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10 things you can expect from Fast and Furious 9


Fast and Furious has been hitting the theatres since its first release. Now racing fans are keeping an eye on Fast and Furious 9 because With every new release the series is surprising them. The fast and Furious 7 hit the theatres with Billions of profit, The Fate of the Furious is also breaking the box.  Now, What will happen in May 2020, the release day? The fans and followers are expecting too much from the upcoming movie. What do you expect? Are you also eagerly waiting for the movie? Let us discuss and know what to expect from this release.

Who is going to be new? Who is leaving? Who is staying? How the actions will change? Do you too have a series of questions in your mind? Now, it all has been clear that who is directing and producing the movie too which was void two months back.

  • Director- Justin Lin, He is the one ho directed four movies of the same series, F&F 6, F&F 7, F&F 8, F&F: Tokyo Drift.
  • Producer-
  • Writer- Chris Morgan and Gary Scott Thompson
  • Starring-  Vin Diesel, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Bridges, Michelle Rodriguez, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, John Cena

The movie has already going to be released late but thanks to Hobbs and Shaw that filled up the void and made the fans enthusiastic to the series.

10 things you can expect from Fast and Furious 9
Things we want from Fast and Furious 9

10 things you can expect from Fast and Furious 9

1) Daring Stunts

Bigger Stunts are always expected and loved by the fans. Already, people couldn’t imagine how things will be happening in the Fate of the furious and then same with F&F7. So, what to expect now? Underwater car racing is very well expected this time. Throwing a submarine may sound bit cheesy but you never know what the movie will be bringing to us.

2) Kevin Hart Comedy

Kevin Hart’s performance in Hobby and Shaw was very impressive. Though he appeared only two times, his comedian skills are enough to hit laughter in an action movie. In the upcoming release, he may have a big part in the movie. May be The caster would have secured him for the future Hobbs and shaws but brining him to F&F installments too wouldn’t be a bad move.

3) Vanessa Kirby

Her role has yet to be announced but her presence is expected at least in a small portion. She brought the best in Hobbs and Shaw by her performance as Hattie Shaw, Deckard’s sister. The family has always been a running theme of the series, and adding more kin to the picture just sets this.

4) Eva Mendes must appear

The Fast and Furious Series now lacks women character when Mia has left, Elena is dead and Ramsey is pretty meh. So who will be going to fill the gap here? May be Eva Mendes will come back. She has appeared two times in the full series and that too for small side character but maybe now she will bring her appearance as a full-time star. The rumors of her full time come back is prevailing around the people but materialized still!

5) Cipher’s Revenge

Cipher’s Appeared as a baddie in the previous installments and we can not expect her in good character this time. She suits villain character and her revenge skill is awesome. Maybe this time she will tangle with other villains.

6) Ryan Renolds appearance is appealing

Ryan Renolds has already returned back with Hobbs and Shaw. Now the fans are expecting him in the following installments too. Along with his character, his comedic skills are awesome and this makes him more effective and leaves an impression on the audience. In Hobbs and Shaw, his appearance is though limited but powerful.

7) Ramsey Role should be sorted

Nathalie Emmanuel worked as hacker Ramsey, is the only member of the family that stuck out badly. Her roles in the previous installments bring out some sense but his time people do not want to see the same and want that her role needs to be changed.  So, unless they prepare her to drive and give her something to do, it’s apparently good to transfer her off to wherever Leon from the first movie is.

8) Are Dom’s parents really dead?

The storyline has said that Dom’s father has died in a road accident (car race) and his mother story is yet not revealed. So, will his parents will make a come back in the movie? It’s all Dom’s Story. In this installment, Dom’s childhood memories are much-expected o be visible. Even if his parents really are dead, maybe he’ll learn that his real parents are very much alive.

9) Where will Dom’s baby fit in?

Dom and Letty are raising his kid Brian with Elena. So, how they will go on epic missions and leave the baby alone? They can’t trust on Statham seeing after it every time. It expected that the baby will fit-out somewhere. Maybe they will leave the baby with Dom’s Sister if they have to go o a mission. Or maybe they will take a big jump to years and baby will be big enough to manage alone.

10) More Legendary Actors

There are several legendary faces in the different installments of the series which would never be expected. Such Legendary Stars are Kurt Russell, Helen Mirren, and Clint Eastwood. Kurt’s Russel role can be believable. Helen Mirren’s casting came out of nowhere. Luckily, her appearance seemed like more than just her wanting a big paycheck, as she really reveled in the role and paid for the spin-off. So, Fast and Furious 9 and 10 would bring more handed-down characters like Suppose Clint Eastwood acting opposite his son; it’s pure comedic gold expecting to happen.

Final Words

Fans! You can expect more from the release. Share your views too if you are expecting anything different. Fast and Furious 9 is a much-awaited movie of the year 2020 and Hope the movie will bring our expectations to reality.

Hope you would like the article. Thank you!!

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