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Download Bowmasters 2.12.7 for android (Unlimited Coins)


Are you bored with Battle Royale games? Want to go back to your childhood days? Your favorite Desktop game is now on Mobile with the same genre. Then Bowmasters is here for you, Playgendry’s biggest hit! A multiplayer game with Bowmen is the most famous Archery Game. Scroll Down your page to know the downloading details of the game.

“Grab your BOW and beat your Enemies”-Bowmasters was released in 2017 and got the highest rating. Addictive gameplay, recognizable characters, and online multiplayer make the game just astonishing. Bowmasters is a 2D( two-dimensional) action game where you participate in long-distance archery fights. The gameplay is like first, you attack the opponent then the opponent will attack you in return and whosoever will bring the other’s life’s bar to zero is the winner.

Download Bowmasters 2.12.7 for android (Unlimited Coins)
Download Bowmasters

How to Use Weapon?

To use your weapon, tap on the screen and pull the weapon backward. The weapon may be a bow, a Molotov cocktail, an ax, or any other weapon. Set the Angle and power with which you want to attack and finally shot. Release the finger from the screen in order to hit the shot.

The game has many different characters. when you start the game you will get only one unlocked character but as you will proceed you can level up and unlock all.


  1. More than 60 Crazy characters.
  2. Online multiplayer game
  3. Approx 65 weapons.
  4. Make friends and show them your potential.
  5. Endless Rewards for your skills.

Additional Information

  1. Requires an android of 4.1 or higher.
  2. The size of the game is Size- 394 MB(iOS) and the current Version is 2.12.7
  3. It requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  4. The game is free of cost with some additional in-app purchases.
  5. In-App Purchases
          • Starter Pack-  3.50
          • Jeremy-  13.90
          • Weekly Premium-  27.90
          • No ADS-  13.90
          • Pinch of Gems-  6.90
          • Schoolmates-  17.90
          • Shark-  6.90
          • Monthly Premium-  69.90
          • Thor-  6.90
          • Devourer-  6.90
  6. Rating of the game is 4.6/5

Download Bowmasters

  1. Go to Play store for Andriod and App Store for iOS.
  2. Sign in to your account(if logged out)
  3. Download the game and Enjoy playing.

Tips and Tricks (How to get Unlimited Coins)

Always, hit the enemy with a weapon, A never miss will result in unlimited coins and Following are the tips for always hit:

  1. Always use 100% power(strength) if you and your opponent both are on the same Level.
  2. Keep the angle 13-14 Degrees for a distance of 30 m or higher.
  3. Lower down the angle if the Opponent is near you and make a bump of the arrow to shot down the enemy.
  4. Lower your power only if your opponent is amongst some very steep hills and the only way you’re going to be able to hit them is to send your arrow or projectile very high. this time if you keep the angle and strength high, your weapon will vanish somewhere into space.
  5. Keep an eye on the surroundings between you and your opponent. You don’t want to hit the ground by mistake.
  6. Circular or rotating weapons such as tomahawks, meat, and chainsaws are truly good to use. They’re heavy in weight so they cross slower, but due to their ample load, they’ll hit the aim more efficiently.
  7. Straight weapons such as the spear, flag, or arrow are the standard Weapons. Though they’re smaller in the area they fly straight. If you’re a good aim, they’re excellent for headshots and causing damage but they’re unforgiving.

Final words

If you are an archery lover then this is a must download for you. The Game is all about Right power and Right Angle. According to my own Experience, Bowmsters is really a fun game that truly reminds me of my childhood. A Never miss and Always hit, can make you the Winner. Download the game, and Enjoy playing.

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