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Why should not create an online store free on WordPress?

WordPressvsShopify at thenewsregion

Building an online store free might be interesting and looked harmless. However is it really costless? Discover now!

WordPress Or Shopify, what should you use for constructing your online store?

It’s effortless to understand that SMBs should consider expenditure when selecting a solution for their business requirements. A numerous free eCommerce platforms are available and seem to be good. However one day you will recognize that costs involved are hidden.

A paid solution such as Shopify is the smarter option indeed, why?

WordPress play a nice tool, with millions of users, perfect for blogging and CMS. For these, just few competitors against WordPress are available.
No deny that WordPress is a master CMS tool

On the other hand, you now want to make eCommerce, not a blog neither a tool to monitor the content for your business. For this reason, a dedicated platform should be included. It has been developed to let users customized their design, host, and improve their eCommerce business.

Shopify is such a key. Obviously it worths an adequat invesment. But then, you get with a lot of advantages from that. Still be confused? Let’s find out WordPress and Shopify’s strengths.

WordPressvsShopify at thenewsregion

Free, open source, highly flexible CMS platform are outstanding WordPress features. Thus, any kind of website can be build with it, including eCommerce sites.

However, its limit is that you have to know technical skills like coding HTML, CSS, and other web creating technologies.

In contrast, Shopify has been invented from the beginning for being user-friendly. It’s built to let a newbie without any knowledge of web code, design or development easily set up an eCommerce website.

You get various professional and responsive templates that are optimized for eCommerce.
Shopify was designed to support retailers for easy job done and trouble-free

WordPress owns a huge array of templates that overshadow Shopify’s choices. But you have to select carefully because not all temples are built for eCommerce. Some eventhough do not have fast loading and responsiveness inbuilt. You have to get inside and adjust the template to get it to work as you desire.

WordPress lets you free of creating online store, in both hosted version downloadeds software. For eCommerce, the downloaded version is the better option as you can customize it as your style. However, to host the platform, you must choose and pay for hosting. For eCommerce, you need a good, secure, flexible, scalable, feature-rich, hosting.

Shopify is a paid, hosted solution. The subscription plans include the hosting for your online store. Shopify offers themes and designs properly for your store setting up.

With WordPress, in case you don’t know how to code web, you have to hire a professional team to build your online store relevant in order to it looks great and runs well without any problems.

On the contrary, Shopify’s template and the design storage lets you design your website simply. The eCommerce coding is all taken care of, so you just add your products, set their attributes, and load them to your store to begin selling and earning.

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