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The elliptical trainer (Crossramp technology) and its benefits

Source: PRECOR

The elliptical trainer is a cardio machine, used in gym or at home, which tones different muscles of the arms and legs. It can help to lose weight, associated with a suitable diet.

Despite its name, the elliptical is nothing like a bicycle. Indeed, this cardio-training device has more in common with the practice of cross-country skiing than with cycling. Standing on two large “pedals”, hands on the handles at shoulder height: the principle is to simulate walking. The pedals (in fact, they are rather long steps …) follow the trajectory of an ellipse while the handles move from front to back, as on a rower. You will find this fun and tonic machine in practically every gym.

The elliptical trainer (Crossramp technology) and its benefits

Elliptical trainer good for the heart

If and only if you do not have any heart problems, the elliptical is a real heart muscle machine. The elliptical bike, indeed, can quickly increase your heart rate. Without even realizing it, efforts are evenly distributed between the muscles of the arms, legs and abdominals. No pain will prevent you from reaching your maximum heart rate.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, if you have a heart failure or if you are over 50, be careful. To not attack your thrilling, ask for advice. A sports coach from the room where you practice can program the machine at your own pace. In any case, consult your doctor before registering. In any case, a certificate of no contraindication will be required.

elliptical trainer

Good for the joints

Unlike running (and therefore the treadmill), the elliptical trainer distributes the weight of your body evenly on both legs. You will thus save your joints, while making a movement whose amplitude approaches the stride of the runner. Many athletes use this device to get in shape after an injury.

Good for the muscles

The muscles of the legs are solicited by the push of the pedals. At the same time, the arms are mobilized to push and pull the handles. A team work in short! Better still, you can divide the effort between the lower and upper limbs as you like. Finally, this exercise resulting in a slight rotation of the waist, it allows to work the small oblique and the large oblique abdominals. A good way to achieve a smooth sheathing. The elliptical trainer allows you to work:

  • glutes;
  • thighs;
  • calves;
  • arms;
  • shoulders;
  • the pectorals;
  • abdominals.

Associated with other exercises for cross training

If the prolonged practice of the elliptical trainer seems boring because repetitive, you can vary the training exercises, with various accessories (treadmills, weight machines, semi-recumbent bike …) or without any particular accessory (pumps .. .). In this context, the same hybrid device can combine, for example, an elliptical and a semi-recumbent bike, the latter for pedaling without soliciting the back or cervical.

The mix of different movements during a session is called cross training. This method allows to work many muscles, with short recovery times.

Elliptical fans and CrossRamp – PRECOR Technology!

The elliptical is complete, that’s why we like it. This cardio training equipment brings together in one movement the pedaling of a bike, the stepping of a stepper, moving back and forth like a rower and the effects of running. The youngest of the PRECOR range, Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer (EFX), will increase your sensations. And it’s worth seeing.

Did you know that the elliptical concept comes from an inventor whose teenage daughter wanted to improve her stamina so she could play tennis? She did not like running, but her trainer noticed that her lack of stamina hurt her performance. The inventor then followed his daughter with a video camera, then traced its trajectory of movement to discover that it was very close to an ellipse. He immediately set to work on a machine he called the “Road Runner”.

At Precor, it was discovered that users each had their own preferences for ramp angles and that the load on the muscles changed according to the inclination. The idea is to combine a natural race course with different ramp angles. With Converging CrossRamp, Precor takes a new step. The new ramp better simulates the natural convergent movement of a person walking or running. The solicitation of the muscles also changes, depending on the training angle. Do not panic for the novice, the EFX is designed to fit every user, regardless of their physical condition.

The brand’s advice to make the most of Converging CrossRamp technology:

  • For maximum effect on the glutes, work forward, with the ramp inclined 13 to 20 degrees.
  • To target your quads, work in reverse at low and high CrossRamp levels.
  • Maximize solicitation of your calves by working forward at a CrossRamp incline of 12 to 15 degrees.
  • Work in reverse, regardless of the level of resistance and the angle of inclination, it is likely that your heart rate increases because the movement is less usual.
  • At a CrossRamp incline of 20 degrees, knee flexion is similar to that of using a treadmill.
  • When working in the forward direction, you actively push the ramp down. In reverse, you are actively pushing up.
  • When you work at a constant pace, your heart rate and calorie consumption increase in proportion to CrossRamp‘s incline level. Avoid slowing down to compensate for higher ramp angles. Use lower CrossRamp levels for recovery periods.
  • Fluid, low-impact motion helps reduce users’ perception of effort, making training more enjoyable despite the effort.

crossramp EFX

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