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Being a blogger I use my computer for 7 to 8 hours and from last few days, I was noticing that my PC has become slow. When I start PC it took 15 to 20 minutes to get started and it was really troublesome for me. One of my friends suggested downloading CCleaner for PC to enhance its performance by erasing unwanted programs, cookies, browsing history, etc. Thanks, CCleaner to upgrade the performance of my PC. If you are also facing the same issues then its time to download CCleaner to optimize your system and also for being safe while browsing the internet.

If you are not aware of how to download and install CCleaner on your system then go through the post and discover the easiest steps to download CCleaner for your PC. Along with the downloading and installation process, we will also discuss the notable features of CCleaner so just scroll down and be familiar with CCleaner, world’s most renowner PC cleaner.

Download CCleaner free for PC and MAC
Download CCleaner for PC/MAC: Freeware

CCleaner for PC: Brief intro

The online era is full of malware and viruses and if any of virus enters into your system then it can spoil your privacy and can steal your private data. To understand this issue Piriform (British Software Company based in London) decided to create a software and as a result, CCleaner came into existence in 2003. CCleaner erases all the junk files, cookies, temporary files and other unused programs that slow down your system. Your system’s hard disk space will free up and thus you will get relatively faster speed.

Not only faster experience but also it empowers you to browse the internet with safety because it removes all the cookies which can keep a track on your online activities. Comes with an easy to use interface that doesn’t require any technical knowledge to use and even kids can use it to clean up the PC.

Features of CCleaner: Why to download CCleaner

Before going through the downloading process let’s check the amazing features of CCleaner:

1. Optimize your system to make it faster

Whenever you browse the internet then a wide array of unnecessary files such as cookies, history occupy space in your PC and if you don’t remove them then your PC gets slow down. CCleaner removes all the unwanted files to free up the space of your hard disk for a faster experience. Also, you can easily track down the unused programs running in the background and erase them to make your system faster.

2.Easy to use

Over Billions of users using CCleaner because of its one-click cleaning system and incredible PC optimization. If you are a newbie then it is a great option for you as within seconds you can clean up your PC without any additional efforts.

3.Lesser errors and crashes

If you are encountering frequent freezes, error messages and crashes then it means that your registry has cluttered with unnecessary files and broken settings. Don’t be panic CCleaner will do everything for you it will determine the issues and fix all of them and also notify you to save the backup of important files as well.

4.Secure browsing

At the time of browsing lots of cookies and save up on your system and these cookies can keep a track on your online activities. Your online security is in danger if all the cookies remain saved on your PC. CCleaner removes all the browsing history, cookies, etc to ensure your online privacy and save you from each type of online fraud.

How to download and install CCleaner on PC/MAC?

Hey, got surprised with the amazing features of CCleaner? Its time to download CCleaner to boost up the performance of your PC. You need to follow these steps to download CCleaner for PC and MAC:

  • First of all search for to via your web browser and it will take you on the download page of the CCleaner.
  • Here you will notice a Green colored “Download” symbol, click on it to download CCleaner on your system.
  • It will proceed you on the next page where you will get three option and you are willing to get CCleaner for free so you need to click on the Download button under free column.
  • After downloading you have to run the file to perform the installation process. And to run the file select the “Run” option and finally tap on “Yes“.
  • Now CCleaner setup screen will appear on your system and it will ask you to install the “Google Chrome” or “Install Avast“, uncheck it and click on “Customize” option just below the “Install” button.
  • Make sure the first two options should remain checked and then tap on “install“.
  • It will consume a few minutes so wait to finish the installation process of CCleaner.
  • Finally, tap on “Finish” after completing the CCleaner setup dialogue box.
  • A new window will appear asking if you want to buy the CCleaner professional version, ignore it by closing the window.
  • Bingo!! you are ready to clean up your system with CCleaner freeware.

Concluding lines

Ready to bring back the performance of your PC/MAC just like a new one? If yes then go ahead and download the perfect cleaner for your system named CCleaner. Here you came across the features of CCleaner along with the installation process. If you found the info helpful and get success to install CClencer with above steps then let us know below in the comment section.

In case you find any complexity while downloading and installing CCleaner then put your query in the comment box as usual. Stay tuned and keep reading till then happy cleaning.



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