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Best possible ways to Earn SwagBucks and Swag Codes


Are you an Internet surfer and loves to spend time on the web? Do you do a lot of searches? Then why not take a chance to earn money with Swag codes? Is my list of questions confusing you buddy? Not to worry! Today, I m here to help you how to make money, the real money, just by spending some time on the internet. Confused? How? Scroll down to know more.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a web’s free reward and cashback system that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online. The process is steady and simple. You heave to go to the website and simply register thereby using your email address and a password or by signing up with Facebook. The Registered members can earn rewards by searching the web, answering polls, watching videos, playing games, and shopping. The Members have to collect those points called Swagbucks (SBs)  that can be redeemed for free gift cards from restaurants and major retail stores like, Walmart, Target Stores, and PayPal.

 Earn SwagBucks and Swag Codes
Earn Swagbucks and Swag Codes without any hassle

How does it work?

There is a simple step process to earn cash rewards from Swagbucks. The steps are as follows:

  1. Become a Swagbucks member –  Register and become a Swagbucks member.
  2. Earn Points– You can earn points by Answering online questions, doing surveys, online Shopping, Watching Videos, Discover offers, playing games and Searching the web.
  3. Get free cards and rewards- Get Free online shopping vouchers or get cashback from Paypal.

How to Search The Web?

Earning Swagbucks by Simple searching the web is easiest. So here I am sharing you some tips and tricks to get Swagbucks points while searching the web.

  1. Using Swagbucks search engine
  2. Using the search bar on the Swagbucks website.
  3. Make Swagbucks your default search engines. Then start searching the web like you normally do and earn the points. Hurry!

Remember, Your all searches do not give you Swagbucks points, but if yours is a winning search, you will see a huge number of  Swagbucks symbol right above your search results. Collect those.

Not to miss: Before starting the search and points collection, please go through the complete list of Dos and Dont’s on the official website.

What is a Swag Code?

It is a code made up of the combinations of letters or numbers, whose redemption will give you extra Swagbucks( one or two). You can get Swag Codes wherever you want on the Swagbucks network including Swagbucks pages, newsletter, blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms too. Swag codes are available for only limited time. They come and go quickly So as soon as you see a Swag Code, Collect it fast!

How does a Swag Code look Like?

Swag codes look like a message like “GrabThisSwagCode” or “HaveaGreatSwagDay.” The code may contain letters and numbers too but no spaces(remember). The other Swagbucks codes “ZeroCokeonIce” from the line Swag Guy loves drinking “ZeroCokeonIce” when he wakes up. This “ZeroCokeonIce” may or may not be a code but you are not sure until you try it.

What’s next after collecting the code?

Suppose you have signed up for Swagbucks and you are a member now. You get some swag codes. Now the next step is to go to “My Account” page (located at the top-right corner) at and enter the code. Carefully type the Swag codes letters (case sensitive) and click the Gimme! button. If it is a valid Swag Code entered in time, you will see your rewards.

Expired Swag Codes

Enter a Swag code as soon as you spot it. sometimes, you work so fast, still, it comes as expired. We can never guess the time for code validation.  but if the message comes like “Your code has been Expired”, this means you have collected a valid Swag code. So, don’t get disappointed and keep trying.

Invalid Swag Codes

If you enter a swag code and the message comes up like “Invalid Swag code” then you might have entered, double-check yourself and make sure you entered the code correctly. If the message says to “Refine the Swag Code”, possibilities are you did not enter it correctly. As the code is case sensitive, make sure the CAPS button is On or off. Space doesn’t work here, so make sure you don’t enter any space while entering the code.

Is the Code Already Used?

Have you entered the used code again? Well, buddy! that will not work.  If you enter an already used code, then you may get a message like “the code was used”. Remember, Swag Codes can only be redeemed one time.

Before You Go…

Now, Your search and Internet Surf will be worth! Earning money will be so easy in this internet world, no one can think. The article will be very useful for you in getting free gifts, cards, vouchers, and money through PayPal. Share with your friends and family too.

If you like the article, feel free to share. if you encounter any problem while redeeming your Swagbucks or Swag codes, mention in comments.

Thank you!!

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