask so a series of questions like Your device name, Model number, Email address, and ask you to set a password. Now, as soon as you complete your details, the website will show you that your PSN codes are generating into your account.

The next step is to Redeem the code. You clicked on the Redeem button, but wait! what is it, the button is locked! Now a message will be popped out that “Complete the following survey”. You start doing the survey and realize it is never-ending and in case if you have finished it somehow you are again redirected back to redeem page. what is this! You are trapped! This whole process will look so real that you will not understand you are being fooled.

These sites are doing all this to make you come to their site and earn money through ads.

How to purchase PSN Codes or Gift Cards?- A Legit way!

I have discussed above a way to get Free PSN codes but these codes will never ever work. S here I am discussing a full-fleshed legit way to redeem PSN codes and gifts cards.  and remember here you will not be trapped in any survey.

  1. The first step is to Go to the PlayStation Store website.
  2. If you are accessing for the first time, then “Create your account first”, otherwise “Sign in” to your account.
  3. Now go to the Online ID and then go for Account Settings.
  4. Select Redeem Prepaid Card option.

Other Legit ways to Earn Free PSN Codes

1) Using PSNReward

The website will work as, “Make the points and then redeem those points to get PSN codes”. The PSNReward is a true site to get free PSN codes. It provides a variety of offers to earn points. Once you’ve made the minimum number of points, it permits you to redeem those points and get free PSN code. The process of earning the points is not at all hard. Give it a try!

2) Payprizes

Similar to PSNReward is Pay Prizes. It is a GPT website where you have to complete small tasks like surveys, questionnaire, watching videos and by doing that, you can earn some points. Redeem those rewards and points to get into the free PSN codes. The process is simple, Log in to the website and go to the offer wall. The picture will be clear to you once you reach this point. Go for it once and share your views.

3) Swagbucks

Another GPT site is Swagbucks, a famous and well-reputed website to work-on. If you love to spend time on the internet watching youtube videos, surfing the internet, searching for some queries, doing surveys then this options suits best for you. Mae some points, Redeem those points and buy your PSN codes.

Free PSN Codes Aug 2019 (100% working) No Survey Required

  2. J3LU-4M5L-5JU7
  3. FK5D-69JV-S2YP
  4. BJE6-M5T4-K2QJ

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Final Words…

PSN codes are really useful and advantageous for all who are lazy to remember their bank details all the time. There is No free PSN codes generator on the web. But Yes! there are some legit ways to get free PSN codes online. I have discussed the best of my knowledge to earn and redeem PSN codes. I hope the article will be helpful to you.

If you have any doubt, feel free to ask in comments.

Share and care! Thank you!

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