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Dream League Soccer 2019 Tips and Tricks For Beginners


Football is one of the best outdoor games ever and has a huge fan following across the globe. If you love to play Football but can’t do so due to certain reasons then you can experience this world-famous game via your smartphones. Dream League Soccer 2019 is the creation of First Touch Games and the game empowers you to manage each and everything like a manager. Dream League Soccer 2019 contains whole new features and game mechanism and you have to apply certain tips and tricks get mastery in the game. If you are looking for the Dream League Soccer 2019 tips to be the pro in the game then you have landed at the right page. We are here with the best strategies to follow in the world’s best soccer game so let’s check them get benefited with their outcomes.

Dream League Soccer 2019 tips and tricks
Dream League Soccer 2019 Tips To Win Every Match

Dream League Soccer 2019 Tips And Trick To Be The Top Manager

FIFA Women’s World Cup is going to start and people are going crazy behind it but we are here to discuss the pro tips to become a successful manager in the Dream League Soccer. Have a look below to get familiar with the most beneficial tactics in the legendary football game:


The key to winning more and more trophies in this game is to set a solid defence strategy. B is used for Standard tackles and A is for a slide tackle but the most crucial thing is timing. Doesn’t matter you stick up with Button A or Button B but you have to follow proper timing while tackling. If you don’t have perfect timing while tackling then you may get a foul or get issued a Yellow card as well.


If you want to win matches then you have to score goals. If you don’t go for a firm attacking mode then how will you beat your rival team so for grabbing triumph it is pretty necessary to score goals. In order to score a goal you need to press button A but make sure to hit it softly not too hard. If you give it a hard touch then you will never able to make a goal, try yourself and see. On the other hand, a light tap on button A will enhance the chances of a goal and your accuracy also.

Go for Rainbow Kicks, as its name shows in this player jerks the ball in the air over a defender means there are higher chances of a goal. If you use this dribbling correctly then you can beat your rival team by making a good score. You have to swipe up in the middle of your smartphone while following the ball to apply the rainbow kick.

Formation and tactics

Behind every win, in the Football match, one thing that plays a major role is the establishment of players. If you forme your squad with proper strategy then there are higher chances of your victory. Here are a few examples of best formation:

4-4-2 is one of the best formations which can lead you to success.

3-4-3 and 4-3-3 are also good ones.

But never try 5-3-2 or the 5-2-1-2 as with these formations your whole team will split and there are more chances of losing your game.

Empower your squad

Another most important dream league soccer 2019 tips is to choose your squad with the most efficient players. If you are going to select defenders then check their tackling, strength and heading ratings. Finishing, pace, and acceleration ratings are needed for the forward players. Also, sign one additional player in your team so that you can utilize him at the time of emergency. 19 to 22 players are enough to create a brawny squad that can lead you to get triumph.

Refreshment of your squad also matters

After every match the energy level your squad will exhaust so you have to save their energy from depleting. It is suggested via a single player season turn off your game halfway to regain the power of your team.  Heal option is also a good idea to keep your players energetic. Heal option can crash your budget so replace them in when required not too often.

Watch a video for bonus coins

30 coin bonus matters a lot but you can achieve it by watching a 30 seconds video after a match. It is not necessary but if you want to buy some good players and renovate your stadium then this amount can do a pretty job for you. You would probably think that 30 coins don’t sound much but it is more than the amount you get after winning a match.


These are the some best Dream League Soccer 2019 tips and tricks that you can apply to surprise your rival and get a win without any hassle. Great formation and perfect timing can lead your team to the easy win and I think you will use these tips to level up your squad. To download Dream League Soccer latest update follow this link.

If you have some more dream league soccer 2019 tips and tricks then don’t forget to share with us right now. We will update your tactics in our post to enhance our guide for our readers. For more entertainment, tech and other general news stay connected with


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