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Best Apps to Find Fast Food Places Near Me

Fast food places near me

Fast food restaurants are a good choice for those on the go. If you’re in another city or you’ve just passed, or if you’re in a hurry, such chains and restaurants are the best place to go. You can search for old favorites and discover new ones by finding fast food places near me app.

These apps help you to filter your search to find the nearest fast food or restaurant, in other term, to answer exactly for your question “food open near me“. Their common point is that they show you on a map where there are places to eat nearby. You can specifically look for a familiar fast food or you can try a new one. Some of these apps even allow you to pre-order to take or bring your food to where you are.

If you plan to spend the night, these hotel booking applications will be useful. On a road trip? Consider downloading travel apps as well. Now fill your hungry stomach with the help of these fast food places near me apps.

Best Apps to Find Fast Food Places Near Me

Foursquare City Guide

foursquare city guide

Foursquare City Guide is not just a restaurant locator and fast food tool. It is the ultimate city guide. With this app, you get unbiased recommendations, suggestions and advice from companions and users around the globe. This means that wherever you go or travel, you may be the type of assistance you need.

You can use this app to find specific fast food and restaurants, or you can get recommendations from travelers, travelers and other users about local food centers. the best. You can add likes, dislikes and options so you get recommendations that fit your wishes. If you want to keep track of the places and shops you’ve been to, you can also do that with this app.

Functions :

  • Instructions to eat and drink
  • Read short reviews and tips
  • Get personal recommendations
  • Find popular fast food chains and personal favorites



Yelp is similar to AliExpress City Guide. With this Android app, you can explore nearby restaurants, fast food chains, bars, hotels and other businesses. You can even hire food experts for events and other things.

But it has more features aimed at finding places to eat and drink. Discover top food centers near you, make a reservation or order a delivery. Do all this with just one application.

In addition to being a fast food locator, this app is also a local and travel app. It is a city guide designed to help you find the best places to visit, relax, shop, dine, drink or relax.

Functions :

  • Find top rated places to eat and drink
  • Receive food deals and reservations
  • Have a meal at popular fast food chains or local restaurants
  • Fast food delivery
  • Read reviews from trusted users

Hungry Now – Fast Food Locator

Hungry now

You never know when you’re hungry. If you crave a burger or french fries, you can always count on this fast food near my app.

Hungry Now has a list of famous fast food chains like KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, El Pollo Loco, Domino’s Pizza and more.

Using this application, you can choose your favorite or add a restaurant. Its maps are very nice, guide you to the nearest location to get some old favorites or try new ones.

Functions :

  • Choose your favorite eating places
  • Add a new restaurant
  • Navigate through its map
  • It displays opening hours and the fastest way

Find Fast Food (Food Locator)

Find Fast Food

If you’re in a town or city you’re not familiar with, there’s an app you can trust when locating comfort and familiar food centers. Find fast food is a food locator app that supports famous brands like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Subway, Papa Johns, Wendy, Starbucks, Burger King and more.

You can search for fast food in a specific radius. It tells you whether you are far or near food chains and the nearest center. Not only that, it provides easy directions and routes on how to get there. This app is useful anytime you feel craving or hungry.

Functions :

  • It gives directions and routes
  • It indicates the distance of the nearest fast food
  • Support famous brands
  • Search radius

Find Restaurants Near Me


Another application similar to Find fast food is Find a restaurant near me. Unlike before focusing more on fast food chains, this app provides a list of bars, hotels and restaurants near your location. So whether you’re just craving old-fashioned fast food or looking for famous local restaurants and bars, this app is for you.

With 8 categories to choose from, you can easily narrow your choices about what food or restaurant type you want to visit. It also provides easy directions to the nearest place for meals or food. Just activate your GPS and you’re good to go.

Functions :

  • Search for nearby places to eat, drink and stay
  • Automatically detect user location (GPS)
  • Search from 8 types available
  • Meal delivery and take away

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is not the first thing you think of when you need a food navigation application. However this app brings more than what you expect.

Using this app, you can find and explore food chains, local restaurants and bars. It provides not only routes and maps, but also indoor and Street View maps for restaurants and other businesses.

As it provides traffic and transit information, real-time GPS navigation and outlines the best places to go, eat and drink, Google Maps is a very useful and handy application.

Functions :

  • Discover places to dine and drink
  • Real-time traffic conditions and ETA
  • Automatic rerouting
  • Recommend places to try

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