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FIFA 20: Release dates, price, new features and everything else


After the huge popularity of FIFA 19, EA is going to release its successor soon. Soccer game lovers are eagerly waiting for the FIFA 20 and also curious about its upcoming features, price and lots more. Having the Millions of users FIFA series has become the most wanted soccer video game ever. Every year EA releases its new version with new enhancements and FIFA 20 is the 27th instalment of the series. FIFA 19 got a huge response from the users all over the world and the developers are looking for something more with the upcoming version. If you are a fan of FIFA series then your motive to land here is to confirm the release date, price, new features, etc about the newest version of FIFA series.

We are here with the latest update about the game which you want to know so let’s start reading and discover what changes EA has made in the next version? When will it reach to you? On which consoles you can play FIFA 20? How much it will cost and anything else?

FIFA 20 Release date, features, cost and everything you need to know
Recent updates about FIFA 20

FIFA 20 release date

ICC World cup is going on and soccer lovers are searching for the release date of their most awaited FIFA game. As the previous version of the FIFA game was released in September and also from last ten years all the FIFA games used to launch in September so there are huge chances that the game will release in late September. We didn’t get an exact date but we can assume on the basis of the previous version (FIFA 19 released on 28th September 2018 and the FIFA 17 has reached on 29 September 2017), it can be launched between 20th to 30th September.

Consoles that will support FIFA 20

Like the release date of the amazing soccer game, there is no confirmed news about the console support. Based on the previous titles FIFA games used to launch basically for three platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC and its regular spin-off variants available for smartphones and Nintendo switch so we can expect at least these console support. There are also strong chances that the FIFA latest version will support Xbox Two and PS5 but nothing is confirmed till now.

FIFA 20 upgraded features

FIFA game developers always look to create the better version than before and this time they will also going to add some cool features to upgrade their product. As per the gameplay team, there are certain features that have been added in the upcoming FIFA game. The latest features that we can expect are given below:

  • One of the most impressive newly added attire is manual tackling and now players can defend the ball manually which will be more effective than the game’s AI.
  • Goalkeepers will contain fewer superhuman reactions.
  • With 1v1 there will be an enhancement in the shooting accuracy and players will able to execute more shots.
  • Not only changes are made in shooting mechanism but also you will experience new options for passing. Manual Dinked passes and Driven pass-and-go are new passing options added in the game.
  • Timed Finished attires was introduced in FIFA 19 and the developers got the huge response to this features so in the upcoming version they are coming back with more upgraded Timed finished the feature.

For how much you can buy FIFA 20 (Price)?

To upgrade your user experience you can make in-game purchases and if you want to buy in-game content then you can expect it in return of at least £60. If you want to avail special champions and Ultimate editions then you have to spend at least £80 and £90 respectively to add them in your cart.

When can you preorder the game?

As you know no exact date for FIFA 20 release has been fixed so we can’t give you the exact pre-order date. But when will its accurate release date will reveal then you can preorder the game via official Play Station and XBox stores. A wide array of major retailers will also give you the game access so you can also go for them to book your most awaited soccer game.

Will FIFA 20 cover stars change like the other aspects?

Like the modification in the gameplay, we can expect the changes in the cover stars. The most prestigious moment for a Football star is to appear on the cover page and Lionel Messi and Ronaldo enjoyed this moment for several years. In FIFA 19 Neymar, ​Kevin De Bruyne and Paulo Dybala have appeared as the cover stars but this time FIFA is thinking to approach the main man but we have to wait to see the exact face.

Well, folks, these are the glimpse of the upcoming FIFA title and to witness them you have to wait till September. We will back to you whenever we get related updates so being updated with the latest FIFA news kindly stay connected with us.

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