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Fix Xbox One most common issues and problems


Hi everyone, here we come to discuss the most common issues and problems you are facing with your Xbox One gaming Console and also the best way s to fix them. But before going through the Xbox One major issues and their solution it is must know about the Xbox One console.

Xbox One major issues and their solution
Fix Xbox One most common issues and problems

What is Xbox One?

This is the era of gaming apart from Mobiles, PC, laptops there are many other devices you can use to play games at your homes. Yes, The Xbox one is out of them, Xbox one the 8th Gen Home video game console developed by Microsoft. The Gaming console was launched in 2013, this is thirst console from the Xbox brand and the successor of Xbox 360. The gaming console was first released in countries like America, Europe, Australia, Japan and China. Later the Microsft avail the Xbox One in other European and Asian countries.

This was the first Xbox one game console launched in China. The Microsoft announced the console as “all in one Entertainment system”. The Strong competitors of Xbox one are Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Wii U and Switch. The Xbox one is really appreciated by users due to its controlled design, amazing multimedia features and voice quality. The Xbox One is more reliable than its Predecessor. But somewhere the gaming console lacked behind technically while playing a game, like the low quality of graphics in compare to PS4. However there are lots of changes made after to improve this aspect, however, the other is of the console got positive reviews.

Time to time Microsoft announced the updated version of the Xbox One with the Improved features Like in 2016 Microsoft announced Xbox One S support HDR10 high-dynamic-range video and 4K video playback. Later in June 2017, Xbox launched the Xbox One X with a lot of upgraded hardware specs with 4K resolution games

Xbox One Common issues, problems bugs and how to fix them

There is a lot of bugs and issues occurring with Xbox One that can be resolved with proper guidelines. So here are the main Xbox issues and problems with the solution:

Disc Drive makes an unusual voice while putting it

This is one of the most common problems has reported by a great no. of Xbox one users. But fortunately this does;t harm the disc. when you put the Disc in the Xbox one’s optical drive and unusual sound you listen like crushing something. And a message starts to display “Sorry we can’t play that disc.

How to Fix it? (Best Solution)

This is the most common problem found by Microsoft and Provides these solutions:

  • The owner can Return the console to the seller if the issue is occurring continuously
  • You can try to fix the issue by Repairing itself if you have Knowledge and experience of Optical devices But your hardware warranty will be void in this process, so you have limited option.
  • While returning the devices from where you purchased can take time to replace the device due to lack of stock, so you need to wait for few time.
  • Either you can get a refund for the return in case you to want to break up with Xbox One.
  • You can contact directly to The Xbox one support team, they will arrange a new device for you.

Xbox One is not updating

Some of the Xbox one users reported that they are not getting the Xbox one updated features during the mandatory update. So here are the solutions:

How to Fix it? (Best Solution)

This could be due to lack of internet speed or loss of internet connection, check your internet connection, it is working properly? Sometimes it could be due to the system so you can contact to Microsoft. Before contacting Microsoft you must go through with the following steps:

  • First, check your Internet connection and try again because the Connection issue can soil the all update process.
  • If still, you are unable to update it then there is an issue with the system from the Microsoft end, This could be a server issue because a lot of users are updating the console because of that the server went down. So you must try to update after a time gap of one or two hours.
  • If still, the issue didn’t resolve you can check the Microsoft Live Status page.
  • If you are getting the issue in updating while connecting it with the Wireless connection, you can try with the wired internet connection.
  • You can Hold down the power button for 5 seconds to shut it down and than unplugged it and with for few seconds, plug it again.
  • If the issue still not resolved contact Microsoft.

Xbox One Won’t Power On

Another common issue the Xbox One users have reported that the console Won’t power On and if it powered on, shut automatically after few seconds. So it could be happened because of Power cuts or lack of proper power supply Or it could e due to the system itself.

How to Fix it? (Best Solution)

So you need to check is everything connected properly, Is the Electricity is properly supplying to the console? The Xbox One comes with the light indicator which shows the device is getting power supply or not if you can notice a red or white light in the console than it is connected to power. If there is no light than you need to replace it. You can contact Microsoft but before that try these solutions:

  • Make sure everything is connected properly. Plug something else to check the power supply into another outlet.
  • If the console is not getting power supply, it’s defective, you can replace it, you can order the new one online.
  • If the power supply is working but the Xbox One still isn’t powering up, contact Microsoft directly, as it may be a defect with the system.

Xbox Shut off suddenly

This is the opposite issue from the above issue, Your system power off automatically, So you can fix this issue by using the below solutions:

How to Fix it? (Best Solution)

Your gaming console can be power off due to some malfunction or any other reason like power cut, suddenly stopped of power supply that can be fixed easily. You can check the light indicator of the hardware to check the power supply, or can plug in again. Or you can adopt the above solution we have sugged in ” Xbox One Won’t Power On” case.

Audio is not working properly

This audio issue with Xbox one found rarely by users, this is the minor issues that you can fix before contacting to Microsft or returning back, These are the possible ways you can try to fix The audio issue of Xbox One.

How to Fix it? (Best Solution)

There could be a lot of reason for the audio quality issues in the gaming console like the setting of the systems or the connection problem. The solution of the issues is you need to buy a new cable or replace the software by contacting Microsft. But I think, buying a cable is better than replacing the console.

  • First, go to setting<select Display & Sound<choose the option HDMI or Optical<selects the audio format. You can go for Stereo Uncompressed audio format.
  • Make sure everything is connected properly. If still the audio issue is not resolved, the problem is with cable, you need to change the faulty optical or HDMI cable. If after replacing the cable do not fix contact to the Microsft and keep the slip of cable to return it.
  • If you are connecting your Xbox to a cable TV box, unplug everything — the Xbox One and the cable box — and then wait 30 seconds for the cache to clear.

Games are not installing

We can consider the game won’t installed issue big, because we use this console for gaming and if we are not able to install the game, its waste. Sometimes games reported that the game installation process is very low like ate 0% which means you are not able to play the game.

How to Fix it? (Best Solution)

The game won’t install issue can be occurred due to the network connection or due to the optical drive., So before connecting with Microsoft try the possible ways to fix the issue:

  • First of all check, your gaming console is properly updated to the latest Microsft updates, If not then connect it with the internet and update it to the recent Microsoft patches.
  • If you are online than it is the connection issue to Xbox Live. So, first of all, disconnect it from the internet connection either it’s wireless or wired. Then press the power button for 10 seconds and power it down. Now restart the system but don’t enable the internet connection, If the installation process works normally, you should then be able to reconnect to Xbox Live without issue. If the problem continues though, contact Microsoft.

Final Words

I hope now you would be able to get rid off from the common Xbox issues and bugs. For more tech and news update stay connected.


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