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Donald Trump’s UK state visit: All you need to know


British Royal family is ready to welcome Donald Trump and his wife Melania Trump in the Buckingham Palace. It is the first official visit of President Donald Trump to the UK along with his wife and adult children. Trump will attend several official ceremonies with the Royal family and prime minister Theresa May. I think you are going to curious to know the schedule of their visit to the UK and we are here with the latest updates.

As Donald Trump has reached the UK for their three-day official visit so let’s check out what will he and his family do for three days.

Donald Trump's UK state visit: All you need to know
Donald Trump’s UK tour

When Donald reached the UK?

US President Trump has reached in the UK on 3rd June (Monday) with his family and they will stay with the royal family till the 5th June.

On 5th June Trump will attend the ceremonies marking the 75th anniversary of D-day. The royal family is going to host their visit but there is no surety that Trump will stay in Buckingham Palace because the renovation in the palace is going on.

What is the schedule for three days in the UK?

On Monday 3rd June

It is the second visit of the US president to the UK but this time it is the official one so it is quite different from the initial one. It is the state visit that means that he has invited by Queen Elizabeth II. This types of visits end up in many days and several ceremonies take place in the honour of the guest.

Royale family will welcome Donald Trump and his family in a ceremonial welcome in the gardens of the Buckingham Palace. Price of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall will accompany Elizabeth II to inspect the guard of honour.

After their warm welcome with gun salutes, there will be a private lunch and it is expected that Duke of Sussex will join them. Meghan will not come because her son is too young to attend these types of get-togethers.

After the private lunch, an afternoon tea party will be held at the Clarence House but before it, Trump and his wife will lay a wreath at the grave of the unknown warrior situated in the Westminister Abbey.

Finally, at the end of the day, Trump and Queen will deliver their speeches.

On Tuesday 4th June

After a warm welcome by the royal family, Trump will initiate their second day in Britain by taking breakfast with Prime Minister May in the St James’s Palace. Several other business leaders of both countries along with Duke of York will join them.

Then the president of the US and May will hold mutual conversations at 10 Downing Street.

After the day the dinner will take place at Winfield house (residence of the US ambassador). Charles and Camilla will be there to join Donald.

On Wednesday 5th June

The final day of Trump’s visit to the UK will start with the commemorating the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. All the family members of the Royal family will be there and along with 300+ veterans and several kinds of music, performances will take place. The day concludes with the farewell of Trump from the Portsmouth.

Although Queen Elizabeth and her whole family will welcome Trump and his family more than thousands of people are protesting Trump’s visit. On 4th June the chief protest will take place in London from 11 am onwards.

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