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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 Prize Money, Sponsors and Other Key Factors To Consider


FIFA Women’s world cup 2019 is going to held in France from 7th June onwards and 24 teams will compete to be the winner of the game. 52 Matches will take place to confirm which team will be the winner. The biggest change which has become the center of attraction for the upcoming event is the prize money. When compared with previous events this year the winning team will get the largest prize money ever. Apart from prize money, there are lots of key changes to consider and if you are looking for the latest update for the same then you have landed at the right page. Let’s explore the post and come to know what will be the FIFA Women’s world cup prize money in 2019, is it enough when compared with men’s tournament and lots more.

FIFA Women's World Cup Prize Money, Sponsors and Other Key Factors To Consider
FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019

FIFA doubles the FIFA Women’s World cup 2019 prize money

The eighth version of the prestigious events is going to happen and people are crazy to know that what will be the total prize money for the winning team and others as well. In 2015 the USA won the tournament and got $2 Million as prize money which was too little than the Men’s champions. But this time the prize money has been doubled and the winning team will bring $4 Million and the total prize money has been raised from 15 Million to 30 Million.

The saddest thing is that there is a visible partiality when compared with the men’s world cup prize money. You will shock to know that $400 Million was raised for the total prize money for men’s world cup in 2018. We can assume the gender gap in terms of prize money but I think it is not fair and being a girl I criticize this gender gap.

How FIFA will distribute the total prize money among players?

  • Winners will get $4 Million.
  • Runners-up will avail $2.6 Million
  • 3rd runner up will achieve $2 Million
  • The 4th one will be honored with $1.6 Million
  • 5th to 8th will be paid with $1.45 Million
  • 9th to 16th will grab $1 Million
  • 17th-24th will get $75000

What are the factors which decide the prize money for any tournament?

I would like to appreciate FIFA’s initiative to double the FIFA Women’s world cup prize money but still, it is not satisfactory when we observe the prize money for male tournaments. But we can’t blame FIFA for this because the prize money depends on the revenue of the tournaments. When observing the revenue of men’s world cup then we conclude that it is far ahead than the women’s world cup and that’s why the male winners get a huge amount in the form of prize money. But for promoting the growth of women’s world cup there should be more enhancement in the prize money.

Who will sponsor the FIFA Women’s World cup 2019?

Coca-cola, Adidas, Wanda, Hyundai, Qatar Airways, and Visa are the big names which are going to sponsor this big event. Along with these, there are six national sponsors also. Arkema, Credit Agricole, EDF, Orange, Proman, SNCF are the event specific sponsors of the FIFA Women’s world cup 2019. When compared with Women’s world cup Fifa Men’s world cup are ahead in terms of revenue and this factor plays the main role for the huge difference in prize money. FIFA is a non-profit organization and the enhancement in the prize money is really appreciable but for growing the women’s game still, the prize money is too low.

Sponsors national teams

Country (Group) Kit sponsor
Argentina (D) Adidas
Australia (C) Nike
Brazil (C) Nike
Cameroon (E) Le Coq Sportif
Canada (E) Nike
Chile (F) Nike
China (B) Nike
England (D) Nike
France (A) Nike
Germany (B) Adidas
Italy (C) Puma
Jamaica (C) Umbro
Japan (D) Adidas
Netherlands (E) Nike
New Zealand (E) Nike
Nigeria (A) Nike
Norway (A) Nike
Scotland (D) Adidas
South Africa (B) Nike
South Korea (A) Nike
Spain (B) Adidas
Sweden (F) Adidas
Thailand (F) Warrix
USA (F) Nike

Bottom Lines

Indeed popularity and revenue play a key role in determining the prize money of a particular tournament and undoubtedly Men’s world cup is far ahead in terms of revenue. Thus the winners get a huge amount as the prize money but to upgrade the female’s tournaments FIFA has to increase the FIFA Women’s world cup prize money as well.

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