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Different sources of income of a pro-gamer


A pro-gamer gets very different and often, unfortunately, unstable sources of income.
To be considered a pro player, one must first obtain a fixed salary that is governed by the law. This salary comes from either his sponsor or his team.

A pro-gamer practicing e-sport therefore benefits from support through its structure; material assistance is provided (equipment, clothing, etc.), but he also receives administrative assistance when traveling to perform tournaments, etc.

Finding a sponsor can be very important to improve your salary.

In France, the sponsors are still relying little on the esport players because it persists a lack of knowledge of this environment.

To solicit sponsorship, you need to have a strong fan community and high visibility in online gaming. You need to keep up to date and tweak your Youtube channel, Twitter as well as your specialized blogs. Communicating and sharing your links is essential to attract potential sponsors.

Second source of income: streaming.

It’s very simple: the player is paid sums according to the number of views of an ad that appears before his video. Two organizations compete in this area; TwitchTV and Dailymotion.

This base of income requires to have a very strong and large community of fans finally to generate a maximum of sights and thus of incomes. This salary is obviously not fixed because it depends on its audience.

Third possible source of income: the sums paid to the winners during organized tournaments.

Once again, these revenues are variable, especially with the increase in competition and the low level of difference between players.

You will understand, unless you are very talented in this area and enjoy a community of important followers, making esport his job is risky because precarious situations are common in this sector. The incomes are very variable and only rarely allow to live fully of his passion.

N0tail, real name Johan Sundstein, could be a skilled Dota 2 player. At the age of twenty six, he has won a complete of $6,889,592 from 108 tournaments – creating a median prize worth of $64,000,000 – that means he’s the best earning gamer of all time. Familiar mutually as eSports, the money that elite players will earn has up dramatically in recent years and therefore the most profitable far and away is N0tail’s game of alternative, Dota 2.

This 2019 International tournament is that the most profitable day the player has had to this point, going home as a part of the winning team with $3.12 million in his pocket.

the highest earning gamers in the world

Unequal income by country

In addition to being irregular, the revenues of electronic sport, for example in France, are reputed lower than elsewhere.

Why ?

In France exists the notion of SMIC; a structure must provide a minimum wage for its employees whereas this notion is non-existent in Germany, for example.

Foreign teams are therefore more inclined to pay their players because they will have no strict legal obligations to respect. Some countries impose a minimum wage but this amount is well below the French amount, which explains the small proportion of French teams compared to foreign teams in the e-sports environment.

Going abroad can be the key to unlocking the pro-gamer business. Germany and the United States have very active sponsors who invest in esport teams because the communities are highly developed compared to France.

As you can see, the realities of the job are difficult in the field of esport. Indeed, in order to make his dream a reality, it is necessary to work hard and hang on very strongly to his desire to break through.

Only a minority of the best players benefit from viable wages, allowing them to live off their passion.

In France, this observation is all the more true because sponsors are more cautious than elsewhere. To succeed in this sector, you have to train hard and spend long hours in front of your computer or game console.

It should not be forgotten either that you will be required to travel often, during various tournaments and therefore have to think about receiving material aid through integration with certified structures or through your sponsors.

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