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How to make free in-app purchase with Lucky Patcher


Before going through the process of making free in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher, it is must to know what is in-app purchase exactly. There are so many apps and games available on the Google play store and IOS stores listed as free apps but all these apps and games have some hidden cost to unlock extra features that are called in-app purchases. The Developers charge from the users to use these in-app purchase which is the main source of income for these developers.

There are so many apps available which allow you to hack these in-app purchase free. By using these apps you can use the in-app purchase apps and games free. Lucky patcher is one of the best apps to hack in-app purchase of games and apps for free.

How to hack in-app purchase with Lucky Patcher?

What is Lucky patcher in-app purchase?

There are many apps and games needs to unlock the special gaming features, need to cross some levels and need keys to unlocked which required in-app purchase that is one of the biggest and hidden interruptions. When you become addicted to the games and you are at the end of the games, you can not leave the games just because you need to unlock some levels using in-app purchase. S Lucky Patcher is here to resolve your issue, You can patch the desired app from lucky patcher and unlock the paid features of the game free by using Lucky patcher in-app Purchase.

Lucky patcher allows you to make your life easy and enjoyable bu using the app free which is available on play store for cost.  The app allows you to patch the apps which you love to play but unable to reach due to in-app purchase.

But to take the benefits of Lucky patcher in-app purchase you need to go through the download and installing process of Lucky Patcher on your devices.

How to Download and Install Lucky Patcher?

To be able to make free in-app purchases with Lucky Patcher, you have to download the Lucky patcher first:

  • Navigate the official Lucky Patcher site and download the app installer first.
  • After downloading open up the installer.
  • It will ask to permit the installation process and you need to tap on the “Yes” option.
  • A wizard will appear and it will indicate to allow installation from “Unknown Sources”, tap on “Settings” option.
  • It will take you to the settings and from here you have to click on the toggle in order to permit installation from this source.
  • Finally, click on the installation button and have patience as it will consume a few minutes.
  • Bingo!! You have successfully installed Lucky Patcher in your device.

Minimum Requirement to download Lucky Patcher

  • To get the app on your devices, you need to root your device first, you can get the app without rooting but in this case, features will be limited.
  • the phone should have Minimum 2 GB RAM to grab the app
  • 10 GB internal storage
  • Minimum 2.3 or more Android version is required

How to hack in-app purchase with Lucky Patcher?

After downloading and installing the Lucky Patcher on your smartphone you need to know how to use the app to reach the paid apps for free:

  • As you will complete the installing  process of Lucky patcher, you will see the list of apps and games installed in your device
  • Now Select an application you want to patch for in-app purchase hack Like you can choose “My talking Tom” if you have it in your phone.
  • As you will choose the app, you will get many options, you need to tap on the “Menu of patches” option.
  • Now you will see A new list of the option below, click on “Support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation”
  • After going through the above step there would be 4 options available with large info, you have to “check the first two option” and click on “apply
  • Now the app will start to process your request, wait for five minutes to compete for the request.
  • Now it will show the success option which means you are ready to use the app
  • Now go to the patched app to get free items.
  • Go to the app item stores and choose the items you want to purchase for free
  • As you will click on the item to buy, a pop-up window will appear
  • Now click on yes button.

So this was the process to get in-app purchase with Lucky purchase for free, I hope you would be able to use this app easily. So download Lucky Patcher and enjoy the in-app purchase free. If you still have any query or confused about the tutorial, you can Contact us.

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