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Fornite Season 9 was released for multiple platforms and the latest season comes with a wide array of major enhancements. Although lots of upgraded features are available in the newest season people are going curious about Fortbytes. As you know Fortnite has always had some collectibles to occupy players in the searching activity but this time you will experience a new term called Fortnite Fortbytes. Fortnite Fortbytes are the tiny computer chips which are hidden all around the map and you need to put extra efforts to reveal them. If you owned a battle pass and all set to dive into the battleground of Fortnite and looking for the Fortnite Fortbytes location list then you have landed at the right page.

We have created a list of locations to make your work easy to unlock the fortbytes. So let’s initiate our discussion and explore the post to get familiar with the Fortnite Fortbytes location.

Where to find Fortnite Fortbytes
Fortnite Fortbytes location list

What are Fortnite Fortbytes?

The developers of the Fortnite has launched a new series of collectibles in the form of computer chips. These are total 100 and the developers have decided to present 1 Fortbyte each day. If you get successful to unlock a fortbyte then you will achieve a special skin to modify the look of your avatar. In order to avail a fortbyte, you have to finish a special task. On the first day of the release of Season 9, there were 18 Fortbytes available.

Fortnite Fortbytes Location List

I think you are going crazy to observe the locations where you will find fortbytes to unlock certain things. Have a look below to get familiar with the Fortnite fortbytes location list:

#7 Fortbyte Location

Accessible by utilizing the cuddle up emotion inside a rocky umbrella

Before moving further to get the Fortnyte 7 you just confirmed that you have Cuddle Up Emoticon. It can be unlocked at level 8. After getting it navigate to the umbrella-shaped cave and use emote. Find the Fortbyte 7 here.

#8 Fortbyte Location

Get within junk junction

You can avail the Fortbyte 8 in the center of junk junction. You just find out the largest building in the junk junction and you need to land there. You can get it within the bed.

#13 Fortbyte Location

Got at a location hidden in the loading screen 2

To get the Fortbyte 13 you have to come through the potty port. Navigate to the southern part of the map and after discovering portaloo, destroy it and get the Fortbyte.

#17 Fortbyte Location

Found inside a wooden fish building

If you want to avail Fortnyte 13 then you need to rush to the northern part of the map. Explore the area and find the hot spring and here you will notice a huge wooden whale. You will get the fortbyte inside the whale, maybe in the tail.

#22 Fortbyte Location

Accessible by using Rox Spray in an underpass

Make sure you are equipped with Rox Spray before going to find Fortbyte 12. Put the Rox Spray and move to the South of Neo Tilted. A huge red crane will come aim on it and after coming in you will observe the underpass next to it. Fortbyte exists in the center of the underpass and you have to stuck in the corner. Spray Rox on the wall and thus you can avail the fortbyte.

#24 Fortbyte Location

Found within fatal fields

This fortbyte is quite easy to access and you just require to enter the house in the fatal field to get it. You will avail this easiest fortbyte in the second bedroom.

#36 Fortbyte Location

Accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island 

To avail this fortbyte you have to dress up with Sentinel skin which you can unlock at the level one. Just put on your Sentinel skin and move to the Southwestern ice island. You will get this collectible behind the rocks.

#47 Fortbyte Location

Found between a reboot van, pirate camp and a crashed battlebus

After getting the Fortbyte in the island let’s jump on the tough to find fortbyte. You need to begin at the pirate camp and navigate in the South into the Jungle.

#55 Fortbyte Location

Found within the haunted hills

Now keep yourself ready to meet ghosts in the haunted hills. Fortbyte 55 is hidden in the building which is located east of the cathedral. Maybe you get closer to ghosts so be aware.

#64 Fortbyte Location

Accessible by Rox on top of the stunt mountain

First of all, you must confirm that you have Rox skin. If you have then just navigate the stunt mountain and you will access it there.

#72 Fortbyte Location

Found within salty springs

Land to the Northside of Salty springs and here you will notice a flipped car having safety hurdles. You have to destroy the car and you are all set to get this Fortbyte.

#81 Fortbyte Location 

Asseccible in the day time near a mountain top cactus wedge

As you know Fortnite season 9 is coming with the day-night cycle and you can get this fortnyte only in the day time. You will find this Fortbyte on the Southeast hills having cactus and animal bones also. You need to land on that mountain in order to access this one.

#82 Fortbyte Location

Accessible by solving the pressure plate puzzle Northwest of the block

This Fortbyte is a little tricky to access when compared with others. You should be in a team of three players to complete this task. To avail this Fortbyte you have to head to the Northwest of the block and after reaching there you will observe the three pressure plates having fortbyte. All three members will stand on each pressure plate simultaneously. After it, the fortbyte will appear from the middle and now next move is to gather it.

#92 Fortbyte Location

Accessible by using the rock love spray near a lavafall

In order to get the Fortbyte 92 you must equip with rock love spray. Rock Love spray is the initial thing in the battle pass so I think everyone will equip with it. You have to land on the hugest rock in the lava river. After landing you just spray Rock love somewhere nearby and fortbyte will be yours.

Bottom lines

It is really fun to get these computer chips to unlock the exciting skins but not easy at all. Here you came across the Fortnite Fortbytes location list and after reading the post you will easily reach to all the collectibles. Share with your friends who are looking for the same.





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