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Download Psiphon Free for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1


Fed up of the Filtering System imposed to access websites? Want to access blocked websites for free? Then, Psiphon is the solution to your problems and you are lucky to arrive here in order to know more. In the world of the internet, millions of websites with terabytes of data containing the solution to almost all our queries. But what if you want to access a website and the website is blocking you for no reason, It’s really annoying! My today’s Article will tell you more about a rarely known software, Psiphon, Its features, working and Download.

What Psiphon is?

Download Psiphon Free for Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1
Download Psiphon

Psiphon is a free-source Internet Access bypass tool made by Psiphon Inc. that uses technologies like VPN, SSH, and HTTP Proxy to access the internet.  It is designed to give you open access to Internet content. Please note that it does not improve your online privacy, and must not be taken as an online security tool. Psiphon is intended to help users in nations supposed to be “rivals of the Online content”.

Psiphon History

The software is developed by Psiphon, Inc at Citizen Lab in the year 2006.

In Early—2007, Psiphon, Inc. was established as a Canadian corporation independent of the Citizen Lab and the University of Toronto. The original code was made available under the GNU General Public License.

In 2008, Psiphon was conferred the Netexplorateur award by the French Senate.

In 2009, Psiphon was accepted with The Economist Best New Media Award by Index on Censorship.

 In 2011, Psiphon 1.X was officially retired and is no longer actively supported by Psiphon, Inc., or the Citizen Lab.

In 2012, Psiphon, Inc. started the expansion of a mobile version of Psiphon 3 for use with Android Phones.

Note Down…

If you are from a country that restricts your Internet access, you need not download Psiphon. You need to find a private and trusted Psiphon provider. They will give you the connection data you require.

If your system is behind the place, you will need to enable port forwarding from the router to your local IP address.

Psiphon Features

1) Lands you where you want to be

Psiphon helps you land anywhere and everywhere you want to be. Psiphon considers no Limits, It is Beyond Borders!

2) Privacy vs Performance

If you need to choose between privacy and performance then you have two options: Split tunnel and Decent Speeds.

1) Split Tunnel

This feature enables services based in the same country to connect through a normal internet connection. The idea behind this is these won’t be banned anyway (for example, obtaining US Spotify connection within the US), with normal speeds when using those services.

2) Decent Speeds

Psiphon is reasonably speedy when in use. No, you won’t enjoy the same internet speeds you’d get without a VPN and enjoy 50% faster speeds.

Psiphon Working Mechanism

Let’s suppose you are sitting in your university or college and want to access your Facebook or torrent website, then surely you will get blocked because educational institutions don’t provide access to these kinds of websites. Here is the need of Psiphon arise.

Download Psiphon Free for android
Download Psiphon for android

Psiphon Working steps

  1. Run the Psiphon on your device and wait a while.
  2. It automatically begins connecting to the Internet.
  3. During the connecting phase, a spinning icon is displayed on the screen.
  4. Select one from the following tunnel modes: VPN(Virtual Private Network), SSH(Secure Shell), or SSH+.
  5. After that, your connection will be established and you get to know that by the green icon on the screen.
  6. In Virtual Private Network mode, all of your traffic tunnels through Psiphon.
  7. In Secure shell and Secure shell+ modes, Psiphon automatically sets the Windows system proxy settings, so network traffic for applications that respect these settings will be tunnelled through Psiphon.
  8. Moreover, in SSH and SSH+ modes, Psiphon gives you a split tunnel option(as mentioned above) in which international traffic is tunnelled through the proxy and not the same country traffic.
  9. When you close the website, Psiphon itself disconnects. and you can also explicitly close the connection by clicking on the icon.

Psiphon Downloading Guide

Download Psiphon For Andriod

Download it from play store

Download Psiphon For iOS

Download it from App store

Download Psiphon For Windows 10, 7, 8/8.1

There are two methods to download applications for your PC. First is using Bluestack emulator app and Second is Direct Download from Website.

Method1: If you want to run your Android Application on your PC, you need an Android Emulator Application. There are a lot of Android emulator applications available but my favourite is Bluestack so I am going to discuss Bluestack here.

  1. In the very first step, before downloading the actual game, you need to download and install a reliable Android emulator such as the “BlueStacks App” Player.
  2. Install the BlueStacks App now on your system by executing the .exe file and following proper instructions. Make sure to download the App in the proper drive.
  3. Open the App and see a graphical view of android to PC. Now go to play store and set up your Gmail account.
  4. Now simply download Psiphon executable file(Psiphon3.exe) on your system and run the file.
  5. Choose the language and click next to continue.
  6. Select the language and click next to continue.
  7. Please wait while the wizard installs the application on your computer.
  8. Click finish to close setup.

Method2: Direct Download

Before you go…

Just download Psiphon and get anything online without any borders and limitations. No more blocking from firewalls.  Enjoy surfing websites and downloading content on the internet. Before you will go ahead I would like to warn you of privacy. You may face a privacy issue by using this way to access the websites. If you have anything more on it, please share in comments.

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