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Getting danger when buying a virtual follow on TikTok

danger when buying a virtual follow on TikTok

Many studies warn about the danger when buying a virtual follow on TikTok that users need to pay attention to.

TikTok is one of the most notable names over time. With diverse and creative content, this is a favorite entertainment destination for young people in addition to familiar services like Facebook or Instagram.
Creating and posting unique content, you can attract thousands of views and fans (follow) on TikTok. If on Facebook, many people see likes and followers as a “measure” of their reputation, on TikTok, it’s the same.

That is why the service of providing virtual follow was born to satisfy the needs of the “virtual life” of users.
Just search on Google with the keyword “buy follow TikTok”, you will see dozens of websites for sale like (follow), follow and share (share) on TikTok at different prices.

Since I don’t often use TikTok, I contacted you to see how effective these follow-purchase services are.
The process is quite simple. Just enter your TikTok account, pay the equivalent of the followed number to buy (here is $ 2 for 100 followers). Over the following day, the account immediately increased from 18 follow to 118 follow. It is not clear who these virtual follow accounts are, from where.

In an article published on March 12 on Medium by the Digital Forensic Research Lab (DFRLab), researcher Kanishk Karan said that these accounts are non-governmental, but it is unclear whether they are bots or machines.
It is possible to recognize that they are virtual accounts because they do not have avatars, use avatars of other people and do not regularly post content.

Karan said that the virtual follow-buying service on social networks is not new, it has appeared on Facebook and Instagram for a long time. Not only sell follow TikTok, but some services also provide virtual follow on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify …

For a long time, major platforms have tightened policies to eliminate virtual accounts. Last year, Facebook sued four Chinese companies for selling follow, likes and virtual accounts.
TikTok’s policy also states that unauthenticated activities are illegal, but neither TikTok nor the ByteDance owner commented on the purchase of the virtual follow.
Of course, there is always a risk of using virtual follow-up services. DFRLab has detected more than 50 apps on the Play Store with the aim of increasing likes, followers and shares for TikTok which requires a lot of access when downloading.

After installation, they require multiple access rights such as phone directories and content editing. Their privacy policy is copied from another application.

DFRLab advises people to be careful because the above applications can be fraudulent. I tried downloading any app, with the promise of follow-up in 1-7 days, but what happened before was a dozen ads caught my eye.
Another app requires sharing 10 videos before having a virtual share, another app is sure to increase likes if posting videos with certain hashtags.

However, after fulfilling the above requirements, nothing happened. If you previously granted access to the application, your data is most likely in the wrong hands.

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